Who's Standards?

I have noticed a recent trend, people are getting so impatient with few people that call themselves Christians and their attitude does not show it in any way. Because of this, they have chosen to label all young Christians as hypocrites. Such that if one comes out to say one is a virgin, people not say anything to the person but in their minds, they will say ‘hypocrite’, ‘who cares?’, ‘after all you have done all sorts with your fiancĂ©e’, it does not matter whether they know the person or not, they just generalise. It is not impressive that nowadays, a young Christian trying to do right and live holy is not being encouraged but gets cold responses just because of a few bad eggs have given young Christians a bad name.

What about pastors? Many pastors are not true to themselves and have the ‘face of Janus’ as Ibhade will put it. Does that mean all pastors have suddenly become bad? Does that mean all pastors that dress well and drive good cars are now prosperity preachers that have discounted the message of salvation? It is so bad now that no matter the conversation being held, some people have a way of shifting the blame to pastors, even if it has nothing to do with them. When politics is being discussed, they will blame pastors, if it is marriage problems, they will blame pastors, what of poverty, they will blame pastors. I am not saying one should not blame pastor, but please be specific about the pastor you are blaming during discussions. For example, don’t just say ‘pastors are responsible for the bad government in Nigeria because they are keeping quiet and sending their children to good schools with the congregations offering’, let us be specific while accusing. Some people that used to go to church even decided to stop because some pastor disappointed them by falling. I ask, was your faith in the pastor or in God? If the situation was really bad, why don’t you pack your load to another church? Why discount all pastors and stop going to church because of one or two pastors. I can understand if you say you don’t think going to church is important, but most of them say going to church is no more important just because pastors are disappointing and fake. So logically, when pastors were sincere, going to church was important but now that pastors are ‘fake’, going to church is no more important. Is the church the bride of the pastor or the bride of Jesus?

Another thing I like to talk about is the people that talk by faith. If one wants to talk by faith and say ‘I am well’ when one is sick or ‘I am rich’ when one is broke, I don’t think it should be a problem. If one’s faith can carry it, then one should go ahead. The bible says ‘You shall have what you say’ and those people want to have good health and prosperity so they have chosen to speak it. I see no reason why people, especially some Christians should find it annoying. It is okay if one doesn’t believe in it, but one being ‘annoyed’ by it is too extreme. Proverbs 18:21 says death and life lie in the power of the tongue and those that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Do those people get results? Yes, they do. The truth is that those words energize their faith which makes them believe more and work towards what they desire. To them, it is very simple while to some people, it is some complex shizzle that I don’t even want to begin to explain. I, personally, don’t go on saying I am rich when I am broke, that is because I am not the kind of person that talks about my circumstances to anyone at all. What I do is that I try not to speak negative words when I find myself in unfavourable circumstances. I just try to stay calm and speak positive decrees into the spiritual realm when I am praying, although it might not be easy at times, especially when the situation is so overwhelming.

As I always say, humans are so fickle and we should never live by what pleases people or their standards, because that means we will keep changing to please them. I realized this a long time ago and I have always been a highly misunderstood person, so I am not exactly the kind of person to ‘send’ people’s opinions. I owe no one explanation about the way I live my Christian life because no one set a standard for me, God did.

It is a pity that we live in a world where the Normal become Abnormal and Abnormal has become Normal. So to live upright in this world, whose standard are we to live by? Is it the standard of the people that think all virgins are hypocrites or all pastors are bad? Or is it the standard of the religious fanatics that think my skinny jeans or drooping ear rings is the highway to hell? The truth is that if we depend on people’s opinions, confusion is bound to set in. my advice: search the scriptures and read the word in order to clear the confusion. So I ask again, who’s Standards? God’s standard.

I will appreciate as many comments as I can get on this post and please you do not have to agree with me in anything. After all it is not my standard. Thanks


  1. In reference to your question - "So I ask again, who’s Standards? God’s standard."

    The problem is that even something which will seem so simple to say as those two words - "God’s standard" - is often interpreted and manipulated by human beings. And more often than not, people would like to interpret the standards as close as possible to how they live. They don't have to, but rarely will you see people who assert themselves as Christians who will be bold to say they are not living by those standards. So, they add or chip away to "secure" themselves within the confines of those standards.

    Let every man be true to himself but truth is that "Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity."

    The Christian walk is a very personal walk and one is ultimately accountable to God. When the time comes, it's every person for him/herself and (not disregarding grace and mercy) the explanation for what one considers to be His standards for His Word better be good.

  2. OS has said it all.
    'The Christain walk is a very personal walk...'GBAM

    I cant even add a word.
    OS, thank you.

  3. Truly OS has said everything i was coming to say and more. I actually commented about this very topic elsewhere recently- can't really think where. But basically everyone has to stand alone on judgment day so i don't put much stock into other people's standards. Truth be told im not even a big fan of church, im more concerned with my personal relationship with God and trying to live my own life as a better Christian. Indeed, the Christian walk is a personal one!

  4. Wow! we must be in the 'spirit' sister becox i just wrote a post about the church titled 'CHURCH BUSINESS'...hehehheee...thanks for the mention dear..do appreciate it.....to your questions: NOPE i don't blame ALL the pastors for problems but SOME pastors...as per the virginity issue? WHO IS A VIRGIN? The dictionary says ANYBODY THAT HAS NOT HAVE ANY SEXUAL INTERCOURSE....which means ORAL SEX is permissible? But how does the bible describes who a virgin is? IT SAYS ONLY A HUSBAND SHOULD SEE THE NAKEDNESS OF HIS WIFE AND THE MATRIMONIAL BED SHOULD NOT BE DEFILED AND WE SHOULD KEEP THE 'TEMPLE' HOLY... so after a round of ORAL sex that involves sucking, kissing grinding, caressing, rubbing against each other until one cums, WOULD SUCH PERSON STILL CONSIDER HIM/HERSELF A VIRGIN?...that should be the question...people snicker behind their backs because they 'see & 'know' they do it but come out forming 'holy' that is why they say they are hypocrites.

  5. On the 3rd question , IT'S GOD'S STANDARD....for the bible says we should work out our own salvation with trembling and fear, because on the day of judgement EVERYBODY WOULD BEAR HIS /HER NAME..chikena! BUT the bible admonishes us that we should no do what would cause our fellow brethren to fall into sin, for GOD would hold such person responsible, more like requiring his/her blood from you! So we have to be careful even when we are expressing our individual 'worship' to GOD ALMIGHTY...SOME are stronger than the older..and need to grasp hold of a firm stick to stand upright, just as a baby learning how to stand and then walk..they NEED support and look for SOMETHING to hold unto before pulling themselves up and when about to walk, they would fall several times but with the 'supportive hands' from people around they would get their courage and balance to take more steps before they are 'confident' enough to walk without support {hope my analogy explains my POV}....as we look up to CHRIST our role model and named after him :CHRISTIANS...so likewise look up to the representatives of CHRIST {pastors} who are the custodians of the faith..until they are 'strong' enough to 'walk' on their one.....let me stop here before i write a post on it..:D Weldone sis..an insightful post..have a blessed weekend.

  6. I feel you, but i must say sometimes it is hard to talk by faith when you are in some situations... but the devil is a liar.. if na by fight one go use faith talk am.. let the fight begin.. nice one. x

  7. Osheee ooo, my dear.
    This was a much needed address, then again not everyone cares to be quite frank.

    It's a prayer point that people find out who Jesus is themselves and then begin to live by his standard cuz truthfully our words are really just mere words. The Lord would build his church and hopefully someday many of us would embrace the very essence of Christianity being about Christ and not about Pastors/Christians or any other Tom, Dick or Harry that majority have chosen to align as standards for themselves.

    I'm glad we're at least on the same page.
    Duly addressed

  8. OS thank ‎​you!

    @tilola... GOD's standard. Doesn't matter who says what,our convictions must be based on God's mind always.
    Btw...He can allow ‎​you "discern the body(of believers),and not to eat meat if it causes your brethen to sin BUT let the counsel of God stand always!

  9. @ Chizzy D: Thanks

    @ OS: Yes, its a personal walk, so we should all be true to ourselves

    @ Naijamum: Thanks

    @ LadyNgos: Welcome to my blog, thanks for dropping by.

  10. @ Ibhade: As for the virgins, I am not talking of the hypocrites, I am talking of the fresh ones who are still pure, I think they should be encouraged, not people rolling eyes at them. Surely, they can't all be hypocrites.
    Thanks for stating your POV. Interesting as usual

    @ angelsbeauty: Thanks so much, faith is not easy, but it becomes easier when we have much of the word in us, since faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

    @ H: Thanks so much. The faith should indeed be in God and not Man.

    @ enybees-Hub: True that. We should consider the other body parts whem doing things.

  11. This is interesting, i didnt know people made fun of virgins.

  12. Oh yeah, very well written. The only standards you should live by are God's. And yeah, despite all the rubbish going on in churches, we shouldn't generalize. In the end, it's you and God, we are all On Our Own


  13. Ibhade made a point though. Something I've been ruminating about and wanted to talk about for a while, and I just might blog about it. <RE: virginity. Thanks for that, lol. S.O kinda summarized all of our opinions on this issue though. your walk with God is a very personal walk. However, if I may say something. We don't go around saying that with a sense of pride. Truth is even though it's personal, we are still liable to authorities, and we must hold ourselves accountable to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (includes the Pastor - we are all the same in the sight of God). However, God has put some people to "rule" over us. I looked up now, and I think I'm kinda reiterating what Ibhade said, but that's what I honestly feel about it. It's a personal, while at the same time a communal walk. Just like any other family, there are bound to be differences, and there are, but issues can be resolved in ways without anyone having to think, because it is a personal walk, then "I think I know God's ways better than anybody elses" ,or "I'll do it my way because it's between me and God anyways" Humility (even when it goes against us, our wills, desires and wants) is also strongly encouraged in the Bible. #myrantover, #forgiveme, lol.

  14. @ Chizzy D: Yes, people do. People like Ibhade and some other bloggers. They feel most of them are hypocrites

    @ Corner Shop: Nope, we will not generalize as I attribute generalization to shallowness

    @ aeWHYoh: You are forgiven lol. I like your points. Let me know when you do a post on this

  15. Funny i was generally talking about Christianity issues with a friend just yesterday. I think the world is advancing and people are moving along with its advancements and ideologies. However, most Christians forget that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. No matter how we change, he can never change therefore it is his standards we should use and not that of any church or any pastor.Virgins are not being celebrated because it is the norm now to be a non virgin. However I can only encourage people that are still virgins to hold on. The person that is calling you a hypocrite is probably wishing they did not throw away their virginity. There will always be people soiling things for genuine Christians but what can we do except shine the more? Paul said that he may plant the seed and someone else may water but it is only God that can make it grow. To me, in this case, it means that we should just keep living the truth. There will always be people who will talk or want to discourage but as long as we have lived and spoken the truth, its not up to us to change them but its God that does that. We can only just keep praying...Lol.I get very passionate when i start talking about faith so let me just stop here before i ramble on and on.Btw thanks for stopping by my blog and following..i've reciprocated

  16. lol.i added a 'wink' but it dint show so let me replace it with a smiley :-D

  17. Okaaaay! After how long, I've finally been able to write the post on this! Check it out on my blog, and let me know what you think. Thanks.

  18. well written,, well said..

    this christian walk is a personal one. That means God's standard for every day life is relative..e.g the Holyspirit might tell a lady to stop wearing trousers or earrings.(just a random example) doesn't mean she shld be judged or she shld judge others.

    One I know of personally, a friend told me God told her to stop drinking coca cola- doesnt mean if i drink coke, i should now judge her because of that, or she should judge me?

    as long as we are working out our salvation and walking in obedience we are good to go!


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