Merit list into the school of death

I lost a friend two months ago. Well, a former friend and colleague… we used to be close, but not at the time of his death. We lived close to each other, and he took me to work and back home everyday before I got my own car. Eventually, I resigned, and one way or the other, we were no more close the way we used to be.

When I got the news of his death, the first thing I asked was what everyone always asked. “How did he die?”

My friend slumped while jogging.

Well, life sucks, and some things are not unusual

It is not unusual for young people to die
It is not unusual for a friend to die
It is not even ususual for people to slump while jogging.

What hit me the most was “Why kelechi?”

I mean he was one of the most jovial, fun-loving, life-living people I ever met. The only time you see him with a straight face was when he was very sucked into his laptop, working. He was tall, light, always bouncing, smiling, and laughing. When it came to radiance, this guy could compete with sunshine itself.

So I thought to myself, it is not fair.

Why didn’t death take someone else, someone that didn’t love or appreciate life, couldn’t live life to the maximum, maybe someone who is always gloomy… who couldn’t appreciate that health he had, perhaps someone that even wanted to commit suicide?

This should be the merit list death should use if it want to admit people into its school

All I am saying is that if death is roaming around, trying to rip people’s lives off, there are some people it has no business touching, and Kelechi Umelo is one of them.

Life sucks many times
But death sucks so much more.


  1. Sorry about the loss of your friend. May his soul rest in peace. This is a reminder to all of us that the next moment is not guaranteed.

  2. blessings.......
    Death does not discriminate, it is an equal opportunity taker, it has not regard for age, class, creed, color, ethnicity, nationality. When it comes it comes without boast or holler, it just pass over and snuff out and carry forth unto the land beyond beyond.

    May his soul rest and may you always remember the life legacy of kindness and laughter.


    “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence”-Rabindranath Tagore

    1. Thanks. Sometimes, I wish death could discriminate thought.

  3. Sorry about your friend.
    I have had this thought of a 'list' that I felt death should follow instead ..but then again I thought who would be the truly unbiased one to make the list.


    1. Thanks. There should absolutely be a list. But alas, if wishes were horses...

  4. sorry about your friend Kelechi. may God comfort you


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