How to use the Vision Board to get whatever you want in life... including marriage

On my ‘Journey to Marriage’ series, one thing that was recurrent in my posts and many commenters kept talking about was the vision board and how it helped me. This post is my attempt at delving into how it works and how you can utilize it effectively

A typical vision board: Source

The vision board is a very powerful tool. Creating one is simpler than ABC. First of all, a vision board is just a picture of what you want to see manifest in reality. If you want a big pink house, your vision board will have a picture of a big pink house, or its representation.

What makes the vision board so powerful is that the more you look at it, the more it spurs you into action. Therefore the vision board won't really be effective if you are not regularly looking at it, and seeing yourself achieving all that you have documented on it.

As a Christian, you can go further by attaching scriptures to each vision or picture. Read these scriptures aloud and meditate on them whenever you look at your vision board. This would continue to reiterate God’s will for you concerning that vision and the more your confidence and faith builds up in that area. This can apply to whatever your heart desires

If you need children, attach pictures of children, along with scriptures on fruitfulness
If you need money, attach pictures of whatever represents money in your life (graphs, fake notes, cheque, written figures, etc) along with scriptures if you desire
I'm sure you get the idea by now

You can attach pictures of anything, write figures , etc. just put images of whatever represents what you desire.

For my marriage vision board, I put the image of

  • My desired proposal ring, 
  • A man and a woman dancing together (cos I wanted to be best friends with my husband, not just spouses), 
  • A man and a woman laughing together (cos I wanted true happiness in my marriage), 
  • Denzel Washington in suit (cos I wanted a confident, handsome, focused, visionary man who knew where he was going ... and just cos I love Denzel too, lol). 

So whatever it is you want in life, you can use the vision board to implement it.... as long as it can be envisioned.

Please note.
The vision board is not an automatic ticket to achieving what you want i.e. Just because you wrote it down doesn't guarantee success. What the vision board does is reminds you of what you are supposed to be working towards and the steps you should be taking towards your goals. It boosts your faith and moves you to work cos faith without works is dead.

A practical example
When I was in 500 level engineering, I made a first class GPA in my first semester, which I really needed to boost my GP. So I said to myself, I should be able to make all As for once in my life before leaving school. Anyone who studied engineering should know how difficult this feat is. Normally, As become harder to get as you move up in grade. Your early years are the time to cement your GP, not the final years. But here was I, thinking. Not only did I was 1 A , not even 2 or 3.  I was looking for about 8 As. I didn't think about how wicked or sadistic the lecturers were, or how hard the course was, or that I was in my final year. The truth was that I didn't really need all As that semester cos my CGPA was already decided but I wanted it. I wanted to know how it felt to have it as it wasn't common place, I wanted it just for the thrill and excitement of it. So I wrote it down on a paper... all the courses I was taking, with A beside each. I pasted it on my bed head. First thing in the morning, it was all I saw. When I got back to my room and stepped to my bed, it was the first thing I saw.

And guess what? I got it!

That was the first time I worked with it a vision board.... and I didn't even know it was what people call a vision board. Only that now, I use pictures, attach scriptures to each goal, and steps to take

Did I achieve everything on my vision board this year? No

And it was my fault... because after sometime, I stopped looking at it and letting it spur me on, especially because that particular board was not placed in a strategic position in my room. I got carried away by life’s stress, activities, rhyme and reason, courtship wahala, and the fact that I had achieved almost everything on the board. And this is where we need to be careful… never ever let anything distract you from achieving the goals on your board. Life will try, but remain focused. This is where I will improve next year.
The practical tips below are very important in making your vision board effective

  1. Make your vision board exciting with things like pictures, numbers, etc so you feel good just by seeing them each day.
  2. It doesn't have to be a board. It can be a cardboard with several pictures stuck on it or even small paper like my 500 level all As vision. 
  3. Don't overload your vision board with hundreds of visions, such that it becomes a fantasy. If you have lots of them, keep updating the board by deleting and adding more as you meet previous set goals
  4. Put your vision board in a place where you can see it every morning and night or else it won't be effective
  5. Don't let your vision board be another decor in your room. Consciously walk up to it daily, look at it, picture yourself achieving the things there, and how you'll celebrate when it comes to pass, meditate on the things written there, and walk in that notion. 
  6. Most importantly. If you don't believe that thing is possible, please don't put it on your vision board. If you don't believe God is capable of giving you a million dollars, don't put it there. If you don't believe you can get married in a year even though you are single now, don't put it there. In summary you have to believe it is possible, even though you don't know how it will happen. You have to work on your belief system. If you want it, if you believe you deserve it, and you know God desires for you to have it, and you believe it is possible, then put it there. It is not a fantasy board, it is a vision board. BELIEF PRECEDES EVERYTHING. 

Two scriptures that helped me work on my belief was psalm 37:4, Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. This means whatever in the world I desired, I would get, as long as delighted myself in God. It is God giving me, not me achieving it by myself.

The second one was John 16:24, Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. Can you catch the rev here? Even God wants me to be happy. He’s very willing to give me whatever I want just so that I can be happy. All I need to do is ask.

This is the kind of confidence to implement your vision board. I need to stop now, cos I don’t want this post to be too long. I might do a part 2.

One of my boards: with scriptures attached.
The confdidence part was alluding to the fact
that mine lies in God, so I will get what I want

I hope I have been able to help you out with this vision board thing even though I couldn't fully exhaust it in one post.

Please lemme know if you have questions in the comment section. I will reply


  1. I think vision boards are helpful, and i've consciously thought about making one. for now my vision is in my head, but putting it down won't hurt - esp with regards to my fitfam goals! || Bloglovin'!
    5 Useful Habits to Adopt this Month (and always)

    1. Try it, and see. But don't if you don't plan to be serious about it.

  2. I do this in my journal but i should try the real thing where i can see it everyday

  3. Did my vision board for the year in October (that was my new year, for some of us the year just started). used scriptures and added things as led, even some I was scared to do but the scriptures spur me on. I made a practice of waking up early before quiet time, laying my hands on it and declaring out loud the scriptures etc into my day.
    I felt raw faith sliding through. for real.

    now i have to make another one again. sigh. moved (kind of) and trying to readjust. been a bit lazy but i know i need to write the vision again and go back.

    This was definitely helpful.
    Thanks Atilola

    1. Wow, did the monthly one work for you? The timeline is too short for the intensity of my plans.

  4. More like always being focused on the goal, and going foward.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I am encouraged.


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