Yayyy, I started my Youtube Program

For a long time, the thought of starting my own Youtube Program (I can't say Channel, cos I already have one) always came across as stressful to me, cos my Youtuber friends always painted the whole process as stressful and time consuming. Time availability is already an issue for me, cos of my schedule. So in my mind, Youtube and I were never going to be friends, when it came to content creation

Earlier this year, I started taking my IG lives more serious, and my husband started working on our study (but we all know it's mine. Right? Lol). Then I started getting a strong leading to started my own show on Youtube.

That leading didn't disappear, like other "leadings." It only became stronger as time went on. Once the study became partially ready, I went ahead to purchase all my filmimg accessories, and enlisted a professional on fiver to design my Youtube intro.

And with that, Let's do life - with Atilola was birthed.

In this show, we’ll be covering a range of subject matters including marriage, art, love, relationships, health, fitness, business... all sprinkled with a little bit of controversy.

I’m going to be keeping it real, with discussions that are wholesome, funny, and uplifting at the same time.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here. And in the meantime, please watch the trailer below

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