A New World

(Image from American Museum of Natural History)
I went to Kano for the first time in my life and I am going to be there for a few weeks. I have been there for only two days but I have learnt new things. First thing I noticed was that most of the men were wearing winter caps because it was so cold. You are wondering about the women abi? Well, apart from two girls I saw coming back from school, I never saw any woman throughout my journey from the airport to the hotel, or maybe I did not look well.

Anyway, when my colleagues and I got to the reception desk, we were asked to fill a form. On it was written, this hotel is out of bounds to all female visitors, except spouses. Trust my jaw to drop and big mouth to talk, I read it out loud to my female colleague and I was jokingly spitting discrimination. Only for us to finish filling our forms and told the guys to go to one wing and the ladies to go to another. They actually split us! Even though we are all from one organization. We were all surprised, a male colleague of mine then said, what if we want to have a meeting? The receptionist was just smiling. When I got to my room, I told my female colleague that maybe they don’t want us to use their hotel to start ‘office romance’ or continue the one we started in Lagos.

The hotel rooms are quite beautiful, it has the Muslim praying mat and ablution kettle and I was left wondering, do they expect only Muslim guests or do they expect us to ‘convert’ before leaving. Well, I just brought out my Bible and put it by the bedside desk, hoping the cleaners have not be directed to throw it away because looking at it now, the inscription ‘Holy Bible’ on it is looking too bold and I am praying it is not desecrating their hotel desks.

Well, I am learning new things out here, new culture and all, even though I am of the opinion that the whole man woman separation is mostly hypocrisy. I will keep learning as long as I am here. To think that I almost turned down this particular client, I thank God I did not.

P.S: I love Muslims, I have Muslim friends and I think we can leave in peace and harmony if we just learn to tolerate each others beliefs.


  1. Lol at "desecrating their hotel desk"...so what was the outcome, is ur bible still safe?

    As for hypocrisy, I totally agree with you, I've been in the north a lot, I was born there and I served there as well, and trust me, the separation does not stop anything from happening at all, but I guess they still feel the need to try all the same..

    Hope u enjoy Kano

  2. Like Jhazmyn, I agree with you re: hypocrisy
    After spending sometime in Maiduguri, I can tell you that passion is alive and well. However, like a speck of dust - invisible to the naked eye! *smile* Enjoy Kano.
    PS - If you have time, try going to the market and getting some beaded bangles. They are beautiful.

  3. @ jhazmyn: Yes, my bible is still safe, thanks. Once it is weekend, I will find out hiw I can enjoy the place. Thanks for dropping by

    @ Naijamum: Really? I hope I don't get lost ooo. I'l look at for them

  4. Ha! Thank GOD for mercy journey o!..I had only been at JOS where i served...but my relation who had traveled around the northern states said that they are more corrupt than they portray! They come ALIVE at night! Have fun.

  5. So what do they intend to do about 'GAYS' huh?...Over the years, i had read that it is so RAMPANT in the northern states!...did you see the pic of a senator & his fair lover circulating the net?..some said it was photo-shop...but i refused to believe that!..just as i didn't believe when Wande said it was not him lying on the bed naked!!1...lol.

    Ha! the hypocrisy of the human race! NA ONLY POOR MAN DEY SUFFER FROM THE SHARIA LAWS O!..am yet to see a rich man convicted of stealing or adultery!..mschewww!

  6. @ Ibhade: We thank God. unfortunately, I am not a night crawler and I don't know anyone in kano that can 'trip' me around. I hope my colleagues will let us come together to organise something b4 we are done.

    I also heard that the gay stuff is more rampant here but that Governor(not senator)'s pic is photoshop o. Can't you see that the hand blended into the other guy's skin. Elections are near, people are getting deaperate so expect anything

  7. It's always like that with Muslim tcities and hotels et al..
    Relax, don't worry, you would learn it soon..

  8. LOL @ seeing only 2 girls----dats weird. And winter caps? Is it that cold? wow.
    Enjoy ur trip and keep learning :)

  9. @ 2cute4u: I really am learning new stuffs o

    @ Gee: Yes, its that cold, but a bit better now. As at last week, they wearing the full winter gear.


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