Are we guessing bloggers today? Yes? No?

Hello lovely bloggers. How are you all doing? I don't know if you have notice, but thanks Toinlicious, and my pain-in-the-neck sister, Honeydame, my twitterttitude had gotten better. Twitterttitude is my coined word for twitter attitude, Remember I created Blogtitude last year, when I was going through the mischievous phase of my life, in that interesting post that generated so many comments. Thank God I have now repented. I really should considering patenting these words, and maybe create a Blogsville dictionary, Our very own Blogspedia.

Anyway, I know my Twitterttitude can be better, but I am really not as interested as I am in Blogsville. Nigerian Blogsville is the bomb. I love it, love it, love it. My love for Blogsville is so string that I shout it from the rooftop every night, lol. In case you doubt how much I love Blogsville, just chill till December, and see what I and some other Blogsville lovers are cooking for you.

So before I go ahead to this week's edition of Guess the Blogger, someone left a comment on my post last week that she was tired of seeing this series every week, and I should space it, and I feel her. The thing is some other people have said they are really loving this series. It helps them to know other bloggers better, and they have a once in a life time opportunity to win my fabulous gift of N500 voucher, lol. I am also scared of spacing the series, cos then, I might not finish for a very very very long time. Yes, I have met loads of bloggers. Bite me. The good thing is many of them are now good friends of mine.

Because of this, I have decided to do a poll below, so you can let me know how we should go about it, because by fire, by force, I must finish this series o. I am not a quitter, lol.

Please, note before you vote, that I have been running once a week.

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So now to last week's answer and winner. Yes, it was no one other than Ibifiri Kamson. The first time I saw her physically, it was not to conduct any business, but to cry on her shoulders. Don't ask why, lol. She has remained a good friend since then. So congrats to glowingscenes. Please, send your number to

So onto this weeks blogger. It is so simple. If you don't get it, well, na you know o.

1. This is passionate about things that have to do with marriage, relationships, and all those stuffs
2. This blogger officially stopped her personal blog about two months ago, after she announced a great news
3. She was a very old-time blogger. Most of her blogger mates retired a long time ago.

So guess who, but not before remembering to vote on the poll above.

Thanks y'all.

Guess the Blogger - 9

Let me quickly make a disclaimer here. I know you might find this hard to believe, but contrary to what you may think, I don’t go around meeting bloggers randomly. Meaning, I don’t just call bloggers up, and say "Hey, wasup? I think we should get to see each other and know each other better, let’s hook up."

The truth is that for every single blogger I have met in Nigeria, there was a purpose, i.e we had a business to conduct together. Period. And from conducting business, we get to be friends. I guess what I am trying to say is I am not as friendly, warm, and charming as you think. I am mean. Very very mean. Can you see my red eyes? What is the colour? Red. Lol

For this case above, there are exceptions. Whenever I travel, in fact before I travel, I decide which blogger I want to meet, and we make arrangements. What can I say? I guess the I am friendly only when I am about to step outside the shores of Nigeria.

That being said, yea the answer to last week's edition is Michael Onobote. And for those Yoruba people wondering, just pronounce Onobote, as if you are pronouncing Onabote, like Onanuga, Onasoga, Ona, as in road. If you are not Yoruba, and don't understand its phonetics, don't even bother. I can assure you that you will fail, lol. So, congrats to Rainbowlove. You finally won an edition, lol. I will send your gift.

So here is Michael and I below. He is not anonymous.

So onto this week's blogger

1. She is a business woman, who sells something she makes her hands
2. She recently moved from blogger to wordpress
3. She married outside her tribe

Yes, it is a she, so that is an extra clue for you.

Guess who.

Guess the Blogger - 8


To be honest, I was thinking Toinlicious was gonna win this for a third time, because I was sure she knows the blogger, but a certain ‘theOOhj’ beat her up to it. And for all of you who were saying CDS, just because Sugabelly started it, all I will say is na wa for your Mob Mentality o.

So yes, the answer to last week's edition is P.E.T Projects. The clues were pretty straightforward. She is another anonymous blogger, so I can't put up her picture.

Onto this week's blogger.

1. In my opinion, this blogger is one of the laziest bloggers I know.
2. I attend a periodic event regularly with this blogger.
3. This blogger blogs with the real name. The first name is an English name, while the surname is a Yoruba name, but doesn't look like a Yoruba name.

Guess the Blogger - 7


Guess who’s on fire? Toinlicious. Yea. That's who. For the second time, she is a winner on this series. All you these bloggers won’t kill me sha. Sugabelly? For where? Does she stay in Lagos? Or from her blog posts you read, does she have a house I can keep going to, and not want to leave? Didn’t she always tell us that she had accommodation issues? Remember I mentioned when the series started that it will require us paying attention to details those bloggers put up in their posts. You guys just took the last clue and ran with it, while ignoring the others. If that is the case, why didn't you guys think of Sugarspring, Cherrywine, Honeydame, and all those funny sweet things people should not indulge in?

For the record, I’m not in love with Sugabelly, neither have I spoken to her before, lol.

But when it comes to Cherrywine. OMGosh, I am in love, lol. And yea, she’s cute and cuddly, and guys are blind. Bite me. She's an anonymous blogger, so I wouldn't be sharing the picture of her amazing cuteness.

Toinlicious, since you are a second-time winner, you know what to do.

Onto the next blogger…
1. She is not a retired blogger, but has been off blogger for some months now.
2. She lost her sister, and announced it on blogger, while she was still dealing with the loss.
3. Her blog name reminds us of a project some group of people do during NYSC, but is actually an abbreviation of her real name.

So guess who…

Guess the Blogger - 6

Thanks to everyone who passed condolence comments to me last week. I was really overwhelmed by the show of love from everyone. I really appreciate it. May God not cause us to see what will make us cry endlessly, and may we live long to fulfil our dreams on earth. May our lives not be cut short in our prime.

Now. Back to our series.

So... What a coincidence. The subject matter two editions ago, Doll, was the winner of last edition. I hope Gee will not be winning this one, because she is the blogger in question, and also known as Giagerry. Congrats Doll. Send your number to

So unto the next blogger.


When I met this blogger, it was love at first site. Seriously. We were like long lost friends that had been separated for 10 years, against their will.

1. This blogger is a proof that you should not believe what you read on blogger. In my opinion, she sounds kinda mean and blunt in her posts, lol. But when you see her, she's so so cute, and cuddly, like a teddy bear you don't want to ever let go. The fact that she's not yet married is a testament to the fact that many guys are blind.

2. I kinda dread seeing her. This is because if I plan seeing her for five minutes, I can spend two hours with her. The first time I met her, I realised we had so much in common, and had some mutual acquaintances. When we are together, we talk too much. That's the truth. There was a time she saw me off, and we spent about 45 mins under the sun, talking, after we got to the car. It didn't help matters that I was wearing a wool tunic in the hot afternoon, cos it had been very cold earlier that morning. Sure she must have been shaking her head, saying 'who's this bush girl?'

3. Her blog name reminds you of something you shouldn't over-indulge in.

So guess this blogger.