The Voter and the Missionary

On the day I was trying to do my voters’ registration, one man was having problem scanning his fingerprints. He kept trying and trying but it kept failing, then people started getting restless and later asked him to leave. I really felt bad for the man because he was quiet all through and looked embarrassed. So, one woman said he should check what he is doing wrong, that maybe he did not pray that day or maybe he did not go to church (it was a Sunday). Just as I was wondering what the woman’s issue was, someone gave her a quizzical look. And she looked back and said ‘It is true’. She said she realized that the day people don’t go to church, something bad happen. She gave an example of one time when she rushed out of church so she could get home early, she ended up staying at the bus stop so long that it was until when the service was over that she got a bus. In my mind, I was like 'what'? She had the ‘No trouser, No earring’ look but I couldn’t ascertain which church she attended.

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The Bible says that our father in heaven makes rain fall on both the just and the unjust (Matt 5: 45). The fact that someone did not go to church or is not a Christian does not mean his fingerprint should not scan, otherwise only Christians will have the right to vote. Let us face the truth, some of the INEC scanners were not sharp and they had problem scanning fingerprints of old people, including that of Olusegun Obasanjo. Why would someone want to relate everything that happens to religion or righteousness? Some people have just determined to preach heresies whenever they have the opportunity, while some other so-called Christians are just too judgemental, thereby becoming a stumbling block to some people that would want to come to repentance.

When it got to the woman’s turn to register, they asked for her occupation and she said she is a missionary. I thought to myself, 'Figures, some new converts are in trouble'!


  1. Proffession: Missionary? Where is this? Nigeria circa 1896?

    All this over-exuberant Christains get on my last nerve! *hisss*

  2. omg religious zealots cn be very annoying. i dnt like people that do the whole "holier than thou" ish..making everything have a religious undertone and what not.

  3. LMAO @Naijamum's comment...
    Really, that's why they assert that Nigerians can be very illogical. What has going to church got to do with ability to scan the finger?
    This follows Fluffy peeve with the "I am Strong" -when-indeed-you-are-feeling-under-the-weather-people!

  4. @ Naijamum: Abi o, when she said missionary, I was surprised. I just thot to myself that maybe she does not do anything.

    @ kitkat: Emphasis on everything. Everything does not have to be about religion

    @ HoneyDame: The 'I am Strong' statement is a personal thing and I understand if some people have refused to speak negatively to their lives, even when they feel that way. It is their own way of building their faith. But as for this woman, insinuating that his prints did not scan because he did not go to church is just....

  5. Ilola, lol @ some converts are in trouble.

    You're so right about religious bigotry. It's sad and draws people further away from God rather than the opposite.

    And self-righteousness stinks.

  6. Waoh wo wo wo
    That's crazy
    How did she get to be a missionary
    When she doesn't know anything about the word of God
    She's be totally ineffective

    She won't be walking in liberty and she would be unable to teach anyone to walk in liberty.

    That's so dangerous!

  7. @ Maid of Heart: anytime you put up a new post, I open your blog, it opens and closes immediately. Is there anything wrong, cos I have not been able to read your blog for about 3 weeks.

    @ Tisha: very correct, she will be totally ineffective. I suspect that she said she is a missionary because she does nothing.

  8. Hi dear,

    Pls try

    I really don't know why that's happening. Will check all my settings again. Thanks

  9. lol. na fanatic she be. but im sure her profession wasnt registered as missionary.

    thnaks for stopping by.

  10. @ Uzezi: It was registered as missionary o. I know this cos I was standing in front of the system, when she was registering. Missionary was even one of the pre-recorded professions on the system.

  11. wa!

    i have her type at the place i work that i enjoy teasing & arguing with her a lot!#wicked me!#

    but really???

    pre-recorded, & they didn't see estate surveyor o when i registered!?..m-e-h-n! maybe my professional body had changed name over the years since i am busy being a housewife! ..i thought to myself..*laughing*

    well said...don't want religious nuts!

  12. lmao ....kai, only in Naija....Is she for real, its so sad wen people are so blinded from the truth

  13. The words some people utter all in the name of religion can make that someone who's not grounded in the word to lose he/her way..
    How you? Hope you good?
    Take care dear..

  14. God help those converts! Lets hope her brainwarping, brainwashing mission would not be accomplished. I can think of some missionary 'undertakings' for the likes of vacant - to occupy the vacuum she calls a brain.

  15. @ Ibhade: Really? I am not sure I will be able to hold a conversation with them o. Plyus you should understand that Nigeria is the second most religious country in the world, so it only makes sense that the professions of pastors, imams and missionaries will be pre-recorded.

    @ jhazmyn: Long time. Yes, so sad

    @ 2cute4u: I am fine, thanks for dropping by

    @ Naijalines: God help them. God knows who his true missionaries are.

  16. I don't like it when people equate everything, whether good or bad to going to church or a specific religious activity. Well good luck to the woman on her missionary.

  17. LOL..some people have crazy ideas. I can't stand people who are floating about "in the clouds" as far as religion is concerned...
    Hey gal, its good to be back. Hope you've been ok :)

  18. @ Gospel girl: welcome back

    @ Myne: Thanks for dropping by.

  19. What?!! See what we say about people being religious and not being Christians.



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