The Last Entry Game

Hi people, how is the week going so far? Hope cool? Thanks for your kind words and encouragement in my last video post. I keep trying to do better.

I want to thank everyone that has supported me in my editing career. At least, I have edited novels for some bloggers and I thank God they were impressed. Please, if you need an editor or know someone that needs, do not hesitate to refer them to me. You can click on this link for my Terms and Conditions.

I think I want to start writing as a columnist in lifestyle magazines. I have my reasons for this desire. Please, fellow bloggers, biko, abeg can you mention lifestyle magazines in Nigeria, apart from Genevieve, YNaija and TW cos I have written to those ones already. If you suggest, please, be kind enough to add the contact email addresses to your suggestions Thanks

So we would be having the last entry game for this year. Unfortunately, there would just be two entries this time, I did not have any piece to make up a third one.

1. Fire and Brimstone Preacher- As the title implies, it is an article about a fire and brimstone preacher always preaching on the road in a judgemental manner. Before she preaches to you every morning, she has a premonition that you just sinned last night.

2. Memoirs of a Lagos Bus beggar - This is also an article about a man that uses begging to scam people in the bus, playing on their religious sympathy.

Please, you can only pick one. The one with the highest vote gets posted. Thanks

Citizen of a Fallen World - 2 Renditions

Hi People, how is the week going so far? Remember the video I said I was trying to make 2 weeks ago? Well this is it below. It is my first Spoken Word video ever, so please, go easy on me o, lol.

The second video is the same Poem, but it was a live performance at the March edition of the Loud Thotz Open Poetry reading. I put it up because I remember promising that I would do better the second time around. So you guys can compare the second video to my performance here. Please, do not mind the weight loss, I already told you guys that I was ill am still recovering.

As for me, I prepare the made video to the live performance. Enjoy

1. Citizen of a Fallen World (Oral Poetry Video)

2. Citizen of a Fallen World (Live Performance)

My Own Worst Enemy


Another Entry Game

Wow, I am still alive. Thank God for that. Thank you guys for your comments in my last post, they were really encouraging.

I was doing my first audio poetry but my office network pushed a temporary update to my system that ended up disabling the sound. So I have to hold on with it till I sort it out tomorrow. *sad face*

I have two poetry reading events this week. I hope to step up my game there.

I have finally met with my graphics designer and he's okay. We should be done by the end of the week, by the grace of God

Here is the next set of entry game. Remember that its one vote per person.

1. What if?: A poem about 'What ifs'. It is quite similar to the 'Maybe' I posted two months ago

2. My own worst enemy: This is a short reflective article about how one can be his own worst enemy and how we can sometime be the cause of our own downfall

3. Do you know?: This is a reflective article about a man who everyone envies because he is very rich, but people don't know what he had to do to get there. So he gives an imaginative narration about us not knowing what he did to get there.

Let the voting begin.

I think this is the shortest post I have done in a long while.

N.B: Please, keep me in your prayers. I mean it, thanks.