If I were a Boy

I know Lady NGO had done a post on this, but the truth is that I already had this in draft and considered publishing it after hers. I finally decided to go ahead since our posts are different

When I was younger, I used to wish I was a boy and at some point, I was a tom boy but later I wholly embraced being feminine.

Over some time in my years on earth, I have noticed some characters in me which has made me conclude that God did me a big favour by not creating me as a male. It would have been a disaster. In the days I used to wish I were a boy, I would say ‘If I were a boy, I would have been a very fine boy and girls will be tripping all over for me’. Now I know that if I were a boy...

I would have been a womanizer

This is because even as a woman, I love seeing beautiful and nicely shaped women. When I see a great figure, I look twice. Don’t think too far, I am not a lesbian and I am not physically attracted to women. I just like the way women are shaped. If not that I have a great figure myself, I would have driven myself to depression. When I entered the university, there was this very beautiful girl I saw, to me she was the most beautiful woman I ever met. Again, there was this N20 hand made mini cards they used to sell then, there was one which said ‘omo, you too fine’. Guess what? I bought this card and gave the girl. I then told all my friends that I bought the card. Some people were like ‘why did you buy it? She will think you are a lesbian.’ I was really surprised at the statement, because to me, I was just being sincere. I must have being really na├»ve I was only sixteen years old. If I could do this as a girl, imagine what I would have done as a man.

I would have been egocentric

Men are naturally egocentric, but I think mine would have been more than average. I like standing by my opinions and I can be overly assertive at times. I am strong-willed and once I have determined to do something, only God can change my mind. If I were a man, I probably would not listen to my wife. Thank God for making me a woman

I would not respect women

Even as a woman, I think a lot ladies are fickle, shallow and materialistic. Back in school, I used to have a lot of male friends. You wouldn’t blame me since I was in the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Bottom line is that I did not like the way most ladies carried themselves and I did not think they had a lot to offer. Coupled with being egocentric, I would have been a disaster waiting to happen if I were a man.

I would have been incorrigible

This is where my mum and I have disagreements. As I said earlier, as long as I am convinced that I am doing the right thing, it is always very difficult for me to be corrected. The truth is that when someone cannot be corrected, the person is already going on a fast lane to his grave

I wouldn’t love God this much

If I were a man, I would be more ambition driven than I am. With the kind of brain God gave me, I am sure I would have been very successful as a man and a serious ‘high flyer’. This will have made me rely more on my own abilities than on God, which is the case of a lot of men today. And if I don’t see the need for God, why should I love Him?

In conclusion, I thank God for creating me as a woman. I thank Him all over again. The truth is that even as a woman, I had a lot of bad traits, just like everyone but overtime I have been broken and remoulded by God. I am still a work in progress but the amount on work God has done on me now might not have been this effective if I were a boy!

P.S: I would have blogged about how I left my house by 6am on sunday morning and got back home by 2pm on Monday due to the Lagos flood but I don't like 'trend-blogging'. I might just gist you guys some other time. Who knows?


  1. Yeeaaah I cant believe I'm first to comment on a blog for the second time this week...
    As I read your blog I could hear Beyonce's voice in the background singing If I was a boy....lol
    LoL @ "I love seeing beautiful and nicely shaped women. When I see a great figure, I look twice. Don’t think too far, I am not a lesbian and I am not physically attracted to women. I just like the way women are shaped."
    That's quite interesting....I've never quite seen women in the same light as you...maybe I just spend all my time gawking and admiring men too much...lol

  2. I am exactly like u! Seriously, I could have been reading about myself, from admiring beautiful women, to the stubbornness, to thinking girls are shallow and silly. I'm just like that. Thank God I'm a woman. :-)

  3. ....Nothing wrong with appreciating the hand work of God @ Seeing nicely shaped women.
    "left my house by 6am on sunday morning and got back home by 2pm on Monday due to the Lagos flood"" for real? OMG.. I want to hear all about it.

  4. I hear you cos I have most of these traits you've mentioned, but I still want to be a boy in my next life, lol...

    I'm enjoying being a woman this time around sha.

  5. If I were a boy I would have ben really girlish,I'm a girl and I'm girly no,I'm not a lesbian,I admire women too,fine women and I thank God I'm a girl,a rather intelligent one.

  6. LMAO...I totally LOOOOOOVEEEEEE this.... makes sense die...I feel u on that womanizer bit o. If not that the world has gotten to be a soo complicated place, admiring a fellow female and complementing them isnt supposed to be that much of a big deal.....

  7. lol interesting....

    all I can think of is " If I was a boy, I would have to use all those EXTRA-STRONG deodorants" and eww that alone is enough to gross me out! lool

    the only periods I ever wish I was a man are when I am having serious cramps and even with that, I really really love being a woman.... I think one of the reasons is because I believe I can achieve anything they can *shrugs* (minus physically o-- because am not that strong physically lol)

    But if I was, lots of women will fall for my "sweet-talks" (I already have a sugar coated tongue).. and I will easily lure them in and tell them bye when am done lol X_X

  8. I wont mind being a boy..but just for one day or two. just to have a taste of being the man in some girls life.lol. maybe experience blue balls too. hehe

    I've always gotten looks and lezzie questions from time immemorial for admiring women's bodies. and I wonder why? whats not to admire about something so wonderfully made...;)

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  10. Lol. Thank God you're a girl then oh!!! Me i don't want to be a guy oh- if i was i couldn't eat cone icecream or wear makeup

    http://museorigins.blogspot.com (formally The Corner Shop)

  11. LOL..madam.i've never actually thought about it-being a boy but i do admire women a lot like you..

  12. i still feel as a woman you can be a high flyer.
    no one said only men can be mega successful
    dear i mention "oprah"
    i think you are you because your heart recognizes God for his supremacy
    and if you were male still with this heart
    You'd be an amazing man.

  13. wldn't mind living a mans life for a month...i bet its fun and hard as well...

    I love my femininity sha o!

  14. lol.nice. I've never imagined me being a boy though. I think i've enjoyed being a girl so much that I don't even think of it...

  15. Awww. this is very interesting and I love it cos it detailed a whole lot of sincerity. I love it when people are very sincere.

    Thank God you wrote this from a feminine perspective. If a man had said these things as a man, women would have started World War III.

    And did you say u entered uni at 16? Amazing!

    God bless you jare. lol

    I wan hear the gist regarding the Lagos flood o.. Pictures were just unbelievable.

    - LDP

  16. Loling at Myne's comment up there.. lol

    - LDP

  17. Like Gospel Girl said, Beyonce's If I were a boy was playing at the back of my mind too. I TOTALLY wanted to be a boy when I was growing up. Most of my cousins in my age group were boys. So I would prostrate and try to pee standing up. Fun times. I can totally relate to being a womanizer if indeed I was a boy. I find it strange that some women find it difficult to tell another woman she looks nice #nohomo. It was a very refreshing read. I'm all woman now and I don't want to be a boy anymore, but there are times when certain things happen and I just wish.....
    it's more fun to be a girl anyways.

  18. Amen to all those traits! Seems like you were describing me......at a point, I started to think I was weird looking at a woman n saying, 'wow...she set oh'

    .......I'am a work in progress too n I thank God for His mercies each day......becos if He had made me a boi......chimo! Ha ha!

    I love this!!!

  19. I think psychologically and mentally I'm a hermaphrodite. (My brain/thinking is both male and female). I'm heterosexual but it does not stop me appreciating other women. Like you, it's all about aesthetic beauty though. I do enjoy life as a woman because I believe it offers more variety of roles and challenges.

  20. woman wrapper o!!!! :) :) nice blog! following too!

  21. @ Gospel Girl: Lol, you are a man wrapper joo.

    @ TecknicoleurGrl: Really, so nice that you can relate to it.

    @ 9JaFOODie: Ok, I will try to do the post next week

    @ Myne: Really, a boy in your next life? lol

  22. @ gretel: I know your type, feminine all the way. Very feminine girl

    @ Anonymous: True, I don't know why it should be a big deal. The world is in decadence

    @ Abi Tobi: Lol at the sweet talks, bad guy!

    @ Ginger: Me, I will admire o. I am open to a fault

  23. @ Muse Origins: So, it is all about Iced cream and make up for you. na wa ooo. lol

    @ Nikkisho: You know you are very feminine naa

    @ Laurenta: Thanks so much. I know I can be a high-flyer as a woman, and I will be, but I will still have my family and husband to take care of and they will be my first love

    @ Aseni: Eeya, but sorry it is not possible

  24. @ stelzz: All you feminine women, I know your type

    @ LDP: Thanks so much for the compliment. Yes, I had a very very fast education. Story for another day. I will gist you about the flood later

    @ Cherry wine: You prostrate and stand up to pee? Your own too much o. Yes, being a girl is fun

    @ Omoregee: Yes, if he made me a boy.... I can't even talk

    @ Naijalines: Really, mental hermaphrodite? Lol

    @ Nonye: Na you sabi. lol

  25. Sometimes I imagine if I came into my family as a boy,dem for don kill me lol. I happen to be the second child and second girl and unfortunately my big sis is too feminine and small statured while I have this big frame(always have) I got to do most of the manly chores while we were growing up

    Argghhh...Thank God a boy finally came, or my sistahs would have killed me with all sorts of chores that is believed to be manly. I'm happy I'm a woman oo

    Nice one and a sincere one too

  26. I wanted to be a boy at some point too..but guess I outgrew it..but if i get to keep choosing I guess i'll always want to be a woman over and over again..
    ..plus there's nothing wrong with looking twice but sis if u look more than thrice..*clearing throat*...(i'll be screaming yeeepa!!!..lol)

  27. LOL! at the kind of boy you would have been.

    If I was a boy?? Mmm, I actually think I was a boy for a long time and only became a girl later in life! I was such a tomboy growing up I might as well have been a boy. I think it was in my late teens that my father looked at me one day, smiled and said, "My tomboy is now a lady". He was so happy! Apparently, I had given them such a headache, they were happy when I mellowed down.

  28. I would like to be a boy because I love to be in control! But being a woman is too much fun. I lurve it!

  29. LOL - I ditto this blog!
    I agree with you - from hot ladies to getting mad at seeing ladies that have nothing to offer.. *sigh* thank God for creating me as a woman.

  30. Ha! From all you've written then its a gooood thing God made you a girl!

    Anyway, God doesnt waste resources be, so I trust he made you just the way you should be.

    On the other hand...men are not that bad oh!

  31. Atilola, my blog now wears a new look. I hope that previous problem would be a bye-gone now. Could you help go on it and give me your honest feedback again, please?


    - LDP

  32. If i were a boy i'll be a few of the things you've mentioned, in addition, who ever ends up with me will be in good hands so much that they'll think its the efo (jazz) factor... im romantic like that!

  33. @ dayor: Eeya, it wouldn't have been a funny experience for you oo.

    @ Damilola Jewel: Don't worry, I won't look too much

    @ os: You gave them headache? lol. As for me, I think my dad made me into a tom boy cos he only bought trainers and sporting wears for me

    @ LusciousRon: Yeah, being a woman is fun. I so love control

  34. @ angelsbeauty: Ehn ehn, so you are like me

    @ Afronuts: I know men are not that bad naa. After all, I will still marry one

    @ LDP: I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for dropping by

    @ PET Projects: Really? Na wa ooo. Maybe it would have been the same case for me, I dunno. I think I would have been very strict with my wife

  35. Wow, very interesting post...and valid points too. Mine are the reverse (well, since I'm a guy of course), so thanks for the inspiration for my next blogspot, lol.

  36. We can thank the Lord that he always knows best - but grace could have changed the boy too!

  37. I want to come back as a boy.........
    Men have it soo much easier

  38. Ahhhh! You sound so much like me, especially the strong-willed part. And you were so honest with this piece...

    I am thanking God on your behalf that you are a woman, especially because of the womanizer part. God knows the world does not need any more womanizers! There's nothing wrong in admiring women, but I can see how the girl you gave the card to would have misunderstood it.

    As for me, I am happy being a woman ... I wouldn't change it for anything.

  39. @ aeWHYoh: Fellow Writer: Please, let me know when you do your next blog post

    @ David C Brown: I agree with you. His Grace is strong enough us

    @ Naijamum: Really? I think men find it hard too o. Maybe it is because you are from an all girls family.

    @ Relentless Builder: She didn't misunderstand it o, she was really appreciative. Its the people I gisted that were worried for me

  40. :-)..I think the womanizer will apply to me, i dont fail to compliment fine women and handsome guys (well sometimes for men, i dont want girlfriend palava)

    As per respecting women till today, I find that some women in my age group are shallow minded tho

    Oh and for the God one..hmm na God save me jare even as a woman, i was on that lane talkless of as a man..

    I want to hear your story about the flood..:-) i dont know how i miss you update

  41. If I were a boy, I would be all of the above and worst!!!

    Thank God ooo


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