Shoes that don't fit, the Miracles of Spinning, Wasting our Votes, et al

Hello beautiful people. How are we all doing? 2019 is going well, so far so good. We thank God. Been hitting our goals bit by bit.

I feel like doing one of those random thought interesting posts today.

Last weekend, I read Chimamanda's book, Dear Ijeawele. I agreed with most of the points raised in the book, and wrote my thoughts on some of them in my Instastory (yeah, I'm trying to up my game on IG. I hope I don't get tired of it again.) While most people agreed with me, some, namely two guys disagreed with me on the issue of women having to take their husbands' surnames after marriage. I'm sure more than two guys disagreed, but only two communicated their diagreement with me via DM. I will write more about this in my next blog post. Make sure to look out for it, as it will be a very interesting and enlightening one. And you can already tell that I won't be joining the bandwagon here. After all, we are Rebelling Against Culture. Have you read this Chimamanda's book?

What's with toddlers' obsession with adult shoes? My son has been wearing his dad's shoes of late, and he's so enthralled with it. It is interesting how we want to fit into bigger shoes, but we really cannot handle bigger responsibilities. If you have child(ren), please let us know in the comment section if they were ever obesessed with wearing adult shoes.

I attended spinning classes in my gym last Friday, for the first time ever. Gosh, it was one of the hardest things I ever did. I mean, I look at my wrist watch, it is 9.55am, twenty minutes later, I look at it, it is still 9.55am.
The class was so hard, that time stood still for me. God performed so many miracles for me in that class. Miracle number 1: The fact that I did 30 minutes of spins, with several sets of seconds break in between. Miracle number 2: The fact that I didn't slap my instructor for being so mean. Miracle number 3: The fact that the instructor didn't slap me for being too lazy. Miracle number 4: The fact that I could still walk after the class ended, even though my thighs were on fire.

I got my PVC (Permanent Voter's Card) last week, and I am so excited. I have never had a PVC. The last time I voted, I used a TVC (Temporary Voter's Card), and it was in 2011. I am happy I will be voting this time around, though I doubt that my choice will win. But still I will waste my vote.

I stopped listening to radio and every other source of depressing news last year December, and I can say my life has been better for it. I was a victim of the illusion of information last year, and it wasn't a good outcome for me at all. I will write more about this in a future post

How are you all doing? Hope 2019 has been treating you well? Please I love comments. Don't forget to drop a comment, about one or two rants in this post.


  1. Lol..... keep enjoying and capturing your son's moments. He would like to see them later....Looking forward to seeing my almost one year old daughter walking in my shoes..... "tales of the PVC".... we will do what we have to do even if it's to (waste) vote.... alwaz refreshing reading your posts....

    1. You want your one year old daughter to start walking in your shoes? Lol. Be careful what you ask for oooo.

      So do you have your PVC?

  2. I have never voted or had a PVC despite registering every single time.

    1. It's so sad. There are some people like that.

  3. I finally got my PVC on Monday and I was ecstatic, the irony is that I work with the Commission. I have never voted and may not vote this time because I may be on active duty on that day, possibly in a different part of the country. I encourage everyone who has not collected their PVC to do so before the deadline. Make sure to vote! trust me it counts.
    2019 looks promising, I suspect I will be proud of myself at the end of the year.

    1. You work with the commission, and you got your PVC the same time 'common men' like us do? Lol

      Honestly, there should be a way people working on that day like INEC officials, policemen, military personnels, etc should be able to vote na.


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