I am vexing jo

Heeeyyyyyyy peeeeeeeepppppppssss, I missed you guuyyyyyssssss!!!!!
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I am so happy to be blogging again, It has beeennnn soooooo looooonng. This is my first uncoordinated post. It is because I just got a laptop to use and the first thing I thought of was blogsville.

I am vexing for you guys sha ooo.  Eku airini aibere eni (well done on not seeing me and not asking of me). Ahn ahhhnnn now, are you guys not my blog friends again? At least you know it is unlike me not to blog at least a week and also comment on your blog posts. I am soooo saaad, I was expecting to be missed and here I am, just to find out that you guys haven's asked of me (sulking face).

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Well, I am sure that you are wondering what caused my unplanned absence. Well, plenty things o. My Internet subscription, Blackberry and employers just decided to come together to plan my blogsville downfall but when there is a will, there is a way.

That is how 2 Fridays ago, my subscription expired, 4 days later, my Blackberry service expired and they put me on one very busy and excruciating engagement that I couldn't even see road, talk less of blog. I started the job for one week before proceeding on my leave, which is why I could not renew my internet and BB, since I wasn't going to be in the country to use it. So, right now, I am in Naijamum's country. If only she were not anonymous, I would have gone to her house, so I could learn how to be a good mum. I ran into some issues with my BB, that I can't solve till I get back to Lagos, which is in 2 weeks time. Till then I will be gallivanting about, till the spirit leads me to Naijamum's house or Beautiful's school.

The two things I miss most now is Blogsville and the BB, even though you guys haven't missed me and asked for me o. Its all good sha, I will device a way to 'do my own back'.

I am still sad and sulky o, so please don't beg me because I am already doing 'asko' for you...


  1. Ha!have you checked your comment box lately? i asked after you as i did after honey dame when both of you disappeared like that *puff*... am so glad to hear from you and happy that you are in 9jamum's country... have a lovely time & come back with plenty of gist..hehehe..take care xo

  2. Well, you can contact both of them through their mail...or holla in their comment box so that you can link up...have fun.

  3. LOL @ Not asking after you

    Your own too much jare. Okay now, forgive me/us. But in my defence...whenever I dont hear from a young-and-single blogger; I always assume that they are enjoying big-time!!!

    Anyway, welcome to Jand. I hope you have a good time here.Do email me your whereabouts so we can arrange a meet-up!

  4. Awwwww.... sorry o. E ma binu (I'm don't think I spelling is right but oh well).

    This was post was funny, esp the spirit leading you to bloggers' locations...hahaha.

    Have fun sha.

  5. lol..u're funny.

    If it helps, I haven't been on blogsville either...pleez can I use that as an excuse to get back into ur good books?


  6. My personal person, if you visit my joint just like NG said, you will realise that even I disappeared from this part of the world for a few. Ndo, no vex! I think I did ask how the preps are going (or maybe it was all in my head). Please bring back toblerone o! Not the dark chocolate one. :) Enjoy your stay there and if you meet up with Naijamum, help me to check out her WEO ( I have a feeling I will want to apply to his list of to-be-girlfriends).


  7. Eyah sorry o *hug*...u were missed indeed! I hope u enjoy ur stay in Jand. Please go and see Naijamum and gist us ;-)

  8. Looool! you too did you ask of me? lol! good to know you're fine though. hehehehe we can arrange a hook up on one condition o, do you have GALA with u? if yes then pls drop your email addy as a comment and i'll hit you up, if no then bye bye to your hot country....hehehehehe....send me your email dear!

  9. I asked after u oo.. In spirit :D
    Enjoy ur time in jand....all u 9ja pple wey just dey travel as u wish, i envy all of una.

  10. Just to let you know, I am now satisfied now that I have read everyone's past posts and filled my eyes up, though I couldnt comment cos I have really missed a lot

    @ Ibhade: Awwwww, do you know I just saw ur comment now? Niways, u r not on d list of ppl I am vexing for. Thanks for asking for me. I really appreciate it and feel loved

    @ Naijamum: How is my own too much? It is not bad that I am asking my friends to miss me naaa. I am coming to your blog to drop a comment

    @ Prism: The spelling is right o and just because of that, I have considered forgiving you since you are not yoruba. lol
    The spirit is one naa

  11. @ H: Really, what happened, hope everything is alright? Ok, I will consider

    @ HoneyDame: Naa, you didn't, it was all in your head? And preps for what, if I may ask.
    You want Toblerone of Switzerland? Ok ooo, no probs. Only that I cannot come to yankee to give you naa. Don't worry, your side will be my next stop by th Grace of God.
    I will help you spy on Naijamum and WEO.

    @ Blessing: Thanks, I will try to see her

  12. @ Beautiful: Ok, we are both guilty. Sorry, I don't have Gala oo, I would have brought it for you if I knew you liked it. So does tht mean I can't see you? Niways, I am coming to your blog to comment.

    @ 9jaFoodie I saw your handwork on blog o, you just want everyone to be growing fat abi, well done o.
    I don't travel as I wish. If I did, I would be travelling every month.

  13. I've kinda noticed you've been quiet but I didn't think it's been that long cos blogville has been generally quiet anyway. Like Naijamum, i just thought you were enjoying in an 'abe abo' somewhere, lol.

    Nice to have you back:)

  14. Haha nau? You were in our thoughts :p Glad you're back sha oh. Please don't beat us hehe


  15. lool i feel so bad. e ma bi nu ma! :p (forgive my bad yoruba lol). i was actually wondering why u hadnt blogged, glad you're back sha, and have fun in london ..xx

  16. Hi luv, sorry for not having noticed, the truth is I haven't been around much myself...but I hope you are well. Where are you visiting by the way?
    If it makes any difference, you do hold a special place in my blogging heart... :)

  17. Ok, it is official! I am getting waaaayy tooo old. WEO is another blogger's son, I meant to say NAijamum's Prof1...Biko, forgive my senility.
    Enjoy yoursef o babe!
    And I thought you were prepping for your wedding (Dont tell me this too is all in my head, odawise I will lose my mind!!!)

  18. @ Adura Ojo: Meeee??? Abe abo??? Ahhh, not me ooo. lol. Thanks

    @ Corner shop: I actually had my cain, maybe I will keep it for another time. lol

    @ kitkat: Your youruba is on point. I will try to have fun, but I need money for that

    @ Gospel Girl: I am visting a lot of places. I have been here 4 days now and I have been to 4 towns. Am on a roll.
    A special place in your 'blogging heart'? That is sooo sweet, thanks

    @ HoneyDame: loooooooooooollllll. I was also wondering o, so I assumed it was a personal name you gave her son.
    In which I am not yet preparing for my wedding o, it was all in your head. But please, don't lose your mind cos wed still need you on blogsville

  19. LOL @ Honeydame.
    She must have been over-dosing on blogs!
    Ilola, I got your message on my blog.
    Email me on dwonderkid@gmail.com when you are settled and relaxed.


  20. Na real wah for me o!...smh!...
    That adura ojo line is classic! "abe abo" uhn?! **wriggling my eyebrows at @tilola**

  21. I sent you a mail sinceee via the email addy you dropped in my comment box and have gotten no reply. reply me nau? *crying*

  22. You still dey vex, lol...this post was funny sha? I hope you have met up with the other bloggers, that should make you happy abi?

    Forgive me sha, I took the easter period since Thursday off, and just came back yesterday and now doing all my rounds.

  23. Haven't been to your blog before and I'm sure you were missed ... funny post to, abeg don't vex, blogging and commenting can be hard at times.


  24. Aunty my apology got missing in the mail NIPOST is to blame.
    Are u still in obodo oyinbo? Pls bring chocolate oh, ehen!


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