One Lovely Blog Award

As a response to the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ kitkat awarded me this weekend, I am putting up this post.

The rules go thus
  • Link back to the blogger who gave you this award
  • Tell people seven facts about you they are not aware of
  • Pass the award to fifteen recently discovered blogs that you like
  • Notify the lucky chums of their awards
On to seven facts about me

1. I am a strong fan of Christian rock music. I love Christian rock music like mad. Their lyrics are very deep and this just does it for me. I can go all day with my ear phones on, listening to just that

2. I am scared of child birth. I think this is due to the fact that all my life, I have been hearing of the pains of child birth. I am sure I went through a more severe pain when I had a dental/jawbone surgery (without anaesthetics) 5 years ago. Truth is I hate physical pain, which makes me scared of child birth
3. I don’t have favourites. I don’t have ‘favourite anything’. No favourite colour, food, designer, music, cloth, etc. Therefore I am very easy to please
4. I hate shopping. Yeah, I hate shopping o. This is because I have problem making choices and I always like nothing and at the same time everything. Complicated, abi? I can spend hours in a boutique with money in my pocket and come back out handed. This reminds me of my 7day trip to Dubai. For the first 5 days, I was walking round the shops and just strolling, not interested in anything. It was on the sixth day I had to talk sense to myself. I wonder how it will be if I had gone back to Nigeria empty handed.
5. I am obsessed with my figure. Well, I know I have a great figure and I don’t want to lose it. I wonder how I will look after having kids. I will still want that flat stomach o. Married women, any advice?
6. I love trekking. I am very very very energetic and I love burning that energy. When I was in SSS3, I started going to one evening lesson near Unilag. Sometimes in the evening, my friend and I will trek all the way. She will stop at Bariga while I will keep trekking all the way to Gbagada (Deeper Life side). If you know Lagos well, you will understand that Unilag to Gbagada every night is not beans.
7. I love watching movies. I hated watching movies in the early stage of my life. But since 2007, that changed drastically, as a result of rolling with too much Engineering guys. Now, I love movies so much. It’s a pity I have not really had time to watch lots of movies this year.
Most of my blogger friends have been awarded, so I am opening up the award and passing it to any blogger that has not been awarded.
Hope you enjoyed the post



  1. Kai! U dey trek for state oh! lol. I hate walking long distances, its soooo tiring! And you're easy to please???hmmmm...U will be some to gift something to easily :) Im harrrrd to please! I wish i could be a bit more like u in that

  2. now i know you better!

    scared of childbirth? was i..but today...i had been there 4 times... no big deal..if it was so bad, women would be having only one...but is not.

    don't have favs of anything?! you are easily pleased o.

    HATE SHOPPING!!!!..pls send me the money o!..

    how to keep your figure 8?..nay! this question is not meant for me o...:)

    trek at night?! o gal! are you get liver o!

  3. I'm a first timer here, a nice blog u got, of all the facts about you the one i found most intriguing is TREKING? What! how on earth would you trek from Unilag to Gbagada, babe i trust you would have stop ds trekking groove or do u still do otherwise i would have u nominated for 'naija street trekers award'. Good to know u're so easy to please. Do keep that up please.

  4. hw can u love trekking like that??!!..i understand going for long walks but ur own is too much,lol
    i luv shoppin but i hate having to make choices,lol..i think almost every woman that hasnt given birth is scared of pregnancy,lol

  5. U don't like shopping?

    ok, we shud definitely go shopping together...I just had to freeze my account last month cuz I'm a shopaholic.

    Walking, NO!
    I envy ppl like u who enjoy it tho.

  6. I'm like you, shopping is not my favorite activity either. A girl that's easy to please, your future husband is lucky, as for the figure eight after marriage and children, it's genes and hardwork. Good that you like trekking.

  7. @ Sisi Yemmie: Yes, it is easy to buy me gifts, I always like them.

    @ Ibhade: Abi o, you know me better.
    Childbirth is not so bad? Then why do women always complain of the pain?
    I got no money to send you jo, at least we are both working now. lol

    @ Amazing Thots: Thanks for dropping by and following. I used to trek cos I loved it o. I have too much energy to burn. I still trk now, but not that long. Is the award real? I want to compete o. While serving, I was one of the few people that finished the journey to and fro. I was so proud of myself, but my knee joints knocked for a whole day after that trip.

  8. @ kitkat: I love trekking like that o, but unfortunately I only get to do it on saturdays now, since I am at worl all week long.
    Not every woman is scared of child birth. Some of my friends are really looking forward to it.

    @ H: If we go shopping together, will you spend all my money, since you've frozen your account? lol

    @ Myne: I hope my future husband knows that. I am prepared to work hard to keep that figure o. Thanks for dropping by

  9. Can you beliv I just typed a reply and everything just wiped off in the name of a cookie that is turned off? omg!

  10. #Talking about the pains of childbirth, I think the most important thing here is to look at the joy after the travail as that is more important than the pain itself - you get?

    #Favourites - me like that! Unfortunately, my baby has favourites o. lol

    #Shopping - chei! I can never go for shopping with you o. We'd fight after every shopping trip for sure. lol. My babes is kinda like that except that she'd eventually buy and not go home with the money in her pocket. haha

    @Go figure! - I like it when one is appreciative of their body. It goes a long way to show a heart of gratitude to the giver of the body. And those long walks, does a lot o...

    Congrats Lola.

    - LDP

  11. I guess on some level a lot of women are scared of the pains of childbirth, but it helps to loose the fear when the actual delivery day comes, it'll help you relax, anyways, cross the hurdle when u get there :), its easier that way

    so we are plenty that dont like this shopping

    u seem active so loosing your weight after pregnancy might not be so much of an issue, i hear it easier when you remain active through your pregnancy

  12. Yikes! Childbirth freaks me out toooo! I don't like shopping either, but that's cause it's too much trouble sometimes- i think they made online shopping for me lol

    Lovely blog!


  13. Thanks.
    I'll do this meme soon...

  14. @ LDP: Thanks for the encouragement and the childborth consolation. lol

    @ jhazmyn: Uhmm, thanks for the tips. As from now, my plan is to be extra active when I get pregnant. I will also try not to give in to fear when the delivery period draws near.

    @ Corner Shop: Thanks for dropping by. Considering your blog name, I though you will like shopping naa.

    @ Tisha: Ypu are welcome.

  15. @ watching movies, Ditto . I can watch up to 4 movies on a Saturday.

    Great knowing more about you.

  16. You try sha for the trekking.... The distance you mentioned is not child's play at all.

  17. I love some Christian rock music, only my head goes "gbam gbam" after some time...

    You can still have flat stomach after childbirth. Why not? It's a combination of genes and discipline. I've been on the same weight and stature for 17 years. With pregnancy, it goes up and after childbirth, it comes down. If anything, I wouldn't mind being a little bigger sef.

  18. @ os: really? please, will you show me the way?

    @ Prism: when adrenaline is high, anything can happen. lol

    @ koinonia: I remember when I finished serving and waiting to get a job, I could watch my eyes out of movies.

  19. You must consider trekking for charity!
    I have trekked from Gbagada(Deeper Life area) to Oshodi before but that was because there were no buses. Doing it daily is too much exercise abeg!


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