Yorubas: She is good, might even be better than you

Titi speaks about learning Yoruba

This is the first video I will ever share on blog. I had to cover my eyes in shame while watching it, because she is better than me in some aspects. And for all those Nigerians ashamed of their language, this is food for thought.

Even her intonation is impressive

Na wo o


  1. Wow...she just better go ahead...shows if you really want to learn something, you can.

  2. *i hide mine also with bigger shame*, i CAN'T speak yoruba for the fact that i am married to one & schooled in lagos!..my own dialect nko ;ESAN?...usai!..m-e-h-n! am a big disgrace to 9ja oo :(

  3. I admire her consistency and tenacity, but truth be said, we, Nigerians even understand english better than some British or American people sef. It is just the "way" of the world. Otherwise, tell me why a lady bent on knowing how to sew, learns it in like 4 weeks while the daughter of a tailor (who has been waking up to sewing machines all her life), cant sew for the life of her?!
    That which doesnt belong to us, we yearn for. that which is ours, we take advantage of.
    I am impressed with her sha. Learning how to speak Yoruba in 6months through immersion is no joke!

  4. lol...she speaks really well for a caucasian but it sounds funny tho...lol

    She speaks a lot more fluently than I do tho...(c me sounding like I can really speak...lol...someday)

  5. @ Chizzy D: Determination is a really strong thing

    @ Ibhade: Oya go and learn o, if you cannot speak, it means that your children too cannot speak, since they learn so much from you.

    @ HoneyDame: You have a strong point. People don't really yearn for that which belongs to them. But learning yoruba in such a short while by a white person is not beans o.

    @ Hannah: She sounds better than when igbo people try to speak it sha, even though they are Nigerians too. She almost got all her intonations. I am very very very impressed

  6. wow.. she's really good. like chizzy said.. it shows if u put ur mind to learning sumn, u can do it!
    i know if i really want to learn yoruba, i will.. it's jst not a priority for me at the moment lol.
    I have given u an award, come to my blog to claim it :)

  7. She's great! I'm very impressed and highly ashamed of myself!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. @ Kitkat: yes she is. thanks for the award, will vist your blog to know what it is about.

    @ Blessing: Long time, where did you run to? Don't be ashamed naa, after all you haven't been to Nigeria before and this girl has been living in Ibadan for almost a year now. I think she is more of a Nigerian that you, lol

  9. #Note2self you dont have any excuse. Pick up that Spanish dictionary ASAP

  10. waooooooo..... she's good! waooo! I need to learn a new language in 2011. by force or by fire!

  11. i can't say nuttin ...

    she is wooooow

  12. I agree o... see oyibo's yoruba accent. After seeing this video, I wish Yoruba's like English such that it's spoken in many countries of the world and then we can mock accents too just like they mock our accents. haha

    - LDP

  13. @ PET Project: Yes o, you got no excuse. Out with that dictionary. lol

    @ 9jaFOODIE: Learning new languages is a gift that some people don't necessarily have to stir up, but for some others, it is not easy.

    @ Iano: Thanks for dropping by. yes, she is good

    @ LDP: Very funny. Pls, don't mock it o.

  14. Mehn!! Some people are just blessed with learning languages. I wish i was :(


  15. I agree with you. A friend told me about this video. When I first heard her speak yoruba, I felt kinda ashamed because she's better than me in most ways and can even say some yoruba words that I can't pronounce. And I felt pround too, because other people are learning yoruba, and they find joy in doing so.


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