The Bag Thing

Hi everyone, Sisi Yemmie tagged me in the bag blog thing. I  could have done it since but I have been so busy, but now, I can spare some minutes for it and my blog rounds.

Because of my profession, I have to go out with two bags most times, my laptop back pack and my normal hand bag, so I divide my things among both of them. Some things like notepad, lock lid, etc. won't appear here in my bag.

Yeah, this is a picture of the current bag I am carrying. It attracts attention because people say it has the design of a dress, though it is made of normal bag material. It is not the expensive deigner bag, it is made by arcad, which is a popular bag maker in dubai. My mum bought it for me. I only carry big bags, because I have load. If you give me a small bag, you can be sure I will hardly use it.

My Bag Contents
a. A novel: I like having a book to read in my bag at all time, this time I have a true life memoir called Forever Today. I bought it in a pound shop. It is a story about a woman whose husband lost his memory a year after their wedding. It is an extreme case of amnesia. He never recovered.

b. Coloured lip gloss: Though I never use it, because it doesn't last.

c. Flash Drive: I also don't really use it anymore because it is not encrypted for official purposes, so my laptop cannot recognise ir

d. Hand cream

e. Comb: I am a natural hair carrier, so I have to carry this with me when afro purposes

f. Mirror: It is broken, that is why I turned its face down

g. Nail Polish: Just in case I am bored and less busy at work, though I have not faced this situation in a very long time

h. Token: How come no one pointed out to me that I left this one out earlier? Maybe all y'all do not pay attention to details, lol. Anyway, this is my token for internet banking. Obviously, I use it for making bank transactions without stepping into the banking hall

i. Office ID card

j. Client ID card: Some clients can be so adamant, they want you to carry their IDs

k. Sermon CD: I always carry one or two sermon along with me, since I only have the opportunity to listen to such CDs at work while working on my system. I have like three others in the other bag I referred to earlier

l. My Room Key

m. Key to my office at client site: Again some clients can be...

n. Pen and Pencil

o. Sweets: I don't buy biscuits and sweets, but somehow, I always have them in my bag, since people always give me

p. Tissue Paper: I sometimes have one or two loose tissue in my bag, I don't really buy them in packs, not sure why

q. Charger: Let's be realistic, some of us need to carry these phone chargers around with us all the time, since we know the situation of power in Nigeria. And also Blackberry battery isn't that long lasting

r. 'Umblerraaaaaa': Umbrella, very compact one that I carry all around, just in case rain decides to flex its muscles

s. Phones: MTN Blackberry, Zain E63, Visafone Nokia. Every financially prudent Nigerian should have at least one CDMA phone, I think.

t. Wallet: It contains my Naira Master Card, HMO Card, loose cash, OH's picture

u. iPod Nano: I am addicted to this. It contains mostly christian rock.

Wow, this was not so hard at all. The work was in the pictures. Almost all my blog friends have been tagged, so if you have not been tagged, please, tag yourself


  1. That is a great looking bag :)....

  2. great contents and i love your bag...I'd like to know some of your favorite christian rock...I'm starting to get into the soft rock side

  3. Really nice peek into your bag! Thanks.

    BTW...Why 3 phones????

    Take care and have a nice week

  4. Can you give me one of your phones?:p
    And lool at carrying a charger with you everyhere..i can empathize with you hey.

  5. like your bag!

    don't like small bags either!

    now, your contents are typical of 9ja babes o jare...charger always handy..don't know where to see light abii..and 3 handsets:never know which network would work when one travels to far-far-far-far-a-a-w-a-y...hahhahaaa,,,*hi5*..on the practical side.

  6. @ 9JaFoodie: Thanks for the compliment

    @ Yellow Sisi: Thanks. As for the Christian rock artistes, I love them all. Can't name them all. Try Jeremy Camp, Switchfoot, Newsboys, Third Day, Casting Crowns, Jars of Clay, Bebo Norman, and so on

    @ Naijamum: You know Naija naa, to be financially prudent, you have to have more than one phone o, so you can save money. Anyway I have one CDMA phone and two GSMs. One GSM is official while the other is personal. That is why I have three phones

    @ H: Thanks

  7. @ kitkat: Naaaaaa, I aint giving you, beg me!
    The charger thing, naa Naija condition cause am. No use carrying dead phones everywhere

    @Ibhade: Thanks. Small bags are not useful for people always on the go, like you and I.
    As for the bag contents, very very practical. No use forming, we are all in Nigeria and know the condition of PHCN and GSM networks.

  8. Why do you have three phones o, when you no be yahoo yahoo? Ah, I forgot. You need one phone exclusively for crude oil business, abi;-) Your bag looks unique and interesting.

  9. i love your bag...i carry my bb charger EVERYWHERE too, the battery is just useless and i doubt there are alot of people living in Nigeria with just one phone,smh
    lol at your broken mirror, somethings are just difficult to get rid of/ replace

  10. EVERYone must carry a book, except you're going to a party!

    #TeamNaturalHair yay!!!

  11. The bag certainly has a unique design, though it doesn't look that big. I agree with you that CDMA in Nigeria is far cheaper.

  12. now i want to read that going to find it. thanks for participating in d bag meme

  13. @ Naijalines: If you no dey naija, you no fit understand. You can hardly see anyone with one phone here, it is the financially prudent thing to do.
    Plus, you seem to assume I am an oil worker, even from your reply to my comment on your blog. Maybe you are seeing what I am not seeing, thanks for prophesying into my life. lol

    @ dosh: Thanks. BB needs to really look into improving the quality of their batteries.

    @ PET Projects: Not everyone likes reading o, so why carry a book if you don't want to read.
    So you have natural hair? Then we much share styling tips o, since we are both Nigerians and will most likely have similar texture

  14. @ Myne: Thanks, the bag is big o, don't be decieved. But not the travelling bag kind of big. Yeah, CDMA is cheaper

    @Sisi Yemmie: Really? You love such stories? Interesting

  15. cute learning so much from everyone's bag post.

  16. Wow that bag is cute *_*
    I was also tagged, I can't wait to do mine. I'm sure the greater work is emptying your bag to take the pictures LOL

  17. @ Chizzy D: Thanks so much. please, do your own bag post even if we forgot to tag you

    @MsJB: Thanks so much, yeah the work is in taking the pictures and arranging the contents

  18. Lol! The bag thing oh! That book looks interesting! And all those nail polishes hehe



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