Sunshine Award

Yayyy, I was given the Sunshine Award by four lovely bloggers. Rhapsody, Naijamum, Ibhade and P.E.T Projects. They claim that my blog has brought sunshine to their lives. I really appreciate this from you guys. Thanks so much.

I am now supposed to tag ten other bloggers in this and inform them, I won't be tagging the four bloggers that tagged me for obvious reasons. Before I do this, I just want to let you all know that you have your blog posts have brought sunshine to my life. I have learnt so much from you all and I am now addicted to all your posts. I am officially in love... with blogsville. I really don't know why but I can hardly go a day without blogsville.

So here we go,

Kitkat- Addicted blogger that has gone on a little break. Lovely posts that remind me of my teenage days

Sisi Yemmie- OMG! Comedian Number 1. Blogsville won't be the same without you.

H: Best personal blog!

Maid of Heart: You inspire me so much, and you are a lovely writer

Le Dynamique Professor: My best motivational blog. One has no reason to fail after entering a mind like yours

Prism of an Immigrant: A bundle of raw talents, you are. Keep it coming

9jaFOODie: No wife has an excuse to fail in the kitchen if she follows you.

Naijalines: You have something I want, HER SON!

Unveiling Gold: I am still learning from your experiences.

Beautiful: You know I know you and I know your school. You better come back, else I'll fish you out.

Thank you all for bringing sunshine to my life

I am out

100th Post: Answers to your questions

Hello friends, so I finally get to this 100th post. For all of you that yapped me on my last blog, stylishly calling me 'FFO' (For Food Only), and for some others that wondered how come I was not fat, since I eat so much... Well, let me just tell you that the TGIFridays experience was a one-off o. I normally eat once a day and at most, twice. I don't really eat and I so love my figure. So, please don't worry for me.

As for your questions, I noticed that some people decided to ask me questions that have children and grandchildren like 1, 2a, 2b, 2bi, 2bii, which reminded me of my Engineering days. All on top this 100th post? I will still try my best sha. Moving to your answers.

1. Naijamum: As in really, did you just ask that question? Me wey go soon marry, but not this year sha o. Niways, check out this link to make you understand better. My Evidence

2. Unveilinggold: I am a consultant for now. As for impacting Nigeria, I intend to use my writing and publishing skills, which I am still honing to change its face later. You will hear more about it soon

3. Prism: Yes, I do. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters

4. Blessing: My greatest goal is to leave a mark here such that long after I am gone, generations yet unborn will hear about me, some what like Chief Obafemi Awolowo. It is possible and it will happen.

5. Omoregee: Five years from now, my compnay will be floated and will be four years old. I will also be a known editor all over Lagos.

6. Ibhade: If I may ask, what makes you think I am Born Again? Cos I have never ever said so. I am just kidding, I guess the fruit speaks. I first 'found Christ' when I was 9, but I must have been unserious because all I wanted was to write my name at the back of that small 'Gideons' Bible'. I think the time I was so serious was when I was fourteen years old.

7. MsJB: Secret beauty tips? Naaa. I am not a specialist in that. The only think I can say is Charisma, Carriage and Character. Work those three things and the aura around you will be 'on point'.

8. Rhapsody: See JAMB question o. I guess you just want to make me reflect on my state of being right now.
1. Yes, I do.
2b. I listen to the Word of God. That is what nourishes me.
2c. I just ask God for forgiveness and I make try not to repeat such decisions.
2d. Yes, I forgive myself. There is no use beating myself up when God has already forgiven me.
2e. My uniqueness is in my personalty. I am truly an Enigma and I have decided to acceot myself that way, instead of trying to be like everyone.
2f. I keep myself motivated by habging around deep-thinking people. I watch the compnay I keep and the things I listen to. I make sure I don't hang around discouragers and dream-killers. This always motivates me in every area of my life

9. H: Yes, I am pleased with my current state cos God has truly blessed me, but I am not satisfied with it because I have not even scratched the surface yet.

10. Gospel Girl: Good Marriage, Sustained wealth and Peace of Mind

11. LDP: Yes, I have identified part of it. The other parts are still unfolding. Part of it is writing and counselling

12. Anonymous: What happens in the toilet everyday

And the winner is


Though her questions stressed me, it made me reflect and do a little stock-taking of my life. Thank you all for caring enough to ask your questions, and I am so happy no shallow questions were not asked. It shows that I don't roll with shallow people, even on blogsville.

Just to let you know

Hi everyone, I really enjoy being part of blogsville family and you all have come to be a vital part of my life, believe it or not. So I feel it is the respectable thing to do when I make minor changes.

After some deliberation, I have decided to change the title of my blog from 'Light of the World' to what it is now. This is the decision I came to when I considered the practicality against other people's conception of my blog from the title, if you understand what I mean.

I am two posts away from my 100th post. I know I should cover my eyes in shame since I have been blogging for two years and I am just reaching 100 and have only 50 followers. I really don't know why this is, maybe you people can source for followers for me, cos I believe I am a blog friendly person, lol. Niways, back to the point of this paragraph, I don't really know how this works but I believe I am supposed to do something special for my 100th post. Experienced bloggers, please suggest what I can do to celebrate, cos I like having blog fun.

As I have been telling Naijamum, I have been having problem using my blog ID to comment on people whose comment boxes are embedded on the blog webpage, but I can still use my ID to comment on the two other types of comment boxes (the pop-up and the one that takes you to another page entirely). So what I do is that, I use the name option to comment and link it to my blog. It so annoying and tiring, but since you are all my blog family, it is something I must do. Please, if you have had any problem of this nature, help a sister out.

Finally, I will be going to Minna tomorrow and spending about ten days there. I went back to Kano two weeks ago, but I did not tell you guys because I only spent few days there and it was not adventurous, so there was nothing to tell. The problem with this Minna trip is that my Internet provider said they do not have coverage in Minna, they only have in Suleja which is another town in Niger State. Can you imagine, why won't you have connection in a state capital? Even my CDMA phone company is telling me the same thing, only Suleja. What that will mean is that I might not be able to connect to the Internet on my PC for almost two weeks. That is so sad, I will miss you guys but will do my blog rounds when I get back.

It does not mean you shouldn't drop the comments on the suggestions and help I need, I am so desperate for them this time. Please, drop them cos I get them instantly on my email on Blackberry. It is just that that I don't to read blogs on it, as I feel the words are too tiny.

Thanks so much, I love you all, and I aint exaggerating.

Who's Standards?

I have noticed a recent trend, people are getting so impatient with few people that call themselves Christians and their attitude does not show it in any way. Because of this, they have chosen to label all young Christians as hypocrites. Such that if one comes out to say one is a virgin, people not say anything to the person but in their minds, they will say ‘hypocrite’, ‘who cares?’, ‘after all you have done all sorts with your fiancĂ©e’, it does not matter whether they know the person or not, they just generalise. It is not impressive that nowadays, a young Christian trying to do right and live holy is not being encouraged but gets cold responses just because of a few bad eggs have given young Christians a bad name.

What about pastors? Many pastors are not true to themselves and have the ‘face of Janus’ as Ibhade will put it. Does that mean all pastors have suddenly become bad? Does that mean all pastors that dress well and drive good cars are now prosperity preachers that have discounted the message of salvation? It is so bad now that no matter the conversation being held, some people have a way of shifting the blame to pastors, even if it has nothing to do with them. When politics is being discussed, they will blame pastors, if it is marriage problems, they will blame pastors, what of poverty, they will blame pastors. I am not saying one should not blame pastor, but please be specific about the pastor you are blaming during discussions. For example, don’t just say ‘pastors are responsible for the bad government in Nigeria because they are keeping quiet and sending their children to good schools with the congregations offering’, let us be specific while accusing. Some people that used to go to church even decided to stop because some pastor disappointed them by falling. I ask, was your faith in the pastor or in God? If the situation was really bad, why don’t you pack your load to another church? Why discount all pastors and stop going to church because of one or two pastors. I can understand if you say you don’t think going to church is important, but most of them say going to church is no more important just because pastors are disappointing and fake. So logically, when pastors were sincere, going to church was important but now that pastors are ‘fake’, going to church is no more important. Is the church the bride of the pastor or the bride of Jesus?

Another thing I like to talk about is the people that talk by faith. If one wants to talk by faith and say ‘I am well’ when one is sick or ‘I am rich’ when one is broke, I don’t think it should be a problem. If one’s faith can carry it, then one should go ahead. The bible says ‘You shall have what you say’ and those people want to have good health and prosperity so they have chosen to speak it. I see no reason why people, especially some Christians should find it annoying. It is okay if one doesn’t believe in it, but one being ‘annoyed’ by it is too extreme. Proverbs 18:21 says death and life lie in the power of the tongue and those that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Do those people get results? Yes, they do. The truth is that those words energize their faith which makes them believe more and work towards what they desire. To them, it is very simple while to some people, it is some complex shizzle that I don’t even want to begin to explain. I, personally, don’t go on saying I am rich when I am broke, that is because I am not the kind of person that talks about my circumstances to anyone at all. What I do is that I try not to speak negative words when I find myself in unfavourable circumstances. I just try to stay calm and speak positive decrees into the spiritual realm when I am praying, although it might not be easy at times, especially when the situation is so overwhelming.

As I always say, humans are so fickle and we should never live by what pleases people or their standards, because that means we will keep changing to please them. I realized this a long time ago and I have always been a highly misunderstood person, so I am not exactly the kind of person to ‘send’ people’s opinions. I owe no one explanation about the way I live my Christian life because no one set a standard for me, God did.

It is a pity that we live in a world where the Normal become Abnormal and Abnormal has become Normal. So to live upright in this world, whose standard are we to live by? Is it the standard of the people that think all virgins are hypocrites or all pastors are bad? Or is it the standard of the religious fanatics that think my skinny jeans or drooping ear rings is the highway to hell? The truth is that if we depend on people’s opinions, confusion is bound to set in. my advice: search the scriptures and read the word in order to clear the confusion. So I ask again, who’s Standards? God’s standard.

I will appreciate as many comments as I can get on this post and please you do not have to agree with me in anything. After all it is not my standard. Thanks