Hovering Flies

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I was in church one day when OH (Other Half) pointed flies hovering around a girl’s hair. Sadly, she was oblivious to what was going on around her ‘glory cap’ so she couldn’t swat them. Also, no one would dare start send the flies away in order not to draw attention to the lady, which will end up embarrassing her. She had fixed a weave and it looked alright to the human eye. So why exactly were flies choosing to hover around just only her hair? Here is the reason.

According to OH, the hair hovering flies is something he sees a lot, especially when he was in secondary school. When ladies do not have the opportunity to lose their hair after a long time, they look for one way or the other to wash the hair, while it is still unloosed on their head. Then they apply a lot of pink oil on it so that it will shine and no one will know that it is old. Before you know it, the hair is already sticky and smelly. It then gives off this odour that is though unperceivable by the human nostrils, attracts flies.

Unfortunately, the flies betray them and let every one know their ‘dirty little secret’, even if they look clean on the outside. As I said earlier, the sad part they do not realize that everyone is already in on their ‘secret’.

Do you have a ‘dirty little secret’ that you have disguised to look clean on the outside? Whatever you do, just be sure the hovering flies are not betraying the ‘prim and proper’ look you have used to cover it up. Better still, find time to ‘loose out’ the secret and deal with it.


  1. Chei, the flies did her strong thing o!

  2. Great analogy, I have seen that happen before too. God help us all..

  3. it's the smell that puts me off when in buses or close to such people! the reigning style now, makes their head itch becox of the glue, toilet roll & skull cap, they would be hitting the spot becox they cannot scratch it or remove the weave in public...that said, many have skeletons in their cupboard which they think people are not aware of, just like Jesus said, the inside of the cup will be dirty but the outside neat...just like the sales gal palava...very 'holy' outside, but wicked inside..the people who do know of someone secrets are always around, & won't talk.

  4. @ HoneyDame: Abi o, it is really a strong thing. Embarassing her like that in public

    @ Myne: Amen, God help us

    @ Ibhade: What is the reigning style o? cos I don't know anything about weaves since I am on natural hair. As for the secrets, it will most likely come out one day, when the flies 'betray'.

  5. me think is called the 'wig-cap'

    the hair is weaved all back.

    toilet roll placed on it

    then a skull cap used to cover the head.

    the weavon is attached with a special glue.

    then off to the barbing saloon to get it shaved & styled to one's desire...then dye it as one wishes...some brown & black, some red, blue,...

    it is btw 2500-5000, depending which area it was done...it is removable...like a cap, when wants to sleep.

  6. Lol @ Lara D's Raid.

    On a slightly different note, secrets can also be healthy if it is not harmful to anyone else who knows or may wish to know. We all have secrets that we keep to ourselves, that are not deceitful or harmful to ourselves or others, but we keep them from prying eyes to protect our privacy as individuals.

  7. @ Ibhade: Na wa ooo, Fashion sha. I have never heard of that one ooo. I think gals thru a lot in the name of fashion.

    @ Retomus: Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Lara D: You are so funny. The raid would have been useful if she was aware. The poor girl wasn't aware

    @ Naijalines: You are right, but those are healthy secrets. What of the the very dirty ones that people intentionally dusguise as clean so as to deceive people?

  8. Those are not good o. The 'vision' Ms Nitty Gritty gave us - has me calling for the sick bucket from here.

  9. @9JALINES..:))))))))))))))))))0000

    i beg oooo, e pele, nah wetin fashion cause!

    hahahahahaaaa, even odede [old woman] dey do the style self!

  10. @ Naijalines: As in seriously

    @ Ibhade: It is really irritating seeing some old women with front hair chopped doing ghana weaving and some other funky styles when the best thing for them is to just cut their hai. smh

  11. lol! Very interesting analogy


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