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From betrayals to victory - My rollercoster life lately

A lot has been going on of recent. I've had to deal with betrayal and disappointment from a staff, and this really shook me. Anyway, as life requires, I had to move on, and move on fast. This required immediate hiring of new staff, temporarily dropping out of the gym and facing business restructuring head on. This is still in the works, as it is a busy period for us at African Naturalistas

We have been preparing for several events at work, Beauty West Africa, Naijabrandchick, and Afro Hair and Culture Festival. For the past few weeks, we had been getting ready for Beauty West Africa. It was three-day exhibition of beauty brands all over the world at Landmark Events Centre.

I had the opportunity of exhibiting and speaking at one of the panel sessions. My own session was on "Developing Global Positioning for African/Ethnic Brands –How Do We Build Strategic Partnerships to fast track our Beauty Business?"

Mama, we made it! Lol.

With my fellow panelists

Introducing African Naturalistas on Day 1

With the Medplus and NAFDAC team

One of the major highlights for me was winning the SME Exhibitors award, organized by Lanre Olusola and Compass Global Consulting. I had been very exhausted the first night of the event, and wrote my pitch with sleepy eyes just as I was about to go to bed. I then took about twenty minutes the next morning to practice it before starting another vigorous day of exhibition, selling and speaking on my panel. I basically didn’t have time to prepare they way the typical me would prepare for any competition. That’s why I was very glad I won.

With The Catalyst himself, Lanre Olusola, Tokubo Chiedu of compass global, Femi Niyi of PTF orchid

The 4 SME Exhibitor winners (African Naturalistas, Afro by Nature, KL's Naturals, Bare Naturals)

All in all Beauty West Africa was a good event for me, and my eyes opened to so many things. I'm glad I was part of it.

Our stand at the event

I will be in Abuja in two weeks time for the Naijabrandchick tradefair. Where are my Abuja people? Please holla at me if you will be in Abuja on December 7, 2019, so we can hook up.

Where have all the Bloggers gone to?

If you are a member of the old time Blogsville community, and haven't blogged in about two years, I have most likely unfollowed you in my blogger dashboard. It's not you, it's me, lol.

I just got tired of having so many redundant blogs and urls in my dashboard. It seemed my dashboard was really populated, when in reality, it was totally empty. I even clicked in Ginger's blog url, and the domain was expired, and up for sale. I was like "mogbe, see what I have been carrying in my backyard." I carried all these URLs, being reluctant let go, and unwilling to accept that life happens, and I should just move on. Anyway, I have now accepted my reality, and officially dismantled Blogsville in my mind. I miss you all, Toin, HoneyDame, Cherrywine, Geebee, Didi, MsJB, Naija Mum in London, Naija Bachelor, Beautifull, Okeoghene, Sykik, Unveiling Gold, etc

If you were mentioned above, and plan to come back to blogging late, please let me have your URL in the comment section, so I can refollow.

In the meantime, since you have all moved to Instagram or facebook, please add me @hattylolla on IG so I can follow back, and we can continue our fellowship there.

Atilola Moronfolu in Rio Poetry Slam 2019

Hello beautiful people. How are we all doing? I am glad to announce and inform you all that this week, I will be taking part in the Rio Poetry Slam happening live in Rio de Janerioa, Brazil, which is a part of the larger FLUP Literary festival. This is my second time slamming at the Rio Poetry Slam, my first time being in 2014. I was quite surprised and very happy when I was called back, to be honest.

Because of the theme of this year's festival, this edition of the slam will have 16 (8 previous slammers and 8 current slammers) black female poets from different countries slamming, and I will be representing Nigeria. I am so looking forward to the experience.

I got my invitation to the slam a couple of days after delivering my baby. Funny enough, I didn't even think twice before I agreed, thereby setting my husband up for mummy duties without his knowledge, lol. I'm glad for a supportive husband though, if not, OYO (On Your Own) would have been my case. After he was informed,

Homeschooling your Children. Yay or Nay?

Hello beautiful people. How are we all doing? To all the parents and potential parents... have you ever considered homeschooling as an option for educating your children or future children???

As a single lady, I always liked the idea of homeschooling, and kept the option open. When I got married, I discussed this with my husband and we decided we would go for it if there were other parents we could network with to pull it through together. As our first son started to approach schooling age, the enormity of that decision started staring at me in the face.

Eventually, it became time to start school and I was still unsure. I did some school rounds, decided on a school, but later backtracked because I believed the school fees was too much for a child that young (I mean, he’s just turning two. Why pay so much? It’s not that serious). I considered the homeschooling thing again,

How I got my writing groove back

For almost three years now, I have had issues with my creativity and writing. If you have been a consistent follower or reader of this blog, you should be able to testify as to the change in my write ups.

I have not been able to write creatively for sometime. I have not written my usual witty, comedy, tragedy posts in years. I have written very few spoken word poems, and it was because I couldn't get away with it, as they were paid jobs, in which I had to deliver.

Thankfully, I knew when my problem started, and the factors that triggered this unfortunate circumstance. I noticed that as soon as I got married and moved out of my parents house, something changed in the way my mind was working. I moved from a very big house to a tiny two bedroom flat in a high brow area in Lagos. If only I had known the effect of this, I wouldn't have agreed when me and my fiance-turned-husband were looking for a place to stay. It was a big compound with several blocks of flats, and ours was just a tiny flat amongst other tiny flats. I never felt like I was at home, neither did I feel a sense of ownership. But worst of all, even though the house wasn't small for my husband and I to occupy physically, the space was too small for my brain to operate.

Immediately we moved, my creativity moved, spontaneous ideas ceased, I became increasingly sad, and sometimes depressed. I just couldn't write again. My personal blog and African Naturalistas blog were greatly affected. Before this, I never knew the correlation between space/dimensions/comfort and creativity/inspiration.

Thankfully, we have moved out of that place, most especially because we outgrew it in just over two years, though my mind had outgrown it from Day 1. We are now in a far bigger place, with a wide space I can solely call mine. My mind is free to roam, just like my hands are free to plant. My creativity is back, and my family and I are more settled.

Thank God. I will be writing again. I'm so happy.

Yes, you a man! No, I will not serve you!

Last month, I attended a digital marketing training organised by a bank, at Sheraton hotel. At the end of the training, there was a buffet.

While serving myself fruit salad, a young guy dropped his plate in front of me, smiled at me lightly, and walked away to serve himself another type of dessert. I was confused so I asked him “what?” He said “serve please.”

I was so shocked and mumbled “no” just because I assumed he must have thought I was a waiter, even though I wasn’t dressed like one, and it was a serve yourself buffet. He then drew out a long “plsssss” and laced it with a patronizing smile. In my mind, I was like “you can’t be serious. So you even know I’m not a waiter.”

My BBC Interview - Hair Loss in women and the several causes

Hello beautiful people. Earlier this year, as a Trichology Practitioner, I had the privilege of being interviewed by BBC World about Hair loss and the several factors that cause them. This is a section of the interview. Watch, learn, and enjoy.

The Vain Body Journal: Sixteen types of women you find in the gym

A year ago, I gave up on home workouts, and signed up at the gym. Even though I am not much of a gym buddy, I am very observant, and I am writing this funny fitness post from what the few things I observed. Read, enjoy, and share.

1. The oppressors
These ones have a banging body, and they know they have a banging body. They walk into the gym with confidence, with shoulders up, aware of both male and female eyes on them, and they love it. They came to oppress, and the more eyes that ogle them, the more accomplished they feel.

2.The snap back gang
These ones just had a baby, and are desperate to get their pre pregnancy shape and weight back. It doesn’t matter how their health is affected. Whenever they remember their days of past glory, it inspires them the more. Who cares about breast milk supply or a crying baby? They are the ones who will come to the gym with a new born baby. And if they have more than one child, they hire one nanny for every additional child they have. They will come to the gym with their whole entourage if that’s what it takes.

3. The club bangers
We know Nigerians love to party but these ones take dancing to the next level. They constantly have headphones on, dance while walking round the gym, dance on the treadmill. And when the class instructor is dishing out steps, they turn it to dance. Instead of them to do a side step, they do salsa. Instead of squatting, they twerk. Na so so dance full their head

4. The husband searchers
These ones come to the gym, claiming to lose weight but you never find them in the cardio section. They always loiter around the strength section where they believe the strong eligible bachelors are, yet they don’t lay a finger on the machines. They are always smiling and shining teeth with the men there, praying someone takes their phone number.

5. The gold diggers
They are similar to the husband searchers but they are always shaking bum bum up and down, and are more intentional with their search. They only want the big boiz who can fund their lifestyle, and not some broke yahoo boy wannabe who doesn’t mind spending the entire day at the gym

6. The "I too knows"
These ones get to class first, and are always in front. Their goal is to nail every single move of the instructor to the tooth. Mistakes send them to depression. If this were school, they would be called efiko

7. The single-minded ones
These ones came to the gym for just one thing... to be fit. All other things are distractions. They don’t mingle with people, they don’t joke, and definitely don’t shake bum bum up and down. They are focused on their goal, come into the gym at a particular time, workout, attend class, and get out.

8. The baffers
They have the most beautiful gym wear and trainers. They match it up with interesting accessories like the sport hat, head band, ankle braces, knee braces, hand bands, water bottles, etc. Their sports wear game is tight because they have invested heavily in it, and they are peppering everyone with it by showing off

9. The networkers 
These are more interested in striking profitable relationships than keeping fit. The come ready with their business cards, marketing pitch and product catalog. They talk with people but are strategic about it. If your portfolio seems attractive to them, they position themselves next to you in the weights section and stylishly strike a conversation with you.

10. The gossips
These ones know the stories of everyone in the gym. They know the car everyone drives, where everyone lives, who is eyeing who in the strength section, who does more cardio than strength, who hasn’t dropped 1kg after 7.5 months at the gym, etc. No matter how much of “the single-minded ones” you think you are, they got something on you, and they will share this juicy information amongst themselves

11. The self deceivers
These ones will spend 5 hours at the gym, burning 1000 calories, and head straight into to mega chicken afterwards to down 2500 calories in form of two loaves of milk bread and 3 bottles of chilled coke

12. The envy of the class
These are by far the best students in class. The instructor always uses them as example and motivation. They are the instructors’ best friends because they are evidence that he’s doing a good job. They partner with the instructor for doubles and everyone just wished they could be like them in class

13. The last resort
These ones are desperate to lose weight, either as a result of health complications, constant complaints from their husbands, or a sudden awakening to the fact that if they don’t change their unhealthy habits, it would lead to an unpleasant end. They always ask questions and are very attentive. They might not be “the envy of the class” or “the I too knows”, but they always make an effort

14. The class monitor
They are always on correction mode, pointing out everyone’s flaws in class during routines. They let you know how you are not bending well, how your back is not straight, your knee is not touching your chin, etc. Instead of them to concentrate on their own routines, they are bent on cherrypicking the flaws of others

15. The lazy ones
They have this constant mindset that they are too heavy to lift their feet off the ground, hence they don’t push themselves. If the instructor tells them to bend and raise hands, they will stand and throw hand. They can’t touch their toes, can’t raise their hands, can’t jump, can’t bend, can’t do anything. The only reason you know they are not paralyzed is that as soon as the instructor gives 2 minutes break, they join the club bangers gang and start doing zanku. It makes you wonder why they even bother coming to the gym in the first place

16. The groupies
They don’t do anything on their own. They are always in groups, skipping in groups, doing jumping jacks in group, doing HIIT in groups, etc. They find encouragement to continue with their fitness journey only when they team up with people of like minds. You never find these ones doing things like treadmills or ellipticals because those are solo exercises. And of course, they never attend classes since it will mean having to listen to the instructor, along with everyone else, and putting their groupie goals on a hold

Do you go to the gym? Is there any type of women that I haven't mentioned? Please, let's know in the comment section