My journey to Geneva, as a Spoken Word Artist

So I had the rare opportunity of sitting in the same room with the united nation delegates all over the world in Geneva. Small girl like me, lol. No be God? Not only did I sit in the same room with these power changers, they actually sat to listen to me. When I got the memo that I had been selected to perform in front of these people, I was in shock for one whole week. I didn't tell anyone, lest the opportunity got jinxed.

By the time I started the preparations for my trip, I was too bugged done with stress to remain in awe. By the time I got there, some people kept introducing me to different top officials as the person who would open the conference on the last day. Let's just say, by the time my day came, the momentum had already built up, and everyone was eagerly anticipating what I would do, but I refused to allow this pressure to overwhelm me.

It did not help matters that I was sort of an experiment. I was brought in to do something that had never ever been done before. So they kept telling me they were really counting on me to change the whole dynamics of the meeting. Still, I didn't let the pressure get me.

I met different people all over the world including, HIV positive people, openly gay people, the high and mighty, people that actually change and influence world policies, AKA the United Nations Delegates.

It was a 3-day conference. On the first two days, the UN delegates took the front seat, while my generation sat behind them. On the last day, the older delegates were seated at the back, while we took the forefront. Everyone expected the last day to be more interesting, and I was the person to do this.

Here are points that were constantly drummed into my ears

1. Try not be too fast. Slow down for them. You have to be cautious of your speed, so everyone would hear you.
2. We are counting on you to shock the audience, by doing something different
3. We are counting you to wake the sleeping audience.

So what happened on the D-Day? I will share that story next week. In the mean time, enjoy some of the pictures. I took loads, but I could just share few.

That place is a freaking freezer. Froze my smile

Did I mention that that place is a freaking freezer?
See how the fog descended

In front of the WHO Head Office in Geneva
A cross section of the conference room we used.
It is actually bigger than this, but I can only capture
one side at a time

My iPad did not do justice to the beautiful
view from the ceiling

Another view

We were prepping for our D-Day

I was being prepped for the dry run of my presentation
the night before

Dry run. As dressed as I am, I was the most scantily dressed.


  1. wow , are definitely going places....I hope we get to listen to your speech...

  2. Whoop Whoop!!
    Atilola doing big things! Lovely.
    I love the 4th pic.

  3. WOW!!! this is amazing stuff!!!! Wonderful wonderful stuff!!!
    Bigger things to come!

  4. Congrats!!!! A man's gift certainly makes rooms for him and brings him before kings :) Greater things to come.

  5. Awww!!! really Nice! Congrats Atilola :)

  6. Congrats ma'am. I'm sure it was a resounding success. You are a credit to our nation.

  7. Welldone Atilola! Awesome! Looking forward to the juicy story next week. More grace!

  8. Congratulations Atilola!!! Greater things to come.

  9. Congrats. The sky is your stepping stone. Go Girl.

  10. A beautiful beginning to bigger things

  11. Niceee!!!! Whooop!! Congrats. Bigger things to come!!

  12. Congrats! That's a big deal! Na God oo...keep soaring higher.

  13. The journey and share what you have is great. Make sure that it has left many memorable things for you

  14. Congratulations Atilola!!! You have been such an inspiration this year, proving to us time and time again that talent, hardwork and perseverance are the keys to success. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

  15. This is so amazing. Congrats hun! Waiting for next weeks feedback but I'm sure you did great. We "little" people do big things :D

    1. Lol at we little. I hope you have seen it now.

  16. Congratulations Atilola...more in 2014!

  17. I've gone thru ur blog... Read through every post. I'm a 'convert'. Ur going places ma'am... God bless ur hustle; happy new year in advance!!!!

    1. Are you serious? Every single post, from 2009? Lol at convert sha. Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate your comment.


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