Help: My Child doesn't listen to me

Happy New Year beautiful people. How are we all doing? Yes, I am back... and better. I am actually excited to be back, because I know that my blog is taking a new shape, :). Not necessarily in outlook but in the spirit of it.

I have decided that it will be more open, honest, authentic, like you are gisting with your friend thing. All these formalities, commercialism, etc. happening in the blog world nowadays is just so tiring. I need some of the old breeze and need to laugh more. Speaking of which I can count how many times I actually laughed in 2018. Apart from the gists with my husband, everything was just so serious serious, and stressful. I need my life to be refreshed, gosh.

Anyway, if you have been following this blog, you can guess that my son is now well over one year old. He is currently my only child, and mehn, he has a mind of his own. I don't know if this is how all one year olds are (I strongly doubt), but he keeps on doing the things I tell him not to do, and going to the corners I tell him not to go. I don't know what to do about it again o. I have shouted, begged, scolded, spanked lightly, spanked strongly, yet no progress. He clearly understands that I don't want him doing those things, yet he does that very thing.

Sometimes, he monitors me as I watch him, and once my eyes are off him, off he zooms to the very thing I warned him against. Like how can this one year old have enough sense to be monitoring me?

Sometimes, he goes to pick what I warned him against picking, from where I warned him against reach. Once he sees me, he runs as fast as he can from me, with the 'treasure'. Other times, he just walks up to me, and offers the 'treasure' back, like "sorry I took your stuff, you can have it back."

So here are the areas I need help, especially from experienced African Mothers (I don't want any Oyinbo solution that will tell me things like "lovingly find a distraction for your son, offer an alternative, etc. Those things are not working for this level of headiness, abeg).

Number 1. Is it all one year olds that have these kind of behaviour, or are some gentle, calm, and obedient? I need to know so I can decide what attributes to start praying for in my next child.

Number 2. If you have ever handled a one year old with similar traits, please, let me know how you effectively dealt with this issue. I'm not asking for a dummy, quiet, or calm child. I just want an obedient one year old, who does what I tell him to do, and doesn't do what I tell him not to do. Abi is that too much to ask for?

Now waiting for your responses.


  1. omg!!! You had a baby!! Omg!! gosh i havent been on blogsville since 2015, clearly so much has happened! Congrats!! So about the posts...all i can say is that it's probably about to get worse, lol, sorry! these young ones are just too curious and want to explore, not caring or remembering the consequences of the last time they did that. So all i can say, is that you just gotta keep watch and let them explore. You keeping watch is to ensure they dont hurt themselves but at the same thing letting them express their curiosity. My only issue with disciplining them this young is that from my experience they do not remember, so after a while (at least for me) it felt like a waste of time. So i just became the hover mom, watching them as much as I can and if there's danger, totally removing them from that situation.

    1. Aww, Gee, its been eons. Glad to have you here, like old times. Hope you will keep coming back o.

      Thank your for the advice and suggestions. It's not easy, but I will try, lol.

      How are you and your family?

  2. LOL, I've got nothing for you sis. This is definitely not my area of expertise. Happy New Year and happy child-rearing lol.

    1. Lol. One day you will be in my shoes, and when that time comes, I am going to laugh at you also, haha.

      Happy new year to you too.:)

  3. My dear! Can I say they are all the same? LOL My son is like that too. But I am very strict ooo ah! Even me sef sometimes I have to tell myself to calm down!

    He has started staying in naughty corner abeg I can't shout too much. I give him like 3 warning then off he goes if he keeps doing it but my son is now 21 months and I don't even know how he knew not to leave the corner when I ask him to go there but heeeey! I am not complaining! haha!

    I hear it gets worse sef and also learnt that they don't remember any instruction given to them after it is given so you will HAVE to keep repeating yourself although me I don't get the whole theory of them not remembering sha because it is the same brain he uses to remember the nursery rhymes. Rme. One thing I know, you will keep repeating till they get it.

    The fact that he waits for you to turn around means he is listening and that is what you want, a listening child even if it is not for long. Lol.

    Ku Ise o! This is the hard part... so we won't have to say teenage years is hard.


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