Is Matchmaking risky? How matchmaking worked for me in Marriage

If you have heard about my marriage story, you will know that there are a lot of divine and interesting things about it, including the fact that I was matchmade.

I have always been open to matchmaking. I think it is a more interesting, direct, and less stress path to meeting a potential future partner.

Unfortunately, many people, especially women, are not as open to it because they feel is passes across the message of desperation. If you are having problem meeting and connecting with people, there is no shame in asking for help, as long as you are sincere with yourself.

In this video, I talk about important things to note if you are considering meeting people through matchmaking. It can be interesting, adrenaline-filled, but risky, if not done correctly, sincerely, and with the right intentions.

I have also interjected with some of my own personal experiences, both good and bad.

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