Do I have a double winner? Keep guessing.

Haa, na wa for you blogsville people o. So that simple thing last week, you guys could not guess correctly. Okay, I will add one giveaway clue, and I believe you should all get it after this. The only contention would be the first person.

So as for the blogger I talked about last week, one more clue is that…

She is sort of a celeb blogger.

Now guess who.


Unto this week’s blogger, here are the clues
1. I personally call this blogger a Drama Queen. Her blog seems to radiate its own kind of energy
2. She sort of works for me
3. Think of a Yoruba name for a Nigerian meal.

Now guess who

If you are guessing the two bloggers, guess it in the order I asked, such as Number 1 blogger is, Number 2 blogger is…

You can decide to guess only one of them, but state the particular blogger you are guessing, 1 or 2.
And if one person wins the both bloggers? Now, that would be a treat!


  1. 1. Sisi yemmie

    2. Berry dakara.

  2. People haff gerrit. Late comer, Me.

  3. How could you have left out that important clue for last week's own en Atilola? smh

    I think Tamie's answers are right though :)

  4. Shebi I said if @Toin doesn't know the answer to last week's question no one one got the you dropped another hint and she answers the question.

    Toin, I doff my cap abi na hat for you oh...Toin kan, blogville kan...*in Jenifa's voice*

    1. Ehhhm, she didn't answer the question for this week. She only 'thinks' someone's answers are correct.

  5. I think 1) is Sisi Yemmie

    2) I'll wait for expo in this one. Lol


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