Do I have a double winner? Keep guessing.

Haa, na wa for you blogsville people o. So that simple thing last week, you guys could not guess correctly. Okay, I will add one giveaway clue, and I believe you should all get it after this. The only contention would be the first person.

So as for the blogger I talked about last week, one more clue is that…

She is sort of a celeb blogger.

Now guess who.


Unto this week’s blogger, here are the clues
1. I personally call this blogger a Drama Queen. Her blog seems to radiate its own kind of energy
2. She sort of works for me
3. Think of a Yoruba name for a Nigerian meal.

Now guess who

If you are guessing the two bloggers, guess it in the order I asked, such as Number 1 blogger is, Number 2 blogger is…

You can decide to guess only one of them, but state the particular blogger you are guessing, 1 or 2.
And if one person wins the both bloggers? Now, that would be a treat!

Guess the Blogger - 13

Why oh why, Madam 1 + The One, would you do this to yourself? You almost won the gift of the last edition before you went off tangent. What does Nikkisho have to do with the clues? So I am congratulating the winner, Tomi Akibo. I will send you your gift soon. Yea yea, the blogger in question is Salt, formerly known as Desperate Naija Woman. She is one blogger that is always ready to support me in anything, I mean anything I embark upon. She is just too nice. I even believe to a fault, sometimes. Here's a picture of us at one of her book signings.

So unto the next blogger, 

1. This blogger can blog about anything, one of those bloggers who don't have a theme. All join for them.
2. This blogger is really down to earth and funny.
3. This blogger is darker in real life, than how she looks in her pictures.

So guess who?

Guess the Blogger - 12

So Ibifiri and I were together for two whole days last weekend, when she came to give me moral support at the VVS event, where I was one of the partners. It wasn't until she was about to leave that I suggested we quickly take a picture for blogger, since I did not have a picture of both of us when I was posting her edition of the Guess the Blogger series, which is strange, cos she is the blogger I have actually physically hanged out with most. (Okay, apart from Michael, who I have have to see almost every month, whether I want to or not)

So yes... last week's blogger. I am very surprised people did not get it as soon as possible. It is none other than Rita of Eroinspirations. Anyone that reads Rita's blog will agree that she has this rare gift of uplifting one's spirit, no matter your religion. It doesn't matter if she is going through hell at that moment herself. She has just been gifted in that way.

I remember two months ago, begging her to come back to Blogsville because we are missing her inspiring posts. She said she doesn't even know what Blogsville family is like now. I told her to forget what we are like, and just come back to do what she knows best. I am glad she did.

Myne obviously is the winner. I know you are not in Nigeria, Myne, but please, let me know what Nigerian network's voucher you want me to email you, so you can give it to any family member or friend of your choice.

Onto this week's blogger.

1. Without this blogger, the world would be bland. Too much of this blogger, and you will end up with so many diseases.
2. When you remember this blogger, you remember something serial, which recently came to an end.
3. You many have lost this blogger recently, due to migration. (Dead giveaway)

So guess who.

Blame it on Bionic- Guess the Blogger 11

Yeah yeah, as we all know, Toinlicious is the best student of the School of Blogsville. She has done it again, and was the first person to guess the blogger talked about last week. At this point, there's no need for me to ask her to send her details again.

So it was aloted, a lovely lady who has become a great friend of mine. Its because of people like this who have become my friend that I am happy to be a blogger. I've been with her for quite a few times, but funny enough, never in Nigeria, though I've met some of her family members (including her husband in Nigeria).

Here is a picture of aloted and I below.

Please, don't talk too much about how aloted looked good, and I looked bad stressed. I completely blame it on her daughter, Bionic, who stressed us out, while we walked the whole lakeside, and then ate all the nandos chicken her mother bought for me. Her mum was used to it, but not me.

I know this for sure because the picture below was how I looked a day before I met Bionic.

Sorry, I am not allowed to share Bionic's picture, but you should meet her too. She will have the same effect on you.

*Update: With permission from Aloted.

A year later, I forgave Bionic for the sin of the devoured chicken, and we became friends. The picture below proves that...

But we fought again, when three hours later, she asked me to be going home.

Anyway, to this week's blogger.

1. This is one blogger that has been through so many ups and downs in her life, but yet, finds ways to continually inspire her readers whenever she blogs.

2. She hasn't really been doing blog rounds in recent times, but recently started blogging again

3. She has a published book.

So guess who.