Why are some kids born of the devil himself?

There’s something I really want to hear your opinion about. It is the whole nature versus nurture argument. For a long time, I have always felt children are born blank, i.e. not good or bad, but then a series of events happen in their lives, right from the day they are born, and later how they choose to handle those situations determine whether they become good or bad. But now, I don’t hold on to this belief anymore.

One major reason I have ceased to believe that children are born blank is because of my neighbour’s kids, who are also my family friends. They have three kids, the oldest being about 8 years old, and I know when every single child in that family was born. They are a very balanced Christian family, and do all what they can to care for their kids. But you see, the first child, who is the only guy, he was born with a scowl on his face… no exaggeration. When he was a child between 0 and about 3 years old, this guy never smiled. Never! He was very very quiet, never talked to anyone, and never smiled. He looked wicked and unapproachable from the first day. Later in life, he had two younger ones, my sister came from US to Nigeria, and my cousin came to live with us. This means this guy, who is now 8 years old, has playmates, laughs and is very cheerful and playful.

But the thing is, that wickedness has not left him. He actually derives joy from seeing people suffer or in pain. Whenever he comes to my house, and I am punishing any of my younger ones, you can see the glee on his face. His joy comes from seeing his peers in pain. I know this because I have studied him over the years, since he was born. This gives me cause for worry, because I am afraid in future, he might end up hurting people deliberately, just so he could be happy and fulfilled. I know his parents discipline him well, and try their best. He is the only one in his family that is like that.

Then the second case is the popular family care pastor, Rob Parsons. He is the founder of Care for the family, in UK. I used to listen to him a lot, as a guest presenter on Focus on the Family. He has two children, Katie and Lloyd. According to him, Katie was born an angel, and had an angelic character all her early years. And Lloyd, he was born bad… in fact to come and torment their life. In his own words “Lloyd came out of the womb, smoking a cigar.” Now, this is even before the child has a chance to know what life is about, they’ve already formed their character, so it wasn’t about being born in a Christian home.

Now, here is the twist. When Katie got into late teens or so, she became a rebel, and walked out of her parents’ house, which had her parents crying to God for a couple of years or so, not having any idea where their daughter was. She became a very bad girl, but walked back in to her parent’s house one night when loads of people held vigil specially for her. And the guy that was born bad? He cooled down later in life, maybe like late teens or early twenties, I can’t remember. So the good became bad, due to her choices, and the bad became good, due to his choices. The two kids are now great, involved in Christian ministry work, and have their own families.

So now, if a child, from the first day, came to the world with the intention of making life hell for everyone around him, should he still be blamed for his choices? After all, he was born that way. Lol.

In conclusion, I no longer believe children are born blank, from the real life examples I have given here. I believe children are born with a certain personality, which can either be skewed towards the good or the bad. Plainly speaking, I believe it is possible that a particular child can be born with a character which poses a high risk of him being bad, and as such, must be trained with a different hand from a child than a child who was born with a high propensity for being good. As you know, these are just my opinions. I am no scientist or behavioural psychologist. Please, let me know what you think in the comment section.

Long-overdue photoshoot

So I finally did a long-ovedue photoshoot. I should have done this ages ago, but because of laziness, I didn't. It wasn't until I could no longer push it forward, thanks to a website I had to build, which needed some of these pictures, then I had to do it.

It was a great session, but really rushed. One thing is sure. I won't be using this photographer next time.

Damn shrinkage. My waist-length hair must be on display for you all to drool over, by fire by force, lol. Next time, I will go with a hairstylist that would later either stretch my hair out with thread or heat (I am already shuddering at the thought of applying heat to my hair).

I have loads and loads of them, but enjoy these few. Anyway, enjoy them. Lemme know the ones you like best

Not my hair. A picture of the cake Berry and Cakes
gifted me after much harassment and frustration
as a means of appreciation. More pics of hair below

The knife scar on my right cheek is
obvious here. Makes me look like a
village girl, lol.

Lemme know the ones you like best. Which is your fave?

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Launching my Spoken Word brand on Blogsville

As most of you know by now, I perform Spoken Word on a professional level. I am therefore wondering why none of you in blogsville has invited me to perform at any of your events.

I am offering a different kind of entertainment, guaranteed to BLOW YOUR MIND! Don't hesitate to call me to perform at your wedding, events, conferences, concerts, funeral grandparent's funeral, etc.

I recently launched my Spoken Word Website. Please, click here to check it out, and let me know what you think about it. You will find many things about my Spoken word life there, including pictures, videos, and all.

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If you want to be a thief...

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I noticed one evening that I had not seen the house help my mum brought into the house just a week earlier. I really don't understand why she brought a house help, cos we were doing just fine without one. Anyway, I digress. So I asked my sister if the girl was no more around. My sister told me she was no more around. I was confused as to why, since she had just spent a week. 

Upon probing further, I learnt that it was because her brother, who was serving as a help to my grandmother, "ran away with some of my grandmother's things." I was alarmed. I was like "What kind of people are these?" Just less than a week, he stole from an old woman, and ran away.

So my mum asked the girl for her phone, to seize it, with the intent of returning the phone to the girl when their parents come to Lagos to see my mum. My mum told the girl that she wants the phone in case the guy calls her or they are conniving for something. The girl refused to give my mum the phone, and my mum sent her packing. This was the way my sister and cousin narrated the gist to me.

I was like na wa o. So what did the guy steal and run away with?

I asked "What did he steal?"

"La casera and..." My cousin started.

"Wait, wait. What?" I was trying to hold myself from laughter. As I type this now, I am losing it.

"Lacasera and Viju milk."

"Lacasera and Viju milk?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.


"He ran away with Lacasera and Viju milk? That is all?"

"And some of Maami's meat."

When I heard meat, I couldn't hold myself again. I just released it. My sister and my cousin started laughing along with me.

"How many Lacasera?" I asked. At least, it would make sense if it was like 10 cartons he ran away with, so he could go and sell them and start a business.

"Like 4 Lacasera and Viju milk." My cousin said.

To be honest, I think they are following the guy from the village they came from. They sent you to come to Lagos to work. Four days later, you steal and run away. And you didn't even steal TV, gold, money, diamond, or even phone sef. You stole Lacasera, Viju milk, and meat, and ran away. And you feel like you are a baddo. I want to believe this guy is nothing less than 23  years old, from what I saw what I met him. And he can't even steal sensibly. Kpschewww

In order news, I want to quickly do one blogsville gbeborun. Recently, this realisation just hit me. As you guys know, I have met many bloggers in person, and I have found out one thing. Do you know that a lot of these blogsville people come from rich families?

Don't say it is me that said it o, cos you did not hear it from my mouth sha.