8 Questions you should not ask me this year

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There are some questions that people ask me regularly, even though I don’t like answering them. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ‘spirit of discernment’ and they keep probing. So, I have put together a list of questions no one should ask me this year, I have tried to answer some of them and explained the others away. I hope this will be a little bit satisfactory for the ‘wonderers’.

1. How is school?

Yes, I know that this may sound ridiculous to my friends but a lot of neighbourhood aprocco adults keep asking me this every year, like I am supposed to be a student forever, they forget that you shouldn’t judge people by their size. To set the record straight, I finished secondary school eleven years ago and it has been almost four years since I left university. So unless you are ready to pay for my Masters degree, please, don’t ask me this question again.

2. What ‘exactly’ do you do?

This is one of those questions that make me stall because I don’t know the answer, reason why I don’t like being asked. My employers told me that I am a consultant but I like to think of myself as an apprentice who is training to become an expert in the nearest future if I am patient enough to wait. But truthfully, I don’t know what ‘exactly’ I do.

3. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 yrs?

Well, I want to be the first female president of America. Oh, puhleeaassee… That is for me to know and for you to look out for. Please, face your own short and long term goals and try to achieve them instead of trying to dig out mine. Of what use is that knowledge to you? Unless I come to you for a job interview, I beg you, don’t ask me this question.

4. How is ‘He’?

It still amazes me how many people who don’t know much about you and are trying to find out whether you have a boyfriend or not, ask this question so they can get their answer, instead of coming out to ask you asking directly if you have a boyfriend or not. Just before you think of asking me this question, here is the answer. ‘He’ is fine, whoever 'He' is, wherever ‘He’ is. I don’t have a 'He'. I am single and not searching and please, this is not a job advertisement for the position of boyfriends so guys, don’t forward your CVs.

5. So… when is the wedding date?

Woooooo! I am tired of hearing this one (family members, please take note). There is no wedding date. I have decided to become a nun (yes, I have what it takes), so don't think of asking me this question in the nearest future.

6. Do you ever grow?

This is for the people that see me like once in every 5 yrs. The Answer is ‘No I don’t’. I have been the same size since I was twelve years old, which makes it difficult for me to discard my old clothes. Same height (5’ 5), same weight (45-50 kg), same body size (6-8). So if you see me after a very long time, don’t ask me this question because based on what you see, it is already obvious that I did not.

7. Is this your hair?

Whether my hair is relaxed, dreaded or virgin (its current state), people never ceased to ask me this question. Well, I don’t fix Indian or Brazilian hair, neither do I fix dreadlocks or afro weave ons. If you see anything that looks a bit natural on my head, please don’t suspect or think too much, it is mine. Are you looking for yours? Well I did not steal it, look elsewhere. Yeah, I know it is full and long but I’m sure I am not the only Nigerian to have such hair.

8. Are you a virgin?

Yes, I am a virgin, 'nuff said!


  1. Okay
    Well.....How is school? .....LOL
    Just kidding
    Seriously though, I think you should but this list on a sheet of paper and hand it out to whoever you meet...What do you think *cheeky smile*

  2. I agree with Naijamum, lol but I still want to know what 'exactly you do? :)

    Get ready to share more about you o, I have tagged you as a stylish and versatile blogger, more details on my blog.

  3. Lmho....somebody dey provoke for here o!....am guilty of asking such questions like how is school?.. & is that your hair?.. .seriously, people do ask if you are a virgin?..*oh get me out of here!*..ahahaha

  4. @ Naijamum: I warned you (angry face)!!!Now, you will have to pay for my Masters degree, lol.

    @ Myne: I warned you too (another angry face). Well, I am a consultant for one of the 'Big four', if you know what I mean.
    Thanks for tagging me o. For once, I actually feel like a member of blogsville cos I consider myself the least known blogger. Thanks I really appreciate it.

  5. @ Ibhade: I dey provoke ooo, and I don't want you as my neighbour, lol.
    Sorry, I didn't ask the virgin question rightly. This is what they ask 'are you tellin me you are a virgin?' You know wen you are tryin to tell ppl that it is best to wait after marriage before having sex, then they pop the question. And you are like, what... does that have to do with my counselling? So I am rewriting it here

    8. Are you telling me you are a virgin

    Yes, I am telling you I am a virgin... 'Nuff said!


  6. lol..that was funny sha.. i wanted to ask the same thing as Ibhade but glad u cleared that up..

    lol @ 'do you ever grow?' mine on the other hand, is always..'OMG, is this you? no, it's not me..can't i have some peace of mind because i have added like 15kg since u last saw my skinnyasss..abegi!

  7. @betrayed: I don't envy you at all. I never want to grow, but I can't really say how it will be 10 yrs from now, cos by then, I should have kids.

  8. lol.
    when i saw the title ,i was so curious to know what the questions would be...
    on seeing them i literally laffed out loud!
    very funny post (..to me...)cos i can so relate with all the Q's except 2 & 3.

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