Introducing the first Spoken Word school in Nigeria

Hi guys. How's everything going with you all? As you might know, I have been teaching teenagers and youths Spoken Word poetry for some years now, with the exception of 2017. Some of my student have gone ahead to win various competitions including War of Word's, God's Children Great Talent, etc.

Ever since the 'tutorship' started and grew, I knew I had to open it up to the general public somehow, especially because of the demand from various people all over Lagos

Anyway, as a result of the demand and the current gap, we have set up a full academy, with various tutors to teach different aspects, both theory and practical.

And with this said, we introduce to you the first Spoken Word school in Nigeria, Spoken Word Academy for Youths (SWAY)

This school will run session by session, with each session lasting for a duration of two months, and then the students graduate. The students stand to gain a lot of knowledge about Spoken Word and Public Speaking. At N10,000.00, it sure is a
giveaway price for the training. The age range of the students is 13-45, as long as you are interested in the art of Spoken Word.

Registration has already started. The first session is starting on 14th October, 2017 so register fast if you are interested, and if not, pass the message to other people who might be interested. So many people need this, but don't know it exists yet.

If you have any question about this, you can ask me in the comment section. If you don't want to make the question public, you can send it to

Please help us get the word about SWAY out. Thank you. Gracias!


What's your opinion on this? Let's learn from one another.