My Daddy is Samson... not!

Remember the post where I related my talkative stories and how I embarrased my mum all the time? Check this link if you missed it. Well, one thing I deliberately left out is that I argued a lot because I wanted to do this sequel. Sorry for keeping you out of the loop, lol. I could argue with anything or anyone, so far I was convinced that I was right. I still argue now, but the difference then was that I always argued blindly, even with my parents.

What made it worse was that my dad was an expert at fabricating stories and always painting them to me as real. And you know, to a first daughter, her father could do no wrong. On a particular day, this is what went on in my house when I was about five years old. I really don't know how the conversation started but it was something about a lion dying.

@iola: No one has ever killed a lion, only Samson in the bible has killed a lion.

I naively thought Samson was the only man that had killed a lion, I did not put it rightly that Samson was the only man that had killed a lion with his bare hands, since the bible says David killed a lion when he was protecting his father’s sheep.

Dad: what her you talking about, how can you say only Samson has killed a lion?

@ilola: Well, that is what the bible says that only Samson is strong enough to ever kill a lion.

And so we kept arguing back and forth. Remember, I am five years old and my dad is 33 years old in this scenario.

Dad: See you this small girl, I have killed a lion before

@ilola: (wide eyed) It is a lie!

Dad: It is true, I am the second man that has killed a lion.

@ilola: It is a big lie!

Dad: See this small girl (he loved saying this a lot), instead of you to ask how I killed it, you are arguing

@ilola: Oya tell me.

Dad: One day, I was walking in the bush and a lion came out of nowhere and started walking towards me. It was roaring at me, so we faced each other and I brought out my spear and threw it straight into the open mouth of the lion and it died instantly.

@ilola: Wooooowwww!!!

I must tell you, by this time, I had ‘chopped’ my dad's ‘fabu’ hook, line and sinker.

Later that day, I was talking to my mum, she is 32 yrs old in this scenario

@ilola: Mummy, do you know that dad has killed a lion before?

Mum: (casting an annoying glance at me) Who told you that? You are not serious, how can your dad kill a lion?

@ilola: It is true, he killed a lion, he threw a spear straight into its mouth and it died.

Mum: it is a lie, he has not killed a lion before

@ilola: He has killed a lion, you just don’t’ know but I know

And so the argument ensued between my mum and I. I argued and argued and argued

Mum: Get out of here, you like to argue blindly!

Are you guys still reading? Well, it was not my fault, I truly believed my dad had killed a lion…

Below is a picture of my dad and I some months after he told be the lion story. He told me he was celebrating my 6th birthday because it was some weeks after my birthday. Little did I know that the get-together was for his Masters graduation. He later consoled me, saying that the celebration was for both of us. *smh

P.S: I am dedicating this post to my dad. Today is his 6th year remembrance. He was brutally murdered in cold blood on 16 July 2005, story for another day. However, I wouldn't want you to pity me because God has really been good to me and my family these past six years. So I would really appreciate it if your comments revolve round his murdering the lion and you thanking God for keeping me this far.


  1. We thank God for your life and that of your family. Your dad would be proud of you. A really lovely story to celebrate his life especially today.

  2. LOL @'see this small girl'

    My dad would always say 'My dear young girl'....whenever I was going to get a serious telling off LOL

    PS - Of course people are going to comment about your dad - more than the lion story. That's just the way it is. Get ready to get all emotional xoxoxoxox

  3. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

    lol@ look at this small girls.
    our parents are all like that, painting the ridiculous picture of themselves for us.

  4. Wow @tilola,so ‎​you remembered what happened at age 5(sharp brain,‎​ℓ☺ℓ) neways, nice story,your father KILLED the lion,believe it "small girl"

    I also will join to THANK GOD cos he keeps,shields,comforts,consoles,encompasses about,ETCCCC HIS own and your one of His. God keep and guide your family amen.

  5. Wow. Your dad sounds like a really fun person to be around. Thank God for his protection over you and your family throughout these years. I pray that his mercy shall continue to follow you wherever you go.

  6. oh my God, I laughed sooo hard,yhu have a really funny family and yhur daddy ehnnnn,yhu spoilt the story by mentioning the murder,I felt guilty for laughing all along,all the best,dear,as yhu said God's with yhu dear.

  7. lol at the 6th year old party stunt,yhur dad was really humorous :D

  8. I was also laughing all through till I got to the addendum! But hey, life is beautiful in all its complications. Your dad is alive in you, and I'm glad to read of the interactions between two of you

  9. Funny story. To kill lion no be small thing! :)

    Incidentally, I opened this post and was about to read when my father called and I could only read your post after we had finished talking. Yesterday was my father's birthday and I was actually laughing while reading your post because the only reason my father called was to tell me my sister eventually got a cake for him after I harassed her for not getting one yesterday. And then I was even laughing the more through your post until I got to the end o.

    But I join you in celebrating your Dad. Keep the good memories.

  10. Aww... U have such a brilliant memory! Funny post.

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  12. see this small girl oh!
    He killed the lion and I believe him. errr, the only thing is that he killed it in his imagination *cheeky grin*

    It is impossible not to focus on your dad's passing cos he sounds like he was a great guy who left you with so many fond memories. My dad has passed too and I still miss him so much after almost six years. The memories are what keep me going. Thank God we have good memories and stories like these to share. It's not pity, it's celebrating a great life...

    To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is never to die.
    RIP Atilola's daddy (Uncle Samson to me)

  13. awwww..Made me smile..he is definitely proud of you..lmao @ the picture story..hahahahaha you were an interesting child

  14. LOOOL hahaha..seriously..I tot he was going to say it was David lol

    I love the 6th bday part stunt..LOL LOL LOL

    May God continue to uphold you and your family...:)x

  15. See this small girl, u dey chop sha o...Anywaiz, this is pricess Diana just dropping a line for you.

    p.s: Congrats on ur dads 6th year. God would keep blessing you all, Amen.

  16. aww. i'm sure your dad was a very interesting and fun person from the sound of the conversation you had.Thank God for His faithfulness on your lives.May his soul rest in peace.

    Lol. I'm sure there are things i was told as a child that i still 'sort of' children we mostly believe anything especially when its coming from someone who is our hero...i can imagine you arguing about it with your

  17. hehehehehhehehheheheheheheheheheheheh. u got me laffing so hard.
    we all remain little kids in the eyes of our parents no matter how old u are.
    thank God for his mercies upon ur family. Remain under his divine protection.

  18. :o at that last part!! Thank God for your family. Lol at your dad- he sounds so mischievous and fun

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)
    Muse Origins

  19. lol @ the whole conversation. I love how parents would say anything then to keep us fascinated.

  20. I love your attitude. Thank God for his kindness through the years.

  21. Your Dad would be extremely proud of you. I bless God for the lives of you and your family.

  22. @ Naijalines: Thanks so much

    @ Naijamum: lol. Thanks for the warning me

    @ Lara: thanks, don't mind them o, taking advantage of our small minds.

    @ enybees: yes o, I hardly forget stuffs. Thank God

  23. @ Sweetly Broken: Yes, he was really fun and likes telling kids all sorts.

    @ gretel: Sorry, I didn't intend to spoil it. Don't feel guilty jo. I still laff myself

    @ Myne: Life is indeed beautiful. Keep laughing o, it is needed

    @ os: Thanks so much. Glad to know you are cool with you dad, it is needed.

  24. @ Ope: Thanks

    @ Gbemisoke: I literarily laughed at 'Uncle Samson'. We really need the memories to keep us going

    @ Nikkisho: Yes, I was really interesting, so much so that my parents got tired of me

    @ Unveilinggold: Thanks. Don't mind them, they just weave children round their fingers

  25. @ H: Princess Diana indeed, I am no more a small girl o

    @ Stelzz: I hope you don't believe in santa and tooth fairy o

    @ Fragilelooks: Thanks so much and for the prayer

    @ Muse Origins: Yeah, he was really mischievous

  26. Buahahahahah!

    Your Dad sounds like quite a character. You know, for the record, i do believe that he indeed killed a Lion *straight face*

  27. @ Angelsbeauty: Abi oo. Our innocent minds chops it all

    @ Prism: Thanks so much, na God o

    @ Breeze: Thanks. I am sure he would. God has been good to us

  28. Very funny story...I remember I called my dad a liar once and he said it's a taboo to call adults liars..and since then I never can say that to an adult tho now i know its no taboo...
    I thank God he has helped you with strength since he passed..but his fond memories are with you..keep smiling..

  29. What a hilarious story...I like the way your dad tricked you about the birthday party. Sounds like he was a fun person to be around.
    I hope all the fun times you had will always bring a smile on your face.
    *In other news when is your wedding jare?* #random

  30. @ Mimi B: Killed a Lion indeed. You are beginning to sound like little @ilola

    @ Dammy: Lol, you get liver o. Imagine calling your dad a liar

    @ Gospel Girl: Don't mind him, tricking my small mimd.
    As for the wedding, we are waiting for things to be in place then straight to wedding.

  31. Im glad you have good memories of him, that way, you'll carry him with you all your life!
    Thankfully God has blessed you with Oluwadamilare, whom he'll grant the grace to pamper you like a father would have.

    P.S. when is the hair blog gonna roll, im waiting to contribute my lil quota!

  32. God bless fathers who are indeed fathers! I think I would almost come up short if I tried going down such memory lane. Lucky girl u are jare....and oh! we could be sisters on that arguing parole. I could argue that the color black was indeed white but only......( U get the picture?)


  33. First off, for you to remember that story at so young an age, means you are either super smart, or the 'dodo' your dad fried for you was so sweet, it impressed itself indelibly on your mind. Bt Your Dad reminds me of myself at a young age oh - I dey fry 'dodo' dey give pple eh! 'Zobo' sef! One day, in high school, I remember everyone talking about how they had a good holiday and all that. When it came to my turn, I couldn't well tell then I stayed at home and played games all summer, so I went:
    "My family and I went traveled to Kenya. we saw the animals. We hunted an elephant. Have you ever tasted elephant meat before? Its better than chicken, I tell you. You know their big ears? That's the sweetest and softest part! You guys should try it sometime."
    Of course they bought it! Drank it sown and washed it with water even. Pple come dey jealous (I just realized, this coulda been a blog post! Lol..)

  34. I thank God for keeping your family this far. May He continue to guide and protect you.

  35. @ PET Projects: Yes o, I need the pampering and he has been doing his best.

    P.S: My hair blog will start in January. I am so busy now and I like to put myself in anything I do

    @ HoneyDame: Ehn, ehn... So you are an arguer like me? I don't get the picture o

    @ CeeJay: Yeah, I actually remember a lot of things, that is how I have been wired. So, you used to give fabu as a kid? Na wa o, I know your type. Please, inform me when you do a blogpost on this

    @ CerebrallyBusy: Amen o and thanks for dropping by

  36. Ha, Thank God for your mum, I would have "dashed" you away...for free!!!
    Kids really do say the darndest things!

  37. I wouldn't say sorry for your loss... I'll rather say, thank God for the beautiful memories you had of him...

  38. Lol @ "see this small girl", my Dad uses "my friend, what do you know?" Lol!, you gotta love our naija parents. You have a strong personality from what I see and that`s really lovely. The beautiful memories you have of him can never be taken away from you and that`s what matters.

  39. May he continue to rest in peace.
    Lol, this is hilarious! Even more hilarious that you bought the story and then went to defend it staunchly to your mum! I'm glad you have wonderful stories like this to remember him by.

  40. @ Ema: Thank God for mothers and unconditional love, at least she dint dash me away,

    @ Coy Introvert: Yes, I do have a strong personality (raised to power 100), lol. It is good soeties and not so good at other times

    @ Vickii: Abi o, blind argument. Thanks for dropping by

  41. This story certainly deserves its own post!! very funny. Your Dad must have been very imaginative to 'fabu' his daughter so well. As for your memory..I doff my heart.

    Good times. Great memories. Thank God he left you with that. May his soul RIP.

  42. I'm just reading this and I could not resist the urge to drop my own few lines....very funny post but became touching at the end
    I bless God for you and yours and I align my thots wth Myne's...."l

    PS: I eagerly await the post on how he was brutally murdered ...

  43. lol! I'm not the only one who swallowed my dads faboos! :) Nice one thanks for sharing this lovely memory!

  44. I thank God for you and your family, and how he has brought you guys this far. He will never leave you in Jesus name.

    So did you get told that you should become a lawyer with all the arguing you did? And thanks by the way for using the word 'fabu' which I have not heard in a very, very long time!

    P.S. Was that your mum in the background in the picture?

  45. NOW! how did i miss this post? jeez *scratches head*....and missed this interesting be really small gal to swallow that fabu . Yes, you definitely argue a lot! :D

    I rejoice with you and your family and thank GOD for bestowing so much blessing upon your lives..shalom.

    P.s...Ooooo, i remembered why i missed's well...thank you for REJOICING WITH ME ALSO.. take care.

  46. I am glad I was able to read this story from your link (3 years after) :-) Your Dad was a legend jor.. So cool! Like Gbemisoke said, Uncle Samson lol xx

  47. LOOOL!!! I said the conversation in Yoruba in my head, It was more Interesting :p


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