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Good day ma peeps. As some of you know, I mentioned starting a natural hair blog to some bloggers some months back. The blog is to focus on core Africans as most natural hair blogs focus more on black Americans, and you and I know that what they call natural hair is different from what we call natural hair, as ours is harder to maintain

A lot of mental planning has gone into this blog, as people that know me well know that once I decide to do something, I put my all into it, as I am a very passionate person. I won’t like to start something I can’t keep up with or continue.

Anyway, my intention was to start the blog next year because I thought that is the time I will have time to dedicate to it, but for some reasons I can’t go into, I started now. I have written posts that can last me about four months so putting up posts won’t be an issue this year at all. At least, I have two posts up already

So for all African natural hair carriers, those that just cut off their relaxed hair and those thinking of transitioning to natural hair, those who have friends in these categories mentioned, I welcome you to African Naturalistas. Please visit the blog, follow and inform your other African friends who will find this blog helpful. It promises to very insightful and educative. See you all there. Thanks

P.S: I have read from some blog posts that there is currently a ‘Team natural’ vs. ‘Team relaxer’ war going on. I have never witnessed this, as natural hair isn’t really common in Nigeria. I personally think the war is not needed, as everyone has reasons why they carry their hair the way they do. I am in no way promoting this 'war' with this blog. I just want to help people with difficulties, since people always ask me how I 'do it'

P.S.S: I do not plan to abandon this blog for one moment, it gave me a platform for writing and I looovvveee it, so don't think for once that I am going anywhere.
I am going to maintain separate identities on both blogs, even the username will be different, but it’s still the same face, as I am not an anonymous blogger.


  1. Yeiiiii... My hair is natural so the new blog is for me. I am very excited :D

  2. I heard about the #teamnatural and #teamrelaxed thing too. Its a pity though. I'm going natural because i want to. No one forced me or talked me into it. I woke up one day and after removing my weave, i hated the way my hair looked and decided i was going to start over.

    every man to their tent (hair).lol

    kudos to this initiative.have followed already

  3. thank you for that disclaimer,please don't ignore this blog oh,carried my natural hair for a long while then I relaxed it,the length is amazing and the colour too but even though I've done so many rubbish to it,It still maintains its smooth and weavon like texture.
    all the best dear.

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  5. Love the concept!

    Gonna flow now :)

  6. True Atilola I've been contemplating "nachi" hair(we used to call natural hair nachi in Secondary school ‎ ℓ☺ℓ ). Then we felt natural hair was for the people who couldn't afford or meet up but I wore low cut throughout my Sec. School days.
    Right now,I desire the natural,I hope its not follow follow sha oh. A month ago, I only blew out my hair so some natural was under,will follow yours and try with my hair. I guess it might be easier to maintain? Dunno... ;)

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  8. @ 9JaFOODie: I am excited for you also. lol

    @ stelzz: Abi o, how people take things to the extreme. I have seen your comments, thanks for following

    @ kitkat: Thanks

    @ gretel: I can't abandon this blog o. I used to have weavon like hair too, back then when I used to relaxt it

  9. @ os: Thanks

    @ Ibhade: Ha ha, comfort is key o. I hate all the itches too

    @ Blessing: Thanks jare, see you there

    @ enybees: 'nachi' is easy to maintain of you know the things to do. lets learn together

  10. Kudos! That's very thoughtful of you.
    Definitely subscribing :)

  11. Let me go check it out. Congrats!

  12. Checked it out already..nice concept *thumbs up*

  13. Well done! More Adi agbon* (coconut oil) to your elbow.
    I couldn't rock the natural even if I tried. The pain of running combs through still gives me shivers. So I envy all you natural hair rockers! Go ladies.

  14. All the best babes. I'll be sure to check in

  15. @ Naijamum: Thanks

    @ MsJB: Thanks, c u there

    @ Myne: Thanks so much, I know your hair is natural

    @ dayo: Thanks

    @ LusciousRon: If you know the right things to do, running combs through your hair won't be painful at all

    @ kinonia: Thanks, see you there

  16. new blog??...congratulation!

    'war'???...why??? what fits you, is my stand....i miss pouring water on my head daily shaa...since i began fixing...

    *scratch! scratch! goes my fingers

    *enjoys it while it lingers

    cannot wait to deep it into water!

    oh! what a pleasure i await!

  17. Blessings......
    great....on the blog

    I would like to take you a few steps back though, "ours is harder to maintain," No it is not,please give up this belief. Our hair is not hard to maintain, actually its quite easy if we learn about our hair and not look at it through other lenses. I have natural hair and I have no issues maintaining it nor do i find it difficult.

    will pop by and have a look.

  18. @ Rhapsody: Thanks. I agree with you that it is easy to maintain once we know the things to do, however it is not as easy as relaxed hair.
    Learning about the hair is the reason I created the blog. I hope to see you there regularly

  19. Am off to check the new blog now ... :) U see I have a fro in my

  20. I am not yet ready to go natural, but in the event that I do, I guess it is useful to start learning some things in advance. And seeing how dedicated you are to this blog, I am sure the new one will do just as well. All the best and Congrats!

  21. how cool! funny thing is one of my friend has beautiful natural hair and I was just thinking of interviewing her for my blog after her dissertation.. I am still waging that way of natural or not sha.


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