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Hi everyone, I really enjoy being part of blogsville family and you all have come to be a vital part of my life, believe it or not. So I feel it is the respectable thing to do when I make minor changes.

After some deliberation, I have decided to change the title of my blog from 'Light of the World' to what it is now. This is the decision I came to when I considered the practicality against other people's conception of my blog from the title, if you understand what I mean.

I am two posts away from my 100th post. I know I should cover my eyes in shame since I have been blogging for two years and I am just reaching 100 and have only 50 followers. I really don't know why this is, maybe you people can source for followers for me, cos I believe I am a blog friendly person, lol. Niways, back to the point of this paragraph, I don't really know how this works but I believe I am supposed to do something special for my 100th post. Experienced bloggers, please suggest what I can do to celebrate, cos I like having blog fun.

As I have been telling Naijamum, I have been having problem using my blog ID to comment on people whose comment boxes are embedded on the blog webpage, but I can still use my ID to comment on the two other types of comment boxes (the pop-up and the one that takes you to another page entirely). So what I do is that, I use the name option to comment and link it to my blog. It so annoying and tiring, but since you are all my blog family, it is something I must do. Please, if you have had any problem of this nature, help a sister out.

Finally, I will be going to Minna tomorrow and spending about ten days there. I went back to Kano two weeks ago, but I did not tell you guys because I only spent few days there and it was not adventurous, so there was nothing to tell. The problem with this Minna trip is that my Internet provider said they do not have coverage in Minna, they only have in Suleja which is another town in Niger State. Can you imagine, why won't you have connection in a state capital? Even my CDMA phone company is telling me the same thing, only Suleja. What that will mean is that I might not be able to connect to the Internet on my PC for almost two weeks. That is so sad, I will miss you guys but will do my blog rounds when I get back.

It does not mean you shouldn't drop the comments on the suggestions and help I need, I am so desperate for them this time. Please, drop them cos I get them instantly on my email on Blackberry. It is just that that I don't to read blogs on it, as I feel the words are too tiny.

Thanks so much, I love you all, and I aint exaggerating.


  1. First safe Journey, GOD be with you.

    Yea, i have read about you complaining about it in 9jamum's blog...dunno if it's blogspot.com problem?

    on your 100th post? my observation in blogsville is that bloggers makes it special by revealing something about themselves or Q&A...well, just do YOU.

    On the new title, it's self explanatory..weldone...take care and i pray for the ANGELS OF PROTECTION AND FAVOUR BE WITH YOU IJN...AMEN :D

  2. Have a safe trip. Don't have a clue about the comments thing, sorry. I feel you on the internet thing, hope your phone company is wrong and they do have coverage there, or something.Take care.

  3. Safe journey
    I pray you have a safe and peaceful journey.
    As for 100th post. WOW
    That's real commitment. I havent even reached 40 :))
    Take care

  4. Have a safe trip. I'm looking forward to the 100th post. Surprise us... :D

  5. Be safe while you're up North.

    I suggest you do a random post touching on any or everything you can think of.
    I experience that problem too and i end up losing comments i've taken time out to compose. Most times i just sign my name below the comment and post as anonymous!

  6. Have a safe trip :)
    congrats on ur soon to be 100th post..I kinda agree with ibhade abt the Q&A or giveaway(tickets to naija will be good ;)..lol

  7. I think that you should mark your 100th post by revealing to us:

    1. Your favourite post you've ever put up. Tell us the reason why it's ur so close to your heart

    2. Your least favourite post i.e the one you look back on and think what on earth was i thinking?! lol

    3. The one post you read on a blog and thought to yourself. Darn, i wish i'd written that! : )

    Cheers and have a safe journey

  8. I had same problem of not being able to leave comments too, few days ago, I googled it & came up with a soln that worked for me:
    Before login, untick the 'stay signed in' box. I hope it works for you.
    As per ur 100th post, u could make urself available to answer any question ur blog friends wld like to know about u e.g. 'Have U done it?'...lol, just kidding.


  9. aww this is a vewi sweet post!! and dnt beat yourself up for jst almost getting to your 100th post, it doesnt mean a thing.
    I love you too my blogsville familia :) and have fun in minna(what u doin there though?)

  10. @ Ibhade: thanks so much. as for what I will do for my 100th post, I have already decided what to do.

    @ justjoxy: Thanks, the phone company was right, they don't have coverage here. I am using the hotel's wireless connection, which isn't fantastic

    @ Naijamum: Thanks. So you haven't reached 40? I guess its because you are still relatively new

    @ Unveilinggold: Thanks. I have already determined what to give away

    @ Prism: Thanks. Although, I doubt that I will be surprisng you as I have decided to do something commonly done

  11. @ PET Projects: Thanks, I have already decided what I am going to do. As for the comment thing, I have been able to rectify it. therealworld's comment helped me. You should read it up somewhere below yours

    @ Beautiful: thanks

    @ Mimi B: Thanks for the suggestions and safety wish

    @ therealworld: In fact, you have been able to solve my problems. Thanks so much cos the comment suggestion worked ASAP

    @ kitkat: Awww, you are so sweet. I am at a client site in Minna, working myself away. Its quite hectic. Thanks for asking

  12. You are such adarling...and it is a pleasure knowing you.
    Irrespective of the title, I still enjoy ypur write-ups. Have fun in Minna


  13. Journey mercies, Sis.
    Thanks for your constant visit to my blog even when I failed to see your comments. I've rectified it now.

    By the way, I'd encourage you participate actively in the Nigerian Blog Awards; that way, your blog would get nominations and possibly win an award...

    Looking forward to your 100th post :)

    - LDP

  14. @ Honeydame: Awww, this is so sweet, you make me wanna cry

    @ LDP: Thank God you finally rectified. Thanks for the advice, though I did not plan to participate before, I will surely do so now

  15. Try to have some fun doll:D


  16. Congrats on the almost 100th post. Lol. I wish you the best in Minna also, have fun.


  17. Just stopped in to present you with a SUNSHINE AWARD. Please go to my page, read the last paragraph (BLOG AWARD)on the post PICTURE OBSERVATIONS. Click on SUNSHINE AWARD and it will take you to my award page, there you can save it and post it on your blog. Congratulations. Please remember to pass it on.


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