100th Post: Answers to your questions

Hello friends, so I finally get to this 100th post. For all of you that yapped me on my last blog, stylishly calling me 'FFO' (For Food Only), and for some others that wondered how come I was not fat, since I eat so much... Well, let me just tell you that the TGIFridays experience was a one-off o. I normally eat once a day and at most, twice. I don't really eat and I so love my figure. So, please don't worry for me.

As for your questions, I noticed that some people decided to ask me questions that have children and grandchildren like 1, 2a, 2b, 2bi, 2bii, which reminded me of my Engineering days. All on top this 100th post? I will still try my best sha. Moving to your answers.

1. Naijamum: As in really, did you just ask that question? Me wey go soon marry, but not this year sha o. Niways, check out this link to make you understand better. My Evidence

2. Unveilinggold: I am a consultant for now. As for impacting Nigeria, I intend to use my writing and publishing skills, which I am still honing to change its face later. You will hear more about it soon

3. Prism: Yes, I do. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters

4. Blessing: My greatest goal is to leave a mark here such that long after I am gone, generations yet unborn will hear about me, some what like Chief Obafemi Awolowo. It is possible and it will happen.

5. Omoregee: Five years from now, my compnay will be floated and will be four years old. I will also be a known editor all over Lagos.

6. Ibhade: If I may ask, what makes you think I am Born Again? Cos I have never ever said so. I am just kidding, I guess the fruit speaks. I first 'found Christ' when I was 9, but I must have been unserious because all I wanted was to write my name at the back of that small 'Gideons' Bible'. I think the time I was so serious was when I was fourteen years old.

7. MsJB: Secret beauty tips? Naaa. I am not a specialist in that. The only think I can say is Charisma, Carriage and Character. Work those three things and the aura around you will be 'on point'.

8. Rhapsody: See JAMB question o. I guess you just want to make me reflect on my state of being right now.
1. Yes, I do.
2b. I listen to the Word of God. That is what nourishes me.
2c. I just ask God for forgiveness and I make try not to repeat such decisions.
2d. Yes, I forgive myself. There is no use beating myself up when God has already forgiven me.
2e. My uniqueness is in my personalty. I am truly an Enigma and I have decided to acceot myself that way, instead of trying to be like everyone.
2f. I keep myself motivated by habging around deep-thinking people. I watch the compnay I keep and the things I listen to. I make sure I don't hang around discouragers and dream-killers. This always motivates me in every area of my life

9. H: Yes, I am pleased with my current state cos God has truly blessed me, but I am not satisfied with it because I have not even scratched the surface yet.

10. Gospel Girl: Good Marriage, Sustained wealth and Peace of Mind

11. LDP: Yes, I have identified part of it. The other parts are still unfolding. Part of it is writing and counselling

12. Anonymous: What happens in the toilet everyday

And the winner is


Though her questions stressed me, it made me reflect and do a little stock-taking of my life. Thank you all for caring enough to ask your questions, and I am so happy no shallow questions were not asked. It shows that I don't roll with shallow people, even on blogsville.


  1. LOL @your surprise that I didnt know about Mr Oluwadamilare Oladeji

    Apologies oh. But in my defence, I only started blogging last October

    Re: wedding, abeg keep aso-ebi for me oh :))

  2. congrats on 100....i wish i go all day eating only one meal...but i can't, i love food toooooo much...i guess that's why i am very careful about what goes in my mouth.

  3. Interesting, I was reading like you're talking to ‎​​me now. Each time I read your blog, I try to imagine your looks, your voice and mannerisms.

    Ok though ​​​am late pls, share a full picture of ‎​‎​you and where do ‎​you work pls(sorry too late to ask all this abi)

  4. Btw: I didn't write my comments properly: Kindly share a full pics of ‎​you.

    Where do ‎​you work(since ‎​you mentioned you're an engineer and you're a consultant).

    I also L♥√ع that ‎​you L♥√ع God. Sweet experience ;)

  5. Happy 100th post Ilola!
    Aww missed the question asking..if its not too late 'if you had a one day to be a 10 yr old child again how would you spend it' lol.

  6. Quite revealing post...

    Its encouraging to see young ladies who despite all the madness in the world are holding on tight to their mission which stems directly from God's vission for their life. You go girl!!!

    I missed you while i was away, trust u're enjoying the trip?!

  7. Blessings and thank you. I was pleasantly surprised when I awoke to check to see if any of my blog friends drop in to leave me a piece of their wisdom and whala "you're a winner!" Nice am smiling, thanks again.

    The book by email will be fine thank you, (bowing and grinning).

  8. Congratulations on getting to 100.
    Like Naijamum in London, I just read the post on Mr Oluwadamilare Oladeji.... Awwwww is all I can say.

  9. Congrats on reaching 100th post, that is a milestone. Keep up the good work.

  10. congrats on your 100th post!! *bows*

  11. Hey! I didn't know about this question thing oh! But i liked reading this :)


  12. I must have missed the opportunity to ask questions but these are interesting answers. Congrats on your 100th, and I wish you all your goals and more!

  13. congrats on getting to 100!
    I loved your "my evidence" post!!

    Thanks for stopping by mine.

  14. @ Naijamum: So now you know o. You will come all the way to Naija for wedding?

    @ Chizzy D: Thanks. Everyone loves food but I guess we all have different sizes of stomach

    @ enybees: Full pic? Please, check the 'My Evidence' post under the popular posts tab.
    As for where I work, I am not a practicing engineer, I studied it in school. I am a consultant for one of the 'big four'. I hope that is enough information for you.

    @ Ginger: If I were 10 years old, I will spend the whole day with my dad at the gym

  15. @ PET Projects: Oh no, I took this trip in April, only that I just brought out the pics from my archives. Thanks for the compliment

    @ Rhapsody: Congrats. I have sent it

    @ Prism: Awww also. I am blushing

    @ Bukville: thanks

  16. @ kitkat: Thanks, we are expecting you soon

    @ Corner Shop: That is strange, considering the fact that you read the last post and even commented

    @ Myne: Thanks so much, I wish you the same. Did you notice my giveaway prize?

    @ Gbemisoke: Thanks so much and thanks for dropping by

  17. Nice getting to know you more, my weird friend;-)

  18. congrats on your 100th post!!! Hats off! "your newest stalker" :)

  19. I didnt get the price......sob sob :)

    Congrats on your 100th post o! I will get there too :)

  20. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    & Rhapsody for winning :D

    9&14?...o babe! *thumbs up*

  21. Congrats, iLOLA. Rhapsody sure deserve that gift o... Her questions were awesome! lol

    I am glad you're identifying your purpose here on earth. Myles Munroe said, "without purpose, time has no meaning, efforts have no reason and life has no precision". God will help you in discovering the rest of it. Study more of God's word. Someone also said, "Purpose is a picture of your future from the scriptures"...

    - LDP

  22. Blessings.....
    Just stopped by to let you know my trophy has a prominent place on the face of my blog.....

    sigh...she takes a bow.....
    though my questions were not for the win rather to get to know you beyond bloggersphere I thank you again.

    smooches...have a fantastic week.


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