Sunshine Award

Yayyy, I was given the Sunshine Award by four lovely bloggers. Rhapsody, Naijamum, Ibhade and P.E.T Projects. They claim that my blog has brought sunshine to their lives. I really appreciate this from you guys. Thanks so much.

I am now supposed to tag ten other bloggers in this and inform them, I won't be tagging the four bloggers that tagged me for obvious reasons. Before I do this, I just want to let you all know that you have your blog posts have brought sunshine to my life. I have learnt so much from you all and I am now addicted to all your posts. I am officially in love... with blogsville. I really don't know why but I can hardly go a day without blogsville.

So here we go,

Kitkat- Addicted blogger that has gone on a little break. Lovely posts that remind me of my teenage days

Sisi Yemmie- OMG! Comedian Number 1. Blogsville won't be the same without you.

H: Best personal blog!

Maid of Heart: You inspire me so much, and you are a lovely writer

Le Dynamique Professor: My best motivational blog. One has no reason to fail after entering a mind like yours

Prism of an Immigrant: A bundle of raw talents, you are. Keep it coming

9jaFOODie: No wife has an excuse to fail in the kitchen if she follows you.

Naijalines: You have something I want, HER SON!

Unveiling Gold: I am still learning from your experiences.

Beautiful: You know I know you and I know your school. You better come back, else I'll fish you out.

Thank you all for bringing sunshine to my life

I am out


  1. Awwwwwwwww **dancing Makosa**** Thanks much for the nudge, means a lot :)

  2. YaaY so happy for u!! i received 1 too. "singing" This little light of mine,i`m gonna let it shine"

  3. We say you deserve it, cause truely... YOU DO!
    Savour the moment girl!

  4. Your blog is always so positive, so congrats.

  5. You want Ore ehn? Get the crude oil business we discussed and I will add your name to his long list of admirers. Seriously you know I like you gaan. So the age difference is not a problem o. How old you be sef? Whisper it to me jare. Na modern world we dey, lol.

    Thanks for tagging me. You certainly deserve the sunshine award. Who I go tag now? Almost everyone I want to tag has either given me the award or been tagged already.

  6. Congratulations!

    *laughs* @ wants HER SON & 9jalines reply.

    Yes o, no wife has an excuse to fail in the kitchen with 9jafoodie around o :D

  7. Love your description of the bloggers.

    More sunshine to you and yours

  8. Awww....thx dear.
    I'm flattered.

    Will get around to this as soon as time permits.


  9. @9jaFOODie: Lol at makossa. You are such a joker

    @ DIDI: Thanks, we are gonna keep on shining.

    @ P.E.T Projects: Awww, thanks

    @ Myne: I think that is the greatest compliment I have received in a while. It is nice to stay positive

  10. @ Ibhade: Thanks. Yes o, after all, I want fine children and the guy is fine

    @ Naijalines: Just mid-twenties o. I am not too old naa. After all, there's nothing new under the sun

    @ Naijamum: Thanks you and Amen

    @ H: Yeah, we are waiting for yours.

  11. Hearting Didi's song-comment
    This lil' light of mine, I 'm gonna make it shine :)

    Keep shining lady!

  12. Congrats! Since I started following ur blog, I av enjoyed each read.......n true, blogsville has become dear to me too :)

  13. Congrats.

    Off-point: Read your comment on a blog about natural hair link-up in Nigeria, so sending you this blog as she is in Nigeria:

  14. Thank you for the award.... :=D

    Have a sunshine filled weekend.

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog...I have to find time to read the blog from the beginning...

    So far, I love what I have read.

  16. @ Ginger: Thanks for dropping by

    @ Omoregeee: Awww, thanks so much. I really appreciate

    @ os: Thanks so much. I visited the blog. It is nice but it is not a strictly natural hair for nigerian women blog, which is what I am looking for

    @ Prism: Thanks

    @ Lara: Thanks, I hope you read the all. lol

  17. Awww this is lovely! Congratulations :D You do bring loads of sunshine :D


  18. Oh my goodness... I thought I'd commented on this post. So I guess I lost the comment.

    Congrats Sis. I've come to like u more since the day I saw u in an Arsenal jersey *wink* haha. *fellow gunner*

    Aww... thank you for the mention and kind words. I appreciate you immensely... God bless you so much.

    - LDP

  19. @ The Corner Shop: thanks

    @ Stelzz: Thanks

    @ LDP: Ha, I am not a fellow gunner o. My fiancee is the 'fellow gunner'. He makes sure we both have the current jersies. Maybe you should divert the affections to him. lol


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