Just to mention again...

Hiya, before I go to the topic of the day, let me quickly mention that I was featured in the 31 Days of poetry on EG Creativity. My work, The Same Cane, was put up. If you have read my book, then you would remember it. Else, head over here to read this particular one. It is a classic case of what goes around comes around, and bites you in the butt, lol.

Also, I will be at the CBAN book fair at Shepherd Hill Baptist Church, exhibiting The Blessing of Sarah by Morolayo Owoputi and Antonyms of a Mirage by Atilola Moronfolu from 30 Oct 2012 to 3 Nov 2012. So for people who haven't bought my book yet, or just want to hang out with me this period, this would be a great time for us to meet.

So, I want to mention again, just in case you did not know before, or you actually forgot that


1. I am an Editor. I edit books, and get them ready for publishing purposes. And no, editing is not the same as proof reading. I do heavy content editing and structural editing

2. I transcribe audio books.

So please, if you are interested or you know anyone interested in my services, holla at me. You can check out more details about it here.

I hope to ear hear from you guys. I need your money to buy garri to drink oo.

This must be one of my shortest blog posts. lol

We need a major Rank Shifting in Nigeria

Before I get to the order of the day, please can you do me a favour? I am on bended knees. I would please like you to please support my hair blog, African Naturalistas, by voting it as the Best Topical Blog of the year in the Nigerian Blog Awards. I promise that you won't be asked to pay. We would really appreciate it if you support us by voting us as the winner of this category. It will help create more awareness for the blog. Anyone can vote irrespective of citizenship or location, you don't have to be a Nigerian or be resident in Nigeria. If you don't know what blogs to vote in other categories because you are not a Nigerian, it's fine. Just vote for the blog as the Best Topical Blog. Click here to vote now, as voting ends on 11 November 2012. Thank you in anticipation.

Many of us have been complaining that 'Nigeria is bad, Nigerians are voiceless, nothing good can ever come out of Nigeria,' and all those depressing statements we unconsciously prophesy into the future of our country. What many people agree on is the fact that for Nigeria to change, the mind-set and attitude of a lot of Nigerians would have to change. Right from the person that complains about the government, but don't fail to throw thrash on the express road immediately after LAWMA officials sweep it, to the ones that say our leaders are corrupt, but would not hesitate to pay for 'Special centre' for their kids to write JAMB or WAEC exam.

We need a major shift in our mind-set, and someone very close to me, Dayo Nigeria,  has tried to do justice to that, in his new book 'The Rank Shifting'

It isn't just like every other book, but one that traces any attempt to build a nation to the individuals in the nation. A country is just a name, that only gets her identity through the people that live in it. Therefore, if any meaningful transformation would happen, the author believes that it can only happen when the citizens of the country themselves have been transformed.

The summary is that it takes only a transformed man to get involved in transforming a nation. It all starts with personal grooming.

So are you interested in this major rank-shifting, or do you know who will do well from reading it? You can get a copy of this book from Eden Christian Library, Obafemi Awolowo University... Young Disciples International, No 1, YDI str, LASU/Isheri Expressway, Hotel Bus stop, Igando Lagos, or call Daniel on 08058669338, 07036027017 to get a copy

You can check more about the book on their facebook page here.

Time Speaks... by Atilola Moronfolu

Time speaks
And when it speaks,
Its voice is loud and clear, not a silent squeak
Or something the human ears cannot pick

They say time is a thief of memories
Because he takes along with him all the beautiful stories
But we forget that on judgement day, the thief always pays back what he stole
And when he pays, he does it seven fold

Time will separate the genuine from the counterfeit
Honesty from deceit
Success from failure;
The unholy from the pure
The Winners from the losers;
The truthfuls from the liars

Time will expose the liars and the deceivers
And open the backside of the underachievers
Time will show you the enemies and the frienemies
Even if they package themselves nicely like Egyptian mummies

Yes time.. Time speaks
And when it speaks,
Its voice is loud and clear, not a silent squeak
Or something the human ears cannot pick

Have you been cheated, or falsely accused
Do you feel that your rights have been abused
Don’t worry, neither should you despair
'Cause time would soon make everything clear

In the meantime, remember that … Time speaks
And when it speaks,
Its voice is loud and clear, not a silent squeak
Or something the human ears cannot pick

Antonyms of a Mirage - US Hard Copy Giveaway

Before I go to the business of the day. Lemme quickly insert this picture of mine. It is a picture me taken, when I wasn't aware of it, at my first ever TV interview.

Its time for the third phase of the Hard Copy giveaway of my book. This will be going to the interested readers in the US. You have been asking for it since, and it has finally come to you. I am really sorry for the delay

How do you qualify? Very simple

1. You must be residing in the US.

2. You must be a follower of this blog. Click on the follow button, on the follower gadget, on the right hand side of this blog, if you are not yet following this blog

3. Follow me on twitter. The handle is @hattylolla.

4. Like my any of my editions of Antonyms of a Mirage on amazon by clicking the like button on any of these pages herehere or here. (Liking just one will get you qualified, but you can like all, just in case you are over-killing this. Lol)

5. Drop a comment indicating your interest below.
For those hearing about the book for the first time, read the synopsis and watch the trailer below. You are sure to love it. Even if you have heard about the book, still read the synopsis because I know you haven’t read it before. You can also find out more about the book here.

A character suffering from multiple personality disorder decides to express herself. With six different personalities in her head vying for the spotlight, a constant battle occurs as the book progresses.

The sagacious one starts with her wise stories, in her usual mature style. As the bitter one, the melancholic one and others take over, more heart wrenching issues are exposed, and the reality of the world we live in comes to play. Each character invites you to her world, to experience what they are experiencing in their own unique way.

The article starts with one about corruption in Corruption Noni, where the writer had the opportunity to interview corruption and then progresses to really deep stories that touch prostitution, religious hypocrisy, marital pressures, and other societal ills. Each article portrays a reality that you can relate with.

At the end, the comic one ends up defeats all and is victorious with her funny stories, proving that no matter how twisted our reality is, there is always a reason to laugh in the end.For those hearing about the book for the first time, read the synopsis and watch the trailer below. You are sure to love it. Even if you have heard about the book, still read the synopsis because I know you haven’t read it before. 

You can also find out more about the book here.

Book Signing of Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman

Oh Gosh, I had a lovely time today!

I don't know if it was the small chops or the skittles I got, or free Matters of the Heart book, or free praise CD, book marks, sticker, and so on. All I know is that I had a lovely time today, and it was because I went for the first ever book signing of Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman, by Bola Essien-Nelson. It was fun, fun, and fun. See the pictures I took and testify.

Bola and I

Bola doing her thing

Me posing with customers who won my books from Bola for free

And so I bought the book, and felt it was another book I just had to get because I am an author and have to support other authors, especially the ones who have been supporting me.

I was wrong...

I was about to throw the book into my 'I will read it later' library, when I decided to open it to check the quality of the print. This is what jumped at me


I was like, what is this woman talking about? I sure want to find out, so I knew that I couldn't read this one later.

The book is just awesome. I have scanned through the pages and I know it  is. You need to get it, I am telling you. So, so, inspiring, which you would agree if you have been reading her blog here. I will definitely be reading it now, and will gist you more. But in the meantime, you would do yourself good by getting your copy, whether hard copy, or kindle version.

It is really something you don't want to miss.

My new book - Reader survey needed


Hi people. I know I am always doing this, but really, what are we here for, if not to help each other? Ehhmmm, I need your help once again. Well, the help of at least 10 people to be exact.

The content for my next book is ready yaaayyyy! Finishing this required me to be more disciplined, but thank God I pulled through.

Some of you might already know what the book is about, and the irregularity behind it. To be point blank, just like my first book, Antonyms of a Mirage, was, this book will also be the first of its kind in Nigeria.
Because of this irregularity, I will be carrying out a reader survey, which is where you come in.

What is required of you
1. I will send you the raw edited content of the book, along with an analysis form with questions you will be required to answer

2. You are required to read the book and submit the form to me exactly one week from when I give it to you (never mind, it is not such a big book). So, if you are a busy medical doctor who hardly gets time to sleep, you might not be able to finish it within the required time. As a regular 9-5 person who loves to read, this is what you might want

3. 100% confidentiality. Whatever you get must be limited to you and your eyes. No sharing with anyone.

What you will benefit
1. The opportunity to be the first person to read my upcoming book, and know what it’s about

2. When the book comes out, you get your guaranteed free copy (Hard or soft, whichever you want) anywhere you are in the world, I promise. Have I ever promised something and not fulfilled it?

So please, who is interested in partaking in this survey? Please, please, I need your help o, but most importantly, I need your commitment. There’s no use being able to help, if I won’t get it in one week.

If you are interested, just indicate in the comment box by putting your email address down, and I will send you the materials, or send me a mail to hattylolla@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance, as you volunteer you time to help me, and enjoy reading my next book for free.


Celebrating Nigerian Independence - Antonyms of a Mirage Giveaway

Hi Peeps, this post is to announce to you that in order to celebrate Nigeria's independence, you would be able to download my book, Antonyms of a Mirage, for free throughout today. 01, October, 2012. This offer opens by 12.00am US Pacific time, and closes by 11.59pm US Pacific time.

Another good news is that you don't need to own a kindle to get it. Just download the Kindle App for free, and you are on your way there.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on amazon, type the book title and start downloading away. You can use any of these links.

Amazon Kindle Edition - US Residents
Amazon Kindle Edition - UK and other Residents
And if you are in one of these EU countries, you know what to do. Use your own country's amazon.

P.S: For those who don't know about Antonyms of a Mirage, click here to read about it, including the synopsis.