Sights and Views of The Gambia: Hotels and Resorts

So in the last two editions, I wrote about my experience going to The Gambia, mostly negative and stressful, majorly due to my fault, and had nothing to do with the country itself.

I stayed in The Gambia for three days and two nights, instead of two days and one night, thanks to Arik who are experts are ruining people's plans.

If you have heard any stories about The Gambia, it is that it is a very beautiful country, and a very good vacation spot.

Well, here is the truth. Gambia is a very good tourist destination. In fact, in the hotels, you see loads and loads of white people, but the country itself is not a beautiful. It's not even as beautiful as Nigeria, it is just like a typical northern state, and they are not as developed as Nigeria (just like many other African countries).

The Gambia, which is the smallest country in Africa (about the size of Victoria Island + Lekki phase 1) is a coastal country, i.e. it is along the beach front. The country is very sparse in population so you won't find loads and loads of people on the road, like you would in Lagos.

But... The Gambia is marketed and built to be a tourist destination, so there are loads of beach front hotels and resorts, and that's exactly where the beauty lies. That's why you find loads of foreigners there, ready to spend their money.

Anyway, too much talk for now. Let's move on to pictures. I will make them as few as I can so I don't overload you. This week, I will show you the hotels and resorts, and next weekm you would see the streets. You yourself can make a comparison

My first day there took me to Coco Ocean Beach Front Hotel, where they have a mostly white administrative staff.

 And then to Coconut Residence, which is stronger in rooms, than in environment.

After this, I went to Senegambia Beach Front Hotel, and I was blown away. It's very tropical, even more then Coco Ocean. It's the busiest hotel in The Gambia, and I wasn't surprised that it was dominated by whites

My tour guide is below.

 The food I had at Senegambia. I told them I wanted it very spicy, and believe it or not, what they did was cut rodo pepper (scotch bonnet) in halves, and put it by the rice.

By this time, I was tired. I just stayed at the reception of Senegambia Hotel, and worked on my iPad before heading back to my own hotel. The next day, I set out on another day's waka. I started by taking pictures of the regular streets.

But for now, let's go to The Kairaba before we call it a wrap this week.

The Kairaba is also very tropical like Senegambia Beach hotel, but more carved, and looks more official.

I wonder what they do to the foreigners who disobey the rule below.

They are very big on pools and green areas in Gambian hotels

 And their resorts have birds, butterflies, cats, and many beautiful animals

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures. To be concluded next week


  1. Very lush green scenery. Did you take pictures outside he resort area?

    By the way, why do you refer to the country as "The Gambia" rather than Gambia? It's like saying, The Nigeria. Just curious...

    1. Its called The Gambia, not Gambia. I also learnt that on the course of preparing for my trip.

  2. I didn't know it was that small!
    "It's not even as beautiful as Nigeria, it is just like a typical northern state"... This seems contradictory a bit though. But, nice pictures!

    1. Really? I mean it is not as beautiful as Nigeria. I meant the local side of the north, as compared to Nigeria as a whole. Does that make sense now?

  3. I have heard so much about the Gambia, not really a fan of resorts. Nice pictures I must say.

  4. Beautiful....small but big in tourism....means more jobs, constant electricity and no traffic gridlock for hours :D

    1. Yeah. No traffic o. Sparse population, so relatively peaceful and easygoing.

  5. That must have been a very tough experience. Glad you found help

    1. Yes o. God knows how to sort people out. Thanks

  6. Did you eat any ceeb u jen while there? (That areas version of jollof rice)

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