Don't call me Mama (1) - Lust visited, and the visitor got lost

I started my period at the age of 11, and never for once since then had I missed my period. They were as regular as a tax calendar. So imagine my shock when 6 weeks after marriage, the period got lost, considering the fact that we were not planning to have a child immediately. I felt we had been careful, counting the cycle. What a joke!

I told my husband about the lost period and told him I was suspecting pregnancy because I had never missed a period. He kind of laughed it off, saying "it's like you are eager to get pregnant." I felt like punching him. After another 2 days, when the ‘lost’ wasn't found, I told him again, and then we brought out the pregnancy kit

I had bought two pregnancy test strips at pound land last year October. Even though I wasn't married, my wedding was around the corner, and I figured that at least 9 months from then, we should be trying for a baby. I felt it was a good idea to save money by buying the strips for 1 pound each and keeping them for a year than coming to Nigeria to buy them at an exorbitant price in Nigeria

So I used the strip, and it gave a negative result. I was a bit relieved but still confused. “If I'm not pregnant, where exactly is my lost period?” We had been suspecting that maybe it was the antibiotics I used 3 weeks earlier that messed my cycle up, but mehn, I've used antibiotics before and nothing bad happened.

A week later, still nothing. I confided in my friend, and we decided that I should use the second strip which I had been miserly with. I used it.

It wasn't negative

It wasn't positive

It was invalid!

Kai. Wahala. There goes my last strip… So much for saving money from pound land.

The next morning, I had a big fight with the husband. In annoyance, I made an unplanned trip to a diagnostics centre. Blood was pulled and what I suspected all along

It was positive!

Don’t call me Mama... My name still remains Atilola

Hey my people. How's everyone doing?  I have a little something for you all. Be sure to read to the end, I promise, it will be worth your while. I gave birth to something and this time it breathes

If you have followed this blog for a while, you will know that I like delivering new projects from time to time. And for most of those projects, I always announce it on the blog when they are ready, mostly because you don’t know where support can come from.

I have delivered many things on this blog, from books to events and concerts, programs, etc. but never in all these times has any of those projects breathed life.

It is my great pleasure to announce to you that for the first time ever, I delivered something, and it's breathing, lol.

My baby is 15 days old today.

Introducing the first Spoken Word school in Nigeria

Hi guys. How's everything going with you all? As you might know, I have been teaching teenagers and youths Spoken Word poetry for some years now, with the exception of 2017. Some of my student have gone ahead to win various competitions including War of Word's, God's Children Great Talent, etc.

Ever since the 'tutorship' started and grew, I knew I had to open it up to the general public somehow, especially because of the demand from various people all over Lagos

Anyway, as a result of the demand and the current gap, we have set up a full academy, with various tutors to teach different aspects, both theory and practical.

And with this said, we introduce to you the first Spoken Word school in Nigeria, Spoken Word Academy for Youths (SWAY)

This school will run session by session, with each session lasting for a duration of two months, and then the students graduate. The students stand to gain a lot of knowledge about Spoken Word and Public Speaking. At N10,000.00, it sure is a

Yaayyy, I appeared on a Vlog - Discovering Naturals

Having an active Youtube channel is something I've always wanted, but never really gotten to, because it doesn't make sense to start something you can'be be consistent with, especially on Social Media. So for now, I just stick with putting my Spoken Word videos on Youtube, if I can obtain them from events I'm invited to.

Last week, I got the opportuninty to shoot a very short Vlog with Discovering Naturals for her channel. DN is one of the writers for my hair blog, African Naturalistas. She is our kids hair care expert. If you haven't been reading our blog, you should do so. It is a great repository of information for natural hair care. Our online store where you can get all our products is, or just click here.

We got together, hung out, discussed, and did some school runs with the kids. The video below is what happened as a result. It's quite short. Watch it, and lemme know what you think.