How my destination wedding almost got ruined

Hey guys, how's everything? Merry Christmas, and happy new year in advance. It feels so good to be back, even though I have just been gone for a week. It feels like I abandoned the blog forever. I really tried to blog last week, but the Internet where I was is a mess on all levels. My husband told me to just chill for that week, cos everyone would 'understand' why I missed the post.

So our destination wedding was a success in every aspect... except one. I have decided to do a series of posts about our destination wedding, destination weddings in general, and share a few tips on how to pull one off.

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent their wishes. Thank you very much for all your comments and kind words. I really appreciate them, from the bottom of my heart.

As for the wedding, we are back from the trip. If I could do it again, I would have had us stay longer... maybe till few days before new year.

The pictures did not tell lies at my Traditional Wedding

Hi guys, how are we all doing? Hope your holiday is going on strong. We are preparing for the final phase of the event happening this weekend.

The traditional wedding pictures are finally out. It was a great event. God came through for us in so many ways. Shout out to Major Works for capturing every single moment of the event. We got over 1200 pictures. Enjoy few of them.

Oh ma gosh... surprise surprise!

Hello everyone, how are we gearing up for the festive season, and rounding up 2017. I'm yet to put up a post about the traditional wedding, which was a great success, thank God. But for now, I don't have enough pictures to make a post out of it, so I want to wait a bit.

Yesterday, I planned to go out with BH, so we could clear out things on our to-do list. I was driving behind him, wondering where he was leading me to. We got to a restaurant, he led me to a private sitting. We opened the door, and right there, my date with BH came to an end before it even had the opportunity to statr.

Surprise surprise, it was my bridal shower.

To say I was shocked was an understatement.

I always think there's no way someone like me would have a bridal shower because my friends and not cohesive. So for them to find each other in different circles, and pull one for me... It seems so unbelievable. I'm still very shocked.

The theme of the event was afro, lol... to which some didn't adhere to.

Natural hair afro cake
This cake was made by Cakes (Berry's husband) factory, to think I was with Cakes the previous night, and he had this up his sleeves...