No be me...

Lately, I have come to realize the importance of education and God's grace in this life. I know a lot of people with whom I grew up in the same area and now the difference between them and I is as clear as crystal, just because they only managed to finish secondary school either due to laziness or lack of funds. Many of them opted to learn a trade while some just stayed at home. I am so thankful to God that my parents gave me an opportunity to go to school. When our parents used to tell us to work hard when we were young, we thought they were being too harsh but now we know better.

Some other people furthered their education but went to colleges of education and polytechnics. It is a sad reality that Nigerian employers still discriminate against graduates from the aforementioned institutions. Some also finished from universities, but managed to finish with pass. So secondly, I thank my parents for making sure I went to university and I thank God for giving me the grace to finish with good results.

Some people went to universities and finished with average results but could not get a good job on time or at all, maybe because they could not pass job aptitude tests or could not defend their results or for whatever reasons that I cannot explain. The standard of education has really fallen in Nigeria. Only the federal universities are seriously trying to maintain good standard of education, but the peanuts the government is paying lecturers is not making it easy for them at all. Anyway, for this, I thank God for giving me a good paying job immediately after graduation.

I have been thinking of writing this post for a while, but what made me actually take the step is that I went to the office canteen sometime back and I looked up, only to see a former neighbour of mine. He was a classmate of my senior brother in primary school and we always came back home from school together. He later went to a boarding secondary school, I think he went to one of those eastern universities or polytechnics, I am not sure. Niways, we greeted each other well and I asked if he was working in the canteen, to which he replied in the affirmative. You see, he was working for the caterer and was about to pack the plates that my colleagues used to eat when I saw him. Here I was, a 'professional' in my own field being served and cleared after by my old school mate. Now, it is clear that it is just because of God’s grace that I am where I am right now but sometimes I fail to thank God.

I just thank God for his grace and mercy and for elevating me, because it is not by my power but by the Spirit of the Lord.


  1. I really thank God for making my parents empty their resources to send me to a good school and making me pass with good grades too.
    I know a colleague that hawks and I feel bad whenever I see him,and I think the reason why all these colleges of education and polytechnics are underrated is because they are actually sub-standard.
    Ermm,I saw some typos,wouldn't mention it but it made the post sound funny,check it out.

  2. Never forget His Kindness dear girl. I always feel humbled when I see old classmates who life has dealt a different hand through no fault of theirs. It is his Grace that I am where I am. nothing else.

  3. The grace of God has been abundant, we really can't say thank you enough. Others who do not have are reminders of how much we ought to be grateful.

    Thank God.
    I'm glad you are thankful and I'm glad you shared, cuz we tend to take the grace of God for granted, forgetting that things could be way worse.

  4. Very true girl. A lot of times we take things for granted because our 'parents' were able to provide them for us. Sometimes we don't also sit back to count our blessings until we see where God has brought us through the eyes or situations of others. It really is not our doing or because we are better than the next person but it is God's grace and mercies that lead us aright. Thank God for his blessings..

  5. Thank God for family and strenght to finish school..Congrats and thanks for reminding to always remember the goodness of God upon my life..

  6. We Just can`t Thank God enough. This is inspiring.

  7. Today in church, the pastor was talking about how a classmate of his was a bus conductor.
    Indeed it is not of him that willeth or runneth, but of God that shows mercy.

  8. waoh! I thank God too for where I's so not by my power or might.

    Congrats on your job.

    Thank God for education, and for parents who valued education...

  9. God is indeed faithful! His grace is amazing, I thank God for you!!!

  10. Thank God for your parents, education and the fact that you listened to them

    In whatever level we find ourselves, we must remain humble because most of us are a few pay checks and a few misfortunes short of poverty.

    Some wealthy business people have lost all after a deal went wrong. Similarly, some professionals have lost all after a serious professional mistake or illness.

    Life is strange. However, humility is key because no one knows tomorrow.

  11. Thank YOU is by YOUR GRACE.....i rejoice & thank GOD with you sister...indeed it's not by our power or might or strength but by HIS MERCIES.

  12. @ gretel: I think you should have mentioned them. Are you sure they are typos? cos I used spell check. Methinks they are more of grammatical errors. Niways, I have corrected some, if you can still find more, feel free to point them out to me. Thanks so much

    @ Ginger: Yes, its all God's grace

    @ H: Thank God it ministered to you

    @ Stelzz: some people don't have responsible parents, so they have to rely on God's grace

  13. Thanks so much for coming to my blog. Thank God for His grace. It makes provisions available, orders our steps, helps us to accomplish tasks and sets us apart.

  14. Amen! God lifts people up and He puts them down. I glad He elevated you :-)

  15. @ Unveilinggold: Yes o, we all need to remember from time to time

    @ DIDI: Thanks

    @ Gbemisoke: Really? Then it must be more than a coincidence

    @ JustDoyin: Thanks,though this post is not testifying about the job cos I have been working for a while

  16. @ Blessing: Yes, He is

    @ Naijamum: Humility is the watch word cos at the snap of a finger, God cam choose to bring down anyone.

    @ Ibhade: Yes o. Muscles don't work in these cases

    @ Mis Onakz: That is a very wonderful definition of grace

    @ The Old Geezer: I am also glad that He elevated me... and you also

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  18. Oh I align with Naija mum's comment.

    Thank God for giving us the ability to realise our purpose on earth. While going to school or getting an education is good,I'm blessed and thankful to know what he wants ‎​​me to do. Truly some graduated with good grades yet walk around for years without an excellent job while some didn't have the best yet earn millions...
    in all I thank God that we can acknowledge what he's done in our lives.

  19. This is one more reason for you to be thankful... one more point to remember when a little cloud shows up in your sky... God is indeed faithful to HIS words hence HE has brought you to life and through challenges!

  20. Well said! Education + the grace of God. There are people who finished with first class in accredited universities that don't have jobs.

  21. It is not only nigeria that people suffer from lack of education or crappy ones.
    It is almost in all of Africa.

    But when you look at where you are now and where you could have been, then you have to thank God first of all, because you are in noway better than any of them.

    I hope this realisation helps you appreciate your parents more than you already do.

    Lovely post.. thank you for checking out my blog.
    I am not a permanent resident on your blog x

  22. It's always good to look back with a heart of gratitude. Sincerely, I look at myself and tell myself a thousand times that the difference between me and those hawkers lavishing away on the streets of Nigeria, is nothing but the right opportunities and God's mercies. I'm forever grateful to him.

  23. Na God o! We no sharp pass anybody!

  24. The more i grow, the more i realize everything na God ooo, no be me at all at all!

  25. @ Enybees: Whatever the position we find ourselves, it is due to God's grace

    @ PET Projects: Yes, we always face challenges along the way, but God still brings us through it all.

    @ 9JaFOODie: Such is the reality of the situation in Nigeria

    @ MsNana: Yes, it helps me appreciate them more. So you mean the standard of education is falling in other African countries? I never knew. Thanks for dropping by and following

  26. @ MsJB: Very true, cos it is still God that made those opportunities come our way

    @ Emeka: yes o

    @ Chizzy D: Growth brings self realization. I never knew you understand pidgin.

  27. Now tell me; why won't people leave for another country and desert their own motherland? It's a shame and a disgrace to our country. Funny enough, we pride that we're the giant of Africa while in reality its been a tale of retrogression in our education sector for decades now. The decadence of the output of our higher education system is bemoaning and disgraceful. My research on Nigeria's higher education so I have the statistics.

    It is a miracle to get into a Nigerian University and finish. Not to talk of the time you finished. I left Nigeria after my 200L and my mates only finished last year while I was already in my second year of PhD... very sad!

    It is well... I can talk about this issue of education forever!

    - LDP

    PS: I have checked my blog stats, it hasn't changed. I don't know what to do... keep bearing with me till I know k? God bless you dear.

  28. We thank God for his blessings in our lives. It is a sad story though. A very sad one. It's got me thinking since I read it yesterday. Couldn't comment at the time. When people with Masters degrees are becoming is difficult to maintain a positive perspective on the situation in Nigeria.

  29. I really value this very post
    I am happy you know it is simply the grace of God and I can assure you that because you have acknowledged that grace, THAT SAME GRACE WILL TAKE YOU FAR IN LIFE....

    Sis, it pays to simply thank God for the things he has done in anticipation of the ones he will also do...

    I am also grateful to God that even though I am not where I want to be, I am not where I used to be and it is only grace that has brought me thus far...


  30. I'm glad you know and appreciate the Grace of God in your life. And that Grace will continually speak for you wherever your feet steps... I'm grateful too lord!

  31. @ LDP: You sound very angry. I know that the situation of the education in Nigeria is really bad. However, we can only hope for the best and lean on God's grace

    @ Naijalines: Really, that masters case really sounds extreme. I believe we all have choices to make and she made her choise.

    @ Omoba adeteju: Thanks for seeing things in another light. I will surely thank God in anticipation

    @ Amazing thots: I say a big AMEN to that. and also for you too

    @ Laurenta: Na God o

  32. Thank God for His grace on your life. And may God continue to make all grace abound to you.

  33. This is a very true post because honestly, no be us oh, nah God through and through.

    Wow at the classmate story

    PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  34. Its by His grace alone......

    Considering odds, anything could av happened, but He makes all things work together for our good.

    Bless God for u!

  35. @ os: Amen. Thanks, and your too

    @ Muse Origins. Yes o, it is all about God. Changes notes

    @ Omoregee: Yes, anything could have happened. I believe everything that happens to me is working together for my good

  36. Sad story. God is faithful.... but in all circumstances we will continue to thank God and remain humble like NIL said.

  37. #word! Thank God!


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