Hi people, how’s everything? As bloggers that know me a bit must have noticed, I don’t like to trend-blog and I don’t like to complain. I am not one person that will complain about marriage, the situation of things in Nigeria, etc. it doesn’t mean I am not faced with the realities of the many problems we have, but I believe no one has a right to complain if we don’t have suggestions for solutions. I know many bloggers have suggestions about solutions, like I have read on different blogs, but I still would not complain. I have chosen to face the other direction and see differently, that is my own personal choice and I think I have a right to make it.

Even if my government has chosen not to do the right thing…. Nigeria has a great future

Even if the Boko Haram issue is not being resolved fast… Nigeria has a great future

Even if it seems corruption has spread like a cancer through every nook and cranny of the nation… Nigeria has a great future

Even if the power issue doesn’t seem to have headway yet… Nigeria has a great future

Even if *insert however Nigeria is frustrating you*… Nigeria has a great future

Yeah, I said it. If you don’t like my optimism in the face of harsh realities, if you think I am just going on the ‘wishful thinking’ path, well that is the way you choose to see it. As for me, I choose to look the other direction.

The truth is that we are where we are because we have options. A politician has headache, they fly him out of the country. As for most politicians’ kids and rich people’s kids, they all school abroad. The main thing is that people are choosing the other options that will not let the country develop. Choosing these other options are not bad, but take all the options away and you will be amazed at how fast the country will develop. When we fail to develop our country for selfish reasons and greed, because we have looted all the country’s money and can afford to take care of our family of six, then there is fire on the mountain.

In the mean time, don’t say Nigeria is finished, don’t give up on us because we are just starting. As for me, I am not going anywhere because I have nowhere to go, so I have no choice but to root for the only country and only home I have, before some bad leaders pull the rug under my feet.

Till the time we have no option, when the time we have nowhere else to run, till we have nowhere else to go… the future is here

As for those who agree with me, I beg you to CARRY THE SONG… CARRY THE SOUND!

This post was inspired by TY Bello’s ‘The future’. I think all Nigerians have to listen to this, if they haven’t. Okay, I am on my knees, begging, please watch the video below. Thanks

TY Bello - The Future from Kemi Adetiba on Vimeo.


  1. remb this song:




    NIGERIA GO SURVIVE..........





    *pls wetin be the name of teh female artiste again?...hehehhe

    I am a pessimistic person by nature and like to whine at every given opportunity {to let of steam} BUT i would tap into your optimism....we would get there..esp seeing what is happening in shows, every country has it's own flaws..weldone sister.

    Hey! just updated again!>..yeah! yeah! i know, so soon.....since LIGHT dey nko? i go again WHINING :D

  2. oops! i meant PACK & not BACK.. slip of finger!

  3. There's nothing wrong in complaining because with complaints comes change. we cnt jst sit back and smile when millions of Nigerians are sufering. Ofcourse we believe Nigeria can be much better but by complaining about the current situation, it gives rise to solutions and actions.

  4. #GBAM

    We construct Nigeria by the pessimism our tongues speak. I'm glad you're remaining optimistic even in the face of unchanging or rather drastically unchanging circumstances.

    It's not wishful thinking, it is a positive confession and on only strong people can stand in the midst of frustrations and claim that "it is well"

  5. I like your faith and confessions Atilola. The truth is, our much talks won't do much than our quest for solution. Solution begins with each and every individual. Like the words of Ghandi; "we must be the change we wish to see in the world"...

    great words, Miss :)

    How is Uncle Evidence? haha

    - LDP

  6. My beloved Nigeria!! we have great potential, we just have to change our negative attitude and initiate positive changes for a better tomorrow. The power to change Nigeria resides with each and every single one of us.

  7. I've always believed Nigeria has a good future. Great even. I even say it till today cos i've been watching what is going on all over the world. But truth is, if we're not careful, we'll let it slip and it will just be mere wishful thinking and talk.

    Our great future tomorrow will come depending on how we position ourselves today; it will come depending on how much we are able to get serious, curb corruption(or at least try to minimize it). It will be dependent on the sincerity and selflessness of our leaders and us, as individuals and collectively as a nation.

    We see potential as we've been seeing since the 70's/80's (check out Brazil). But seeing is no good if we'll never get things right in terms of attitude and leadership.

    But like you, i'll carry the song and the cause. And God help me not to be weary on the I'm talking too much jare. But i guess that's just to show my passion for everything i want us to get right.

  8. aww I really love this one! I believe Nigeria can take a U-turn> for the better. AND it starts by each person contributing or doing something. It might be hard, but we need to find a way to stop complaining and start acting...

    I hope I can too, somehow..

  9. I am glad that there are still some people who believe in Nigeria. We (the youth) are the future of Nigeria. As far as we are alive, there is hope!

  10. I applaud your optimism Ilola

    It is good to be optimistic but I also believe in calling a spade a spade.

    So long as corruption goes unpunished and leaders are not held accountable....we need to complain and complain. Revolutions always start with a spark.

    If everyone smiles and ignores ineptitude, we will continue to remain 'that country with great potential'.

    I wont bore you with my personal experiences of Nigeria but let's just say that I love my country but I have seen - first hand - how it maltreats the visionaries and hopeful among us. Yes, it's all very nice to say we should all remain in Nigeria....but I unashamedly refuse to have my children's education and opportunities scarificed at the altar of patriotism. I have personally made my own sacrifices.

    Yes, I believe in being optimistic but I also believe we should be more demanding of our leaders and elders.

    In the 4 decades I have been on this earth, I have seeen Nigeria slide backwards. 30 years ago where was Malaysia? China? Brazil? Dubai, ...even Ghana and South Africa.

    Until we demand more, we will remain the giant which can only muster a whimper.

  11. @ Ibhade: that's good, pessimism has never gotten anyone anywhere. As you pointed out, we all have our own issues and its high time we stop running away from them.

    @ kitkat: I never said there's anything wrong in complaining. I only said I have chosen not to complain. Its my personal choice.

    @ H: thanks lady. our worlds are framed by the words of our mouth. And positive confession is not wishful thinking. Bows

    @ LDP: thanks for the encouragement. Uncle evidence is very 'on point'. Thanks

  12. @ LDP: thanks for the encouragement. Uncle evidence is very 'on point'. Thanks

    @ 9JaFOODie: that's true, many of us have that negative attitude and have given up on Nigeria. Imagine if other countries closed their doors to us

    @ stelzz: very true, we gotta be serious about finding solutions. The reason why we are where we are is because deep down, we are not serious yet. But must things get so bad before we start running helter skelter? Thank God you are passionate sha.

    @ Abi Tobi: Yes, you can. I won't kid you, it will be hard but we all can. What other choice do we have?

    @ Aseni: Yes, there still are. Howbeit, very few. Thanks for dropping by

  13. @ Naijamum: Thanks so much, I'd have been surprised if u had commented differently. I am not saying you should raise your children here, I am saying that some of us don't have a choice but to do just that. Should we now die of depression, or rather, keep praying for our country and be optimistic?
    We all have our personal experiences, unlike you guys, we in Nigeria still face harsh conditions everyday. Should we now lose hope because of that? No we won't. Cos a hopeless person is a 'walking-dead'.
    I am not saying we shouldn't demand of our leaders or we shouldn't speak against corruption, because that's not what complaining does. Let's talk to them, if we have the opportunity, but let's not give up on Nigeria.
    As I said, not all of us have the opportunity of running away and even if we all did, who will repair our country for us? In the mean time, we won't die of hopelessness, we will CARRY THE SONG and CARRY THE SOUND. That is My opinion

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  16. Atilola GBAM GBAM GBAM GBAM and GBAM.

    I won't add so much more and this my GBAM isn't said to flatter ‎​you but to give a thumbs up cos I don't know how much complaints can alter an already bad condition. If I can be optimistic about my business or my family,why not this country(just an analogy) and I'd say I'm once person who has a DEEP passion for Nigeria so if ‎​you catch ‎​​me make comments or do a post on the issues in Nigeria, I must end mine with how much I believe we will change and flourish.Let the politicians/"bad leaders" be for now, One day just as the nations of Israel we shall FLOURISH again, ‎​​We shall ARISE and SHINE. I refuse to look at the present challenges alone, I LOOK into the very BRIGHT future. And the future of Nigeria depends on EVERY CITIZEN of this country,leave blaming leaders cos some of us are like them-when in power.
    Yes,we shall wait and REPAIR naija amen.

    Btw,I like to write about Naija a lot but with a lot of HOPES in my writing. I also take note of all the issues with a lot of optimism too. So which one bi "trend writing?‎​" ℓ☺ℓ

  17. I cannot decide which one I prefer: your optimism or your candor :-)
    I'll settle for both!

    If you ask the average Nigerian (however way you want to define that term), they can list the problems of Nigeria. In the same breath, they can also list the solutions. For goodness sakes, that's what primary school social studies students cram and write on their tests.

    But implementation nko? Na wahala! I agree with you though. If we remove all the other options that people have (or think they have), maybe we will face our problems more squarely. But, there are also people who are doing their little and it still goes unnoticed.

    Did I mention that I love your optimism? Okay, let me repeat it: I love your optimism! This really got me thinking...

  18. Thanks for replying Ilola
    Much appreciated.

    Like I said before, I speak from personal experience - and I wont bore you with the sacrifices I and others dear to me have made.
    I'm glad you are optimistic.

    Life has made me a Pragmatist.

  19. Nigeria has a great future,that Ty bello's song does a lot to my spirit.

  20. It starts with us Nigerians and an aggressive desire for change. Sadly majority are complacent so they continue with status quo, hoping that somehow Nigeria will get better.

  21. funny enough i am very optmistic about Nigeria also, i know say e go better

  22. I love your optimism and I pray your country gets the turn around you pray and hope for.
    Your attitude kinda reminds me of the book series :)

  23. @ Enybees: I know you are apssionate about this country, as I have read from your post. One day, we will be better cos we can only hope for the best.
    Trend-writing is writing about things everybody is writing about. Like when everybody was writing about the lady whose husband murdered or when everybody was writing about the flood or when corpers were killed. I like writing about something different at such times.

    @ Relentless Builder: Thanks for your compliment. Lol at social studies test. I really appreciate your encouragement

    @ Naijamum: This your experience must have been really bitter. I pray that we will have the opportunity to restore your hope in Nigeria in the future. Thanks o

  24. @ Gretel: Yes o, it is really inspiring

    @ Ms.'dufa: If only we could get the complacency out of our blood. It is so sad

    @ Laurenta: We are already down, we have no other place to go but up. Thanks

    @ Gospel Girl: Sadly, I don't know polyanna. My country will get better in Jesus name. Thanks

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  26. There is simply no doubt about it- Nigeria has a great future!! Before!


  27. I call myself the naija optimist. It's not because I've not had bad experiences of naija but whining never gets us anywhere, we all have to work at it.

    1. Yes o, we want to progress, not be stagnant.

  28. I am just sick of hearing people complain about the government and everything else while not doing a thing to improve themselves. I pray we see the light soon.

    1. Who is the government sef? Are we not the government?

  29. Nigeria would definitely be better, of course, with optimists like you, and me, and millions of other people....

    1. Yes. If all optimists would only speak out and act

  30. Proudly an optimist! I love that song!!

  31. On this issue,we share thesame belief.I know Nigeria will get better and quite a good number of people share this conviction.When i listened to TY Bello's The Future,only two things came to my mind,Brilliant and Inspiring!


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