Regaining my Fingerprints

Some months back, a sharp bone from a frozen raw meat pierced my thumb deeply. Failure to take care of the injury immediately led to more complications and sharper pains. After a week and suspicion of possible infection, I finally decided to cover the hand with plaster. About another week later, I got rid of the plaster because the wound had healed and my thumb was itching me. The consequence of this is that I lost a large part of my finger print because the surface peeled off, skin deep. It really looked strange because it was very smooth.

I later asked my friend, 'do you think I will gain these prints back?' to which he answered in the affirmative. I agreed with him, since I have not heard about people losing their fingerprints permanently. If that were the case, criminals would have started removing their prints, though I cannot fathom how exactly they will achieve that. Lo and behold, about five weeks after this incident, I looked at my finger and I saw my prints surface. Though they were still faint, but they were strong enough to make an impression on a paper and on my heart. Marvelous of all, they are exactly the same way, form and size of what used to be there. God is just sooo awesome. It only proves the fact that my fingerprints have nothing to do with the finger on which I can view them but they are deeply immersed in my blood line which carry my DNA. So, as long as I have blood flowing through my veins, I will never lose my fingerprints.

How do we translate this to things happening in our lives? You might think that you have lost some things in life and that you will never regain them. As long as you have the Blood of Jesus, the one He shed on the cross for you, flowing through your ‘veins’, you can regain all that you lost. The only thing is that you have to wait for time to do its part. What some of us try to do is to look at the ‘printless finger’ and start trying to draw our own prints on it with a pen or pencil, not realizing that the print has nothing to do with the skin surface but with the blood. Some of us even get frustrated and keep on tearing at the skin or even cutting the thumb off all together. Needless to say, if this happens, we will never ever regain those prints because the medium for God to bless us is gone.

This is a message of hope for anyone who thinks he/she has lost something. Don’t lose hope, you will regain all you have lost, just be patient and remain connected to the source of the ‘fingerprint restoring’ DNA, the Blood of Jesus Christ!