Taking your Husband's Surname - What's the Fuss about?

Some women are recently choosing to bear their maiden name, after marriage, and they are taking the flak for it.

Further discussions have revealed the people do not understand where the practice of taking a man's surname in some parts of the world came from, and when it started.

In this episode of Let's DO Life, we discuss this topic in detail, and talk about the sentiments behind this practice, if it's a sin, if it's cultural or even important.

Please pull out your chair, get your popcorn, because have fun and get schooled at the same time.

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Should successful women attribute their success to their husbands?

Hi guys. How are you all doing? The first episode of my YouTube show, let’s do life, is out.

Many successful women have been criticized in recent times about the trend of dedicating their success/achievements/awards to their spouses, when it was achieved by them.

The critics say it is the evidence of patriarchy still very present in our society, and the successful women are passing a wrong message to the younger generation of independent women

In this video, I talk about this topic from my perspective. I will like you to watch and weigh in. You can watch it below

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Yayyy, I started my Youtube Program

For a long time, the thought of starting my own Youtube Program (I can't say Channel, cos I already have one) always came across as stressful to me, cos my Youtuber friends always painted the whole process as stressful and time consuming. Time availability is already an issue for me, cos of my schedule. So in my mind, Youtube and I were never going to be friends, when it came to content creation

Earlier this year, I started taking my IG lives more serious, and my husband started working on our study (but we all know it's mine. Right? Lol). Then I started getting a strong leading to started my own show on Youtube.

That leading didn't disappear, like other "leadings." It only became stronger as time went on. Once the study became partially ready, I went ahead to purchase all my filmimg accessories, and enlisted a professional on fiver to design my Youtube intro.

And with that, Let's do life - with Atilola was birthed.

In this show, we’ll be covering a range of subject matters including marriage, art, love, relationships, health, fitness, business... all sprinkled with a little bit of controversy.

I’m going to be keeping it real, with discussions that are wholesome, funny, and uplifting at the same time.

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How to get NAFDAC Approval for your products in 6 months

NAFDAC Approval for products

I am very excited to serve you another dish of fresh goodness. I taught this before, 5 months ago. And by popular demand, I am teaching you again. Remember I told you last week that I am

I am serve you a dish of How to get NAFDAC approval for your cosmetics in 6 months or less.

One of the biggest hurdles any serious person in the small scale Cosmetic Industry in Nigeria has to face is getting their products approved by NAFDAC. It is a hurdle many fear to cross, while others totally bypass because they just see it as an impossible feat. By doing this, they unintentionally place a cap on their growth, and determine how far their business will be growing.

In this free lesson, I will be teaching you How to get your products approved by the almighty NAFDAC. It is a very enlightening session you do not want to miss, to elevate your cosmetic business to the next level.

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