The day I stood before kings

...Continued from last week

Before I delve into how the D-Day went, let me just give you some facts about Geneva.

1. It is the third most expensive city in the world. So, it is definitely not the town to go shopping like you are on Oxford street.
2. Shops close by 6pm everyday, and don't open on Sundays. Apparently, they do this because it is a family-oriented town. I am still trying to correlate this with the fact that prostitution is legal, lol.

I was presenting on Thursday, and it was just when I was about to sleep on Tuesday, that is got the idea to take my clothes off on stage. I wondered if I would be able to pull it off in such a short time, plus this was a very formal audience. I was happy about the fact that the taking cloths off concept came to me because

1. It distracted me from the fact that I was slower than usual
2. It distracted the listeners from the fact that I was fast for them (I hope so).
3. I just felt the extra efizzy would be good for my spoken word career, lol.
4. It was good for those people who did not speak English.

At the instant I was performing, the piece was being translated to different languages. So if you don't understand it, all you need us to fix your earphones, and switch to the channel of your language. I just felt they wouldn't enjoy the punch lines, alliterations, and word plays, and all those poetic jargon, after being translated. So the extra drama was a form of compensation for them.

These is the mic, earphones and channels they use to switch between languages. Nigeria, what's the way forward o?

As looked around the room that morning, many things dawned on me about the crowd

1. 99% of them were not the colour of my skin
2. They were far older than me, and the crowd I normally stood in front of
3. They did not belong to the class I belonged to, they were political.
they did not understand poetic jargon like alliterations, punchlines, imagery, word plays and those words
4. They did not speak the way I do

The thing is, it is very easy to woo a familiar crowd, tickle their ears and give them what they want to hear. But in this case, you cannot really tell what would impress this crowd, or what they want to hear, because they we well, different. So I prayed... I prayed hard. There was no need coming all the way from Nigeria, and crashing my career on a global scale. I could have easily done that in Nigeria.  God, please, help me.

And help me, God did. Let's just say I almost ran out of complimentary cards by the time I was done. This group of people that hardly clap were almost forced to stop clapping. The lady in charge who used me as experiment was impressed, and Michel Sidibe, the head of UNAIDS was tripped. What more could I ask for?

Empty seats waiting to be filled with listeners who
would later listen to me

My game face on. Lol

Michel Sidibe (the brain behind UNAID),
and a teenage girl born with HIV

Famzing with the people in high places

Beautiful Fatima. She was married off at the age of 14,
and infected by her husband

And the covering came off completely

The youth delegates who anchored the last session. If you take out the two people on the extreme left, the 4 people on the extreme right, and Michel Sidibe in the middle, 98% of the people in this picture are either HIV positive, openly gay, or both
All the performance pictures are courtesy of Olivier Borgognon of 320 studio, Geneva.

So who can tell how many pieces of clothings I had on the ground by the time I was done with the performance?

Out of all the youth delegates that were present, it was just me and one other girl that was quite neutral. It was either they were gay, HIV positive, or both. And let me quickly mention that I just found out that the new political word for gay men in MSM. Don't think too far, it means Men who have Sex with Men.

Ehm, Toinlicious and Sykik. That is my hair with 60% shrinkage o. i.e, you can only see 40% of the length.

If you want to know how the clothes began coming off, watch this video below. And please, pay attention to the message. Feedback highly needed. Thanks

My journey to Geneva, as a Spoken Word Artist

So I had the rare opportunity of sitting in the same room with the united nation delegates all over the world in Geneva. Small girl like me, lol. No be God? Not only did I sit in the same room with these power changers, they actually sat to listen to me. When I got the memo that I had been selected to perform in front of these people, I was in shock for one whole week. I didn't tell anyone, lest the opportunity got jinxed.

By the time I started the preparations for my trip, I was too bugged done with stress to remain in awe. By the time I got there, some people kept introducing me to different top officials as the person who would open the conference on the last day. Let's just say, by the time my day came, the momentum had already built up, and everyone was eagerly anticipating what I would do, but I refused to allow this pressure to overwhelm me.

It did not help matters that I was sort of an experiment. I was brought in to do something that had never ever been done before. So they kept telling me they were really counting on me to change the whole dynamics of the meeting. Still, I didn't let the pressure get me.

I met different people all over the world including, HIV positive people, openly gay people, the high and mighty, people that actually change and influence world policies, AKA the United Nations Delegates.

It was a 3-day conference. On the first two days, the UN delegates took the front seat, while my generation sat behind them. On the last day, the older delegates were seated at the back, while we took the forefront. Everyone expected the last day to be more interesting, and I was the person to do this.

Here are points that were constantly drummed into my ears

1. Try not be too fast. Slow down for them. You have to be cautious of your speed, so everyone would hear you.
2. We are counting on you to shock the audience, by doing something different
3. We are counting you to wake the sleeping audience.

So what happened on the D-Day? I will share that story next week. In the mean time, enjoy some of the pictures. I took loads, but I could just share few.

That place is a freaking freezer. Froze my smile

Did I mention that that place is a freaking freezer?
See how the fog descended

In front of the WHO Head Office in Geneva
A cross section of the conference room we used.
It is actually bigger than this, but I can only capture
one side at a time

My iPad did not do justice to the beautiful
view from the ceiling

Another view

We were prepping for our D-Day

I was being prepped for the dry run of my presentation
the night before

Dry run. As dressed as I am, I was the most scantily dressed.

10 signs that your church is actually a cult

Well, I am back for real. The Guess the Blogger series was a way for me to take a break from blogging, without actually leaving the blog. Genius of me, right? I am sure when you read the title, you were like "Yes, that is the Atilola we know." Abi? Lol. Anyway, if that was not the case for you, I hope by the time you are done with today's post, you will agree that I am back.

So I am starting with my manual-format posts.

Many people are actually attending cults, but think they are going to church. Please, note that cult is not the same as occult, but some cults can be occultic sha. I am not talking of occult in this post, I am talking of cult in general.

So how do you know if your church is actually a cult?

1. You are not allowed to attend or visit other churches. This is the most obvious sign that your so-called church is a cult. Any church that has it as rule that its members must not set foot in another church is hiding the truth from its members, and is afraid that if they go elsewhere, their eyes might be open, and they would leave the church.

2. Attending other churches or fraternising with other Christian brings consequences like curse from God, poverty, etc. Since they cannot police their congregation, they often put a leash on them by threatening strange curses from God on them, should they leave the church, and go as far as invoking it.

3. The pastor does strange things like making church members bear his surname, sleep with several female church members without hiding it, and having several members as wives. This is self-explanatory enough. Many of these leaders are extremely charismatic. Many times, the leader sees the congregation as his followers or children. In many cases, the leader likes to sleep around, and even justifies his actions using anything he can lay his hands on.

4. There are rules in the church that are not in the Bible. Many of their doctrines are nowhere in the Bible.

5. Apart from the general bible, they have another bible, and another set of commandments that guard the doctrine of the church. Most times, in other to support the strange doctrines in number 4, they just have another book guiding them, along with the Bible.

6. Disobeying those rules leads to physical punishments like getting whipped, up to extreme ones like breaking a finger, etc. It doesn't matter your age, the existence of consequences should drive fear into you, and keep you grounded.

7. Sometime, you all live in the same compound or very close proximity to each other. This is done in order to keep tabs on you, and every aspect of your life. It might even be as extreme as you all calling yourselves one big family, you eat together, and put all your money together in order to have one big treasury you all draw money from.

8. You perform strange rituals. This can be one such as you all coming together to eat chicken without cracking the bone, and after, you all bury the bone at a location where you all must walk over. Once you guys jointly do something you feel odd, and don't have the confidence to tell people, it is most likely a strange ritual.

9. You fear the leader more than you fear God. The leader himself feels like God to you, most likely cos he has portrayed himself as the sole voice of God, and he is so domineering that you eventually begin to see him as God.

10. The thought of leaving this church drives deadly fear into you. This is because either you feel you will be dead cos they will send someone to kill you, kidnap you, force you back into the church, or even feel God himself will punish you with severe consequences because you left the church. So even though you want to leave, your mind is actually what keeps you there.

Of course, not all cults disguised as churches will have every single quality mentioned above. If your church has even just one of the qualities mentioned above, my dear, pick race. And don't worry, nothing will happen to you.

P.S: If you know Cherrywine, please, give her a hug and slimy wet kiss for me. She hosted me again last week, and I finished her sugar, grapes and moin moin. Isn't she the bomb?

All hail the King of Nigerian Blogsville

If you said the answer to my last week's blogger was Vera, I would say 'Really?' If there's a famous blogger whose blog I have never visited, then it is Vera. cos I always hear her name everyone, but we are not yet Bloygfriends. Anyway, if you said the answer is Beautiful, then you would be right. She is not only a gister on her blog, but in real life. Kai, she can gist. And me... I enjoy talking to her every single time. She is very down to earth with me. She is also a cheat o,  cos she kept pressuring me to give her the expo to the answer of several Guess the Blogger series, because according to her, I am a Nigerian, and can be fraudulent if I want to be. She said I should tell you all that she's sweet, so here I am telling you... Beautiful is sweet. *ducks flying chair*

So congrats to Tamie once again, You have officially made yourself an enemy to 1 + the one, lol.

Moving on, it my pleasure to officially announce the end of this series to you all. Are you all crying? Lol. I'm sure many people are secretly rejoicing. Now to my vote of thanks.

I thank Madam Ginger for hosting me for 2 days. It was my visit to her village in Milton Keynes that made me think up this idea.

I thank every one who participated by reading, commenting, complaining, threatening, participating in whatever way they could.

I want to make mention of all the bloggers featured in this series. Gee of Everything Weddings and More, Ginger, Aloted, Ibifiri, Berry, Sugarspring, Tomi Akibo, Beautiful, Madam Salt, Unyime-Ivy King, Michael Onobote, Gbenga of Geebee Chronicles, PET Projects, Rita of Ero Inspirations, Cherrywine, Sisi Yemmie, Dayor, Doll, and Olatoxic. Thanks for being great pals I can put a face to. If I have met you before, and I did not feature you, please pardon me. It was not intentional. I actually have a place where I record blogger's names after I meet them. The only bloggers I've met, and did not feature are Olufunke and Shally, cos I knew no one would know them.

I want to send a beautiful shout out to all these committed students of blogsville.

1. Beautiful, who participated once in a while, but gave up because she never got the answer, and I refused to give her expo on BBM. She is beefing me till now.

2. To people who took part once in a while, like Myne, Naija wife, MsJB, NikkiSho.

3. Priscy, 1 + The One, and Sykik, who kept persisting time and time again. They were consistent all through, even though they did not get any on time. That quality will get you guys very far in life. Take it from me.

4. One-time winners: Atoskin, Myne, Tomi Akibo, the OOhj, Doll

5. Two-time winners: HoneyDame

6. Three-time winners: Sugarspring, who won with three different profiles. Na wa o.

7. Four-time winner. Former champion Toin, who along the way, dropped the ball, and let the blogsville underdog overtake her.

7. All hail the one and only champion, our five-time winner. The Agbalagbi Agbalagba of Blogsville. We throway salute to you Madam Tamie. You were the underdog, whom no one expected to come from behind, and sweep it all up in a go, dusting reigning champions like Toin, Sugarspring, and Honeydame. May your reign as champion be fruitful ooo. Here is a crown and Irukere for you, as a symbol of your reign. We remain your loyal subject.


So that's it. We call it a wrap for now. I will be doing this series once in a while, if I meet any new blogger.

What next will be happening on this blog? Well, only time will tell.

P.S: I hooked up with Cherrywine last week. Mehn, it was so nice to be with her again. Of course, we gisted and gisted. This is just the usual when Atilola hooks Cherry. Lol. Than's how it would be written if two of us were to get married. She spoilt me with Fish and Chips at the Grill centre. Toinlicious and Honeydame, I hope your envy metre is springing out of control? Lol.

Things are happening

Na wa o. Things are happening in this Guess the Blogger series o. I don't understand why Toinlicious will let all her hard work just go down the drain like that. She just became so relaxed with her champion status, and now Tamie has finally caught up with her. So unfortunate sha.

So I guess we all know who the winner of last week's edition is. Tamie. I will send your gift to you once again. Unyime-Ivy King is the blogger in question. Sorry, I don't have a picture of us together. Na familiarity cause am. We see each other a lot, so I actually never thought of taking a picture with her.


So unto this week's blogger,

1. In my opinion, this blogger is just a spoilt person jare. She expects everyone to be loving her up, but I have blatantly refused to, lol. She is suffering from last-born syndrome, and I intend to cure her from it.

2. This blogger can giiiissssstttt, kai. She just like to gist about one thing or the other that happened, on her blog. It is quite fun to read all the gist sha.

3. You need another clue? By now you should know this blogger jo. Okay, this blogger is heavily endowed. *clears throat, and picks race*

Guess who.

Contrary to what you might think...

Hi Everyone. I want to officially thank everyone that has been part of this series since it started. You all made it fun. Thanks for spicing it up, and not running away.

This sounds like a message to end the series, abi? Well, sorry, we have not yet come to the end, lol. I just wanted to appreciate you all. To think that we started this in August, and this is November, and it has not ended. Meehhhnnn, me sef, I throway salute for myself. I have met bloggers mehhn.

So onto last week's blogger, the answer is not Sting. I can count how many times she has dropped comments on this blog, on one hand, and still have fingers left. So she couldn't have been on the forefront of that particular series.

The blogger is none other than Ola-toxic. Actually, we have been friends for a very long time, over 10 years now. We practically rolled together in the same group all through our days at Unilag, cos we danced together, we attended fellowship together, prayed together by 5.00 am in the morning, rehearsed all night together, etc, you get the picture. I am sure if I dig into old archives, I have a picture of both of us somewhere, but this is what I can whip up for now. Unfortunately, they are group pictures taken at two different occasions, two years ago (and no we didn't graduate two years ago, lol).

Tokunbo on the extreme left. I was literally pinched to appear in this picture

Many years after graduation, they refused to hang their dancing shoes

Tokunbo at the back, with the face cap. Me in the pink dress. I am sure you all did not think I could be playful, right?
Well, contrary to what you might think...
Congrats to Sugarspring. She is now in a very hot competition with Tamie and our champion, Toinlicious. Unpredictable things are happening in this series. It's about to go down.

So onto this week's blogger. 

1. This blogger recently moved to the other clan. She confided in me last week, that she is thinking of moving back. Well, I think the word 'confide' doesn't apply anymore.

2. I attend the same church with this blogger.

3. This blogger has recently released her book.

So guess who.

Will our champion be dethroned?

My my, people of blogsville, just fix your eyes on the race track. For a very long time, Toinlicious the athlete with an eye for detail gave many people in this race a wide gap, reminding us why Usain Bolt still remains unbeatable. But now, as we near the finish line, some other athlete is giving Toinlicious a run for her money. Who can that be? None other than Tamie, the blogger that refused to leave Blogsville, even though she claims to have retired. Just behind Tamie is HoneyDame, who is pulling her weight, but no where near Toinlicious. Everyone, look at Toinlicious, she seems to be running short of breath. Do you think Tamie will surprise us by overtaking her before this race ends, or will she up her game, and once again remind us why she has been dubbed the unbeatable champion in this race? Well, only time will tell. In the mean time, let's keep our eyes on the race track.

Lool. I hope you guys enjoyed my race commentary. I won't mind being hired to comment at the next Olympics track and field event o. So yes, Tamie is now a third time winner. The answer to last week's edition is Sugarspring. If there is a blogger that is anonymous, it is Sugarspring. She is so anonymous, that even anonymous bloggers call her anonymous, if you get what I mean. She hates putting her face to anything. She is so anonymous, that she has been a winner twice on this series, and no one is even aware. Talk about ghosts, lol.


So onto this week's blogger

1. I initiated an interesting blogger series where people started wearing boxing glove, and threw lighthearted  punches. Let's just say this blogger was the forefront of one of the factions

2. This blogger's name reminds you of something poisonous

3. You might need to cross to the other side to find this blogger's blog, if you know what I mean.

Don't be fooled by what you see.

Why Nikkisho? Why? Why? Why? For goodness sake. Remember when this series started, I said we would need to be guided by details bloggers post on their blog.

Nikkisho stays in Philippines, last time we checked, and I don't think she ever announced that she was coming to Nigeria. So unless you blogsville people paid for my trip there, I don't see how that would have been possible.

Thinking about it now, I realise that the clues could be argued to fit more than one blogger. But again, if you really think about it, which blogger looks like a baby. Nikkisho is cute, but does she look like a baby? Hmm. Well, Tomi Akibo, that's who. She has a very cute and baby like face. Don't be fooled by the lipstick and the shaped eyebrow in the pictures below. In fact, don't be fooled by the picture at all. You should see her in person.

So congrats to Toinlicious. She is now a 4-time champion on our Guess the Blogger series. Let me know what you want me to do with your gift, since you have decided to give away your giveaway, lol.

Onto this week's blogger.

1. This blogger should now be given the award for the number one lazy blogger of the year.
2. This blogger's name should remind you of something sweet and refreshingly moisturising.
3. This blogger is a religious blogger.

So guess who.

Guess the Blogger - 15

Okay, you guys. I made it easy for you last week, abi. The thing is the two winners for last week's double edition have been previous winners. I hope I will get a fresh winner for this week. Or do you guys want the same set of winners to be chopping all the credit?

Congrats to HoneyDame and Tamie. You will get your stuff soon.

As for this week's edition.


1. This blogger just has a fabulous Baby Face. Cuteness l'omo.
2. This blogger is on low natural hair
3. This blogger strikes you as someone that has many dreams she wants to fulfil.

In other important matters, I enrolled for a free online storytelling/writing course, run by University of Applied Sciences, Postdam, Germany. It lasts for 8 weeks, and started last week. This would interest story writers for novels, movies, scripts, video games, theatre, etc. So far it has been great. So much information for free, and from a reputable university.

You can enrol for the close by clicking here.

Do I have a double winner? Keep guessing.

Haa, na wa for you blogsville people o. So that simple thing last week, you guys could not guess correctly. Okay, I will add one giveaway clue, and I believe you should all get it after this. The only contention would be the first person.

So as for the blogger I talked about last week, one more clue is that…

She is sort of a celeb blogger.

Now guess who.


Unto this week’s blogger, here are the clues
1. I personally call this blogger a Drama Queen. Her blog seems to radiate its own kind of energy
2. She sort of works for me
3. Think of a Yoruba name for a Nigerian meal.

Now guess who

If you are guessing the two bloggers, guess it in the order I asked, such as Number 1 blogger is, Number 2 blogger is…

You can decide to guess only one of them, but state the particular blogger you are guessing, 1 or 2.
And if one person wins the both bloggers? Now, that would be a treat!

Guess the Blogger - 13

Why oh why, Madam 1 + The One, would you do this to yourself? You almost won the gift of the last edition before you went off tangent. What does Nikkisho have to do with the clues? So I am congratulating the winner, Tomi Akibo. I will send you your gift soon. Yea yea, the blogger in question is Salt, formerly known as Desperate Naija Woman. She is one blogger that is always ready to support me in anything, I mean anything I embark upon. She is just too nice. I even believe to a fault, sometimes. Here's a picture of us at one of her book signings.

So unto the next blogger, 

1. This blogger can blog about anything, one of those bloggers who don't have a theme. All join for them.
2. This blogger is really down to earth and funny.
3. This blogger is darker in real life, than how she looks in her pictures.

So guess who?

Guess the Blogger - 12

So Ibifiri and I were together for two whole days last weekend, when she came to give me moral support at the VVS event, where I was one of the partners. It wasn't until she was about to leave that I suggested we quickly take a picture for blogger, since I did not have a picture of both of us when I was posting her edition of the Guess the Blogger series, which is strange, cos she is the blogger I have actually physically hanged out with most. (Okay, apart from Michael, who I have have to see almost every month, whether I want to or not)

So yes... last week's blogger. I am very surprised people did not get it as soon as possible. It is none other than Rita of Eroinspirations. Anyone that reads Rita's blog will agree that she has this rare gift of uplifting one's spirit, no matter your religion. It doesn't matter if she is going through hell at that moment herself. She has just been gifted in that way.

I remember two months ago, begging her to come back to Blogsville because we are missing her inspiring posts. She said she doesn't even know what Blogsville family is like now. I told her to forget what we are like, and just come back to do what she knows best. I am glad she did.

Myne obviously is the winner. I know you are not in Nigeria, Myne, but please, let me know what Nigerian network's voucher you want me to email you, so you can give it to any family member or friend of your choice.

Onto this week's blogger.

1. Without this blogger, the world would be bland. Too much of this blogger, and you will end up with so many diseases.
2. When you remember this blogger, you remember something serial, which recently came to an end.
3. You many have lost this blogger recently, due to migration. (Dead giveaway)

So guess who.

Blame it on Bionic- Guess the Blogger 11

Yeah yeah, as we all know, Toinlicious is the best student of the School of Blogsville. She has done it again, and was the first person to guess the blogger talked about last week. At this point, there's no need for me to ask her to send her details again.

So it was aloted, a lovely lady who has become a great friend of mine. Its because of people like this who have become my friend that I am happy to be a blogger. I've been with her for quite a few times, but funny enough, never in Nigeria, though I've met some of her family members (including her husband in Nigeria).

Here is a picture of aloted and I below.

Please, don't talk too much about how aloted looked good, and I looked bad stressed. I completely blame it on her daughter, Bionic, who stressed us out, while we walked the whole lakeside, and then ate all the nandos chicken her mother bought for me. Her mum was used to it, but not me.

I know this for sure because the picture below was how I looked a day before I met Bionic.

Sorry, I am not allowed to share Bionic's picture, but you should meet her too. She will have the same effect on you.

*Update: With permission from Aloted.

A year later, I forgave Bionic for the sin of the devoured chicken, and we became friends. The picture below proves that...

But we fought again, when three hours later, she asked me to be going home.

Anyway, to this week's blogger.

1. This is one blogger that has been through so many ups and downs in her life, but yet, finds ways to continually inspire her readers whenever she blogs.

2. She hasn't really been doing blog rounds in recent times, but recently started blogging again

3. She has a published book.

So guess who.

Are we guessing bloggers today? Yes? No?

Hello lovely bloggers. How are you all doing? I don't know if you have notice, but thanks Toinlicious, and my pain-in-the-neck sister, Honeydame, my twitterttitude had gotten better. Twitterttitude is my coined word for twitter attitude, Remember I created Blogtitude last year, when I was going through the mischievous phase of my life, in that interesting post that generated so many comments. Thank God I have now repented. I really should considering patenting these words, and maybe create a Blogsville dictionary, Our very own Blogspedia.

Anyway, I know my Twitterttitude can be better, but I am really not as interested as I am in Blogsville. Nigerian Blogsville is the bomb. I love it, love it, love it. My love for Blogsville is so string that I shout it from the rooftop every night, lol. In case you doubt how much I love Blogsville, just chill till December, and see what I and some other Blogsville lovers are cooking for you.

So before I go ahead to this week's edition of Guess the Blogger, someone left a comment on my post last week that she was tired of seeing this series every week, and I should space it, and I feel her. The thing is some other people have said they are really loving this series. It helps them to know other bloggers better, and they have a once in a life time opportunity to win my fabulous gift of N500 voucher, lol. I am also scared of spacing the series, cos then, I might not finish for a very very very long time. Yes, I have met loads of bloggers. Bite me. The good thing is many of them are now good friends of mine.

Because of this, I have decided to do a poll below, so you can let me know how we should go about it, because by fire, by force, I must finish this series o. I am not a quitter, lol.

Please, note before you vote, that I have been running once a week.

How should we run the Guess the Blogger Series? free polls 

So now to last week's answer and winner. Yes, it was no one other than Ibifiri Kamson. The first time I saw her physically, it was not to conduct any business, but to cry on her shoulders. Don't ask why, lol. She has remained a good friend since then. So congrats to glowingscenes. Please, send your number to

So onto this weeks blogger. It is so simple. If you don't get it, well, na you know o.

1. This is passionate about things that have to do with marriage, relationships, and all those stuffs
2. This blogger officially stopped her personal blog about two months ago, after she announced a great news
3. She was a very old-time blogger. Most of her blogger mates retired a long time ago.

So guess who, but not before remembering to vote on the poll above.

Thanks y'all.

Guess the Blogger - 9

Let me quickly make a disclaimer here. I know you might find this hard to believe, but contrary to what you may think, I don’t go around meeting bloggers randomly. Meaning, I don’t just call bloggers up, and say "Hey, wasup? I think we should get to see each other and know each other better, let’s hook up."

The truth is that for every single blogger I have met in Nigeria, there was a purpose, i.e we had a business to conduct together. Period. And from conducting business, we get to be friends. I guess what I am trying to say is I am not as friendly, warm, and charming as you think. I am mean. Very very mean. Can you see my red eyes? What is the colour? Red. Lol

For this case above, there are exceptions. Whenever I travel, in fact before I travel, I decide which blogger I want to meet, and we make arrangements. What can I say? I guess the I am friendly only when I am about to step outside the shores of Nigeria.

That being said, yea the answer to last week's edition is Michael Onobote. And for those Yoruba people wondering, just pronounce Onobote, as if you are pronouncing Onabote, like Onanuga, Onasoga, Ona, as in road. If you are not Yoruba, and don't understand its phonetics, don't even bother. I can assure you that you will fail, lol. So, congrats to Rainbowlove. You finally won an edition, lol. I will send your gift.

So here is Michael and I below. He is not anonymous.

So onto this week's blogger

1. She is a business woman, who sells something she makes her hands
2. She recently moved from blogger to wordpress
3. She married outside her tribe

Yes, it is a she, so that is an extra clue for you.

Guess who.