So much Drama...

Hello, blog friends, I first of all want to apologise for my inconsistency in visiting and commenting on your blogs this past few days. So many things have been happening the past few weeks, but I still determined to visit blogs everyday,

July 10: OH and I held back in flood on sunday and did not get home till July 11. We had to go back to his parents house to sleep. I so hated it, just because I love my bed and was not prepared to sleep out. I kept blogging and visiting blogs

July 13: OH and I were robbed while climbing 3rd mainland bridge when coming from church in the evening. Please, note that the flood thing also happened after we left church for his parents house o. I kept blogging and visiting blogs

July 15: I won the community champion award at my company's AGM. (A ray in the dark). I kept blogging and visiting blogs

All the time: I kept working on two very engaging jobs, one was my official job while the other was the job I won the award above for. I kept blogging and visiting blogs

All the time: I kept organising a reunion, and kept making hundreds of calls like a customer care officer. I chased money and souvenirs. This particular task threatened to pull me apart for the past 5 weeks. The reunion is coming up this saturday, so it will soon be over. I kept blogging and visiting blogs

(Picture from HD Leader)
July 23: THE FINAL STRAW- My laptop crashed! Really? As in Really? After everything, you just had to crash, yes I am talking to you laptop. All the details of my two jobs, reunion, write-ups, poems etc, are on you and you had to dull me. At this point, I coudn't keep blogging and visiting blogs anymore.

So my people, even though I decided that I wouldn't be a blog-snob anymore and I decided to be blog-friendly, I just had to take a chill pill. What the flood, robbers, jobs or reunion couldn't get me to do, a simple crash made me cool down. The good news is that the laptop belongs to my company, so I took it back to them and even though the drive was fried, I recovered all my documents.

As for my last post, My Son's Wife, it has nothing to do with me. I have no problem with OH's mum, we are cool with each other, so Myne and Adura Ojo, don't fret.


  1. Robbed? you said that so casually. Details pls. Sorry about the computer.

  2. Wow!! A lot has happened!! Robbed? X_x Glad you're fine. Please just chill, we're right here! :D

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  3. Ehya... sorry about ur laptop. Another one is coming... "Ile oba to jo, ewa lo bukun" lol

    The flood, robbery and all.. it is well with you Sis.

    - LDP

  4. Its funny how we try to take over the world by getting our entire life in motion for 24hours nonstop and then something so little helps us apply the brakes.

    Sorry about the robbery and i hope the reunion goes well!

  5. *Mouth open* re: the robbery!
    Good to hear you were unharmed

    Love the way you just soldier on....That's the way to suceed in life :)))

    I wish you a blessed, stress-free, drama-free new month

  6. even going through all of this you still had time too blog???? you try oh. Sorry about the robbers wah. Whatever you lost will be replaced ten fold!

  7. am so sorry about ur loss but sis, in all things Give thanks

  8. ((Hugssssssssssssssss)) it is well! glad u guys weren't hurt from the robbery(at least u r blogging so I assume). xx

  9. Nne sorry hen.... your life is like a soap right now. Good luck with the reunion. Happy you recovered all your documents.

  10. Oh dear you got robbed, sorry about least you weren't attcked or hurt in the process.
    I know how annoying it can be when a laptop goes out of order, three months ago I dropped mine and had to pay £100 *ughh* to get it fixed. Like you fortunately I was able to retrieve my info...
    Take it easy my dear and have a good week, hopefully the reunion will go well. x

  11. You need to rest and take things easy.Enjoy at the reunion and Take care

  12. Busy bee, don't forget to breathe in the middle of everything :D. Thank God you were able to recover your documents.

  13. Oh wow! You had a lot going for you through those times. Well, it's good to know you're doing okay!

    Being robbed is scared though...thank God you and OH are doing good. Take a break and relax a little's good for the body. Have fun at the reunion and take care.

  14. oh wow, you got robbed? kpele oh my dear this our Nigeria...sorry about your laptop, thankGod u got ur files back.

  15. wow, you tried o. At one point or the other someone else would have broken down with all that activity/occurrences esp the robbery. Its well with you o.

    Hope the reunion goes well.

    I guess your back to regular blogging now.

  16. something has really happened, robbed ke? Hope you are good sha....and hope things go according to plan. be safe.

  17. Sorry about the computer, hoping you got a new one?

    And thanks for putting my mind at rest. :)

  18. Robbed ey!...Thank God you and OH are alive and well..
    Please take things easy
    I pray the reunion goes as planned..
    Ha i for fear, thank God its not OH's mum..

  19. @ Madame Sting: Yes, although it wasn't funny when it happened, but two weeks has passed

    @ Muse Origins: Yes I am fine, there was no bodily harm. Thanks

    @ LDP: Thanks, I have sorted the laptop issue out, got another one and recovered my documents

    @ PET Projects: True o, I go so fast at times, that it is hard for me to stop until God forces me to apply the brakes. I can be very dogged. Thanks

  20. @tilola F.A.R.A.B.A.L.E oh,pele dear. Missed ur comments on blogsville. Pls take it easy and sorry about the robbery ;)

  21. @ Naijamum: How we for do naa, I have decided to never let life weigh me down

    @ Sisi Yemmie: Yes o, Blogsville has already become a part of me. I have recovered what I lost, though I did not lose much, but I didn't waste time in recovering them

    @ omoba-adeteju: Yes, in every situation, we give thanks

    @ Giagerry: Thanks, I was not hurt at all. They were outside, while we were in the car and they did not shoot

  22. @ 9JaFOODie: Soap? I don't understand the comparison. Thanks for all

    @ Nikkisho: I wished I understood the word 'rest'.

    @ Prism: Not recovering my documents, won't have been funny at all. God really saved me there

    @ Gospel Girl: Thanks. I also thank God that I was not hurt

    @ Sweetly broken: Thanks so much, I will definitely be having fun

  23. @ Coy Introvert: Thanks, we have to do something about the degrading security level of this country

    @ stelzz: Its is not easy to break me down at all, I am like a soldier that only hears go, if you don't break my leg, I will never pause. even then, I keep on crawling. lol

    @ Lara: I am good, and everything is going according to God's plan

    @ Myne: Thanks, i got a new one and recovered the documents

    @ enybees: Thanks so much, I am taking it easy o

    @ Unveilinggold: I thank God for life preservation. Were you also thinking it is OH's mum? lol

  24. speechless!................................................*you continued to blog and comment?..i hail u o babe!...,..sorry about the robbery incident...that bridge is notorious for such..hubby also had an experience there....take care you hear?

  25. So sorry to hear about what happened. Kudos to you for marching on. Well done.

    As for laptop crashing, tell me about it. I've had laptops crash twice in the past 4 years and it was not funny at all.

  26. Men this Babe you deserve an award for commitment to blogging o : )

    Seriously though, you've had a really though week and really deserve a break. Pele dear about the robbery

  27. Meeeeen!

    You are on e persistent woman.

    (sorry about the robbery ish. *hugs*)

  28. hmm,babe you try,me I won't even near my phone,so sorry about the theft and lappy crash'may God give you a new one,infact it's time for a new one sef.*huggs*

  29. So sorry about all the issues.. I hope you are back on your feet now... God bless.

  30. What's the thing with robberies these days?! I was a victim too, around Maryland. Thank God you're settled now. It will be well!

  31. Sorry to hear about your stressfully eventful week @tilola. So how did your event go today? Hope successfully. Enjoy the rest of your weekend whatever is left of it.

    Hugs. praying for a new lap top for you :)


  32. Sometimes, awful things just happen all at once. But then the really good things come along and eclipse the cloud with great sunshine. Sunshine will be here, don't worry.

  33. @ Ibhade: Thanks. Its good that your hubby wasn't hurt o.

    @ os: Thanks. The main lesson we should take from laptop crashes is to 'always backup'

    @ Mimi B: Thanks. Maybe you can design the trophy, lol

    @ Mancee: Yes o, I am persistent in EVERYTHING. I am was person that can't be shaken off very easily.

  34. @ gretel: Thanks, it is nice not to let life get us down at times

    @ Berry: Thanks, I am back on my feet

    @ Michael: Yes o, we need to do something about the rising robbery in Lagos, before it gets out of hand

    @ Ginger: My event was fun, but I was busy all through. I was so tired that I couldn't even make it to church the next day

    @ Naijalines: Uhhhhmmm, thanks for the inspiration. God bless.

  35. Got robbed once in high school...that was traumatizing. Glad that you're okay.

  36. Blessings.....
    whew........through it all you are well, there is a blessing in being able to complain eh.

    Computer crash, there is a lesson there....(flash drive i.e. back up).

    Glad all is well the most important thing was not affected - your health, so everything else is cake.

  37. thank you for stopping by my bloghouse and checking in and sharing yourself via comment with me. Peace.....

  38. Wow! I av been blog MIA n I didnt even go through half of what u have, though I have had some drama too.

    Sorry u got robbed......He shall multiply n replenish.

    I draw strength from u....:)

  39. that's one heck of a week or so!

    congrats again on your award

    I'm sorry you got robbed but pleased you guys were not harmed - may God keep watch over you and OH and your loved ones.

    Glad to recovered your laptop goodies! I don't know what I would do if my laptop crashed...

  40. @ Boma: Traumatic is an understatement. Thanks

    @ MsJB: Thanks

    @ Rhapsody B: Thanks, I am very well

    @ Omoregee: Yes o, he is already replenishing me. Thanks

    @ angelsbeauty: No, it was a month. Laptop crash aint funny at all, I am so happy I retrieved all docs. Thanks


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