Yaayyy, I appeared on a Vlog - Discovering Naturals

Having an active Youtube channel is something I've always wanted, but never really gotten to, because it doesn't make sense to start something you can'be be consistent with, especially on Social Media. So for now, I just stick with putting my Spoken Word videos on Youtube, if I can obtain them from events I'm invited to.

Last week, I got the opportuninty to shoot a very short Vlog with Discovering Naturals for her channel. DN is one of the writers for my hair blog, African Naturalistas. She is our kids hair care expert. If you haven't been reading our blog, you should do so. It is a great repository of information for natural hair care. Our online store where you can get all our products is africanaturalistas.com/ourstore, or just click here.

We got together, hung out, discussed, and did some school runs with the kids. The video below is what happened as a result. It's quite short. Watch it, and lemme know what you think.

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