About Me

Atilola Moronfolu is a multifaceted entrepreneur. She is the founder of African Naturalistas, an award-winning spoken word artist, writer, and editor, amongst other things. She is a board-certified practitioner of trichology, certified cosmetic formulator, hair consultant, natural hair care specialist.

Atilola also has a certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science with the Institute of Personal Care Science, Australia. With this, she is making more healthy hair products available to men and women, in the form of African Naturalistas range of Hair Products.

She is the founder of AN Training school, where she trains entrepreneurs in the beauty industry on how to grow their cosmetic business, and A.N. 365-Day Natural Hair Care Regimen.

After graduating from University of Lagos, where she studied Computer Engineering, she started consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers at a very young age, where she won the PwC Experience Community Champion award for the year 2011, and the Most Different and Unusual staff of the year 2011. Working with PricewaterhouseCoopers gave her the opportunity to work with the processes and controls of different clients across several industries.

Atilola is extremely passionate about healthy hair, and because of this, has embarked on creating an industry that would make healthy hair and scalp a possibility for everyone who desires to achieve it in Nigeria. She has appeared on several workshops, seminars, TV and radio programs to educate people about the reality of healthy hair choices.

Atilola is currently one of the leading voices in the healthy and natural hair care movement in Nigeria, and the consultant at African Naturalistas Hair clinic, the pioneer hair clinic, where they diagnose, and treat or manage over 50 hair and scalp disorders, working closely with clients to achieve the goals of healthy hair.

As a spoken word artist, Atilola has had the opportunity to perform in and outside Nigeria at various events. She has performed for the United Nations at the UNAIDS PCB Thematic Segment in Geneva, and popular spoken word events like Word Up, Unchained voices, etc. She was a semifinalist in the first Rio International poetry slam, FLUPP Festival, Rio de Janerio, Brazil, having scored the highest in the whole competition. She reads at various literary events in Nigeria. She is one of the popular faces of the spoken word movement in Nigeria today. She also trains teenagers in Spoken Word Poetry. Everything about her Spoken Word Artistry can be found here.

She is the convener of Rhyme and Reason, the biggest Spoken Word and Rap event in Nigeria currently.

She has also been featured on several Television and Radio interviews to talk about the Spoken Word movement in Nigeria. She is an author of two books, and more to come