Harmattan, Asians, Beggars et al

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Ooohh (a sigh of relief)! I got back to the hotel room the next day and found out that my Bible is still safe, thank God. I have been here for almost a week now and I have learnt so much. Apart from the process of making textile and leather, my eyes has been open to see things I never knew.

As we know, there is an uneven distribution of wealth in Nigeria leading to a wide gap between the rich and the poor. It is even more pronounced here in the north. The rich is very rich while the poor is very poor. If you happen to be caught in traffic in the morning, you will realize that the number of beggars that will swarm your car can never be compared to those at the Maryland junction in Lagos before the era of Fashola. The roadside beggars are different o, those ones are able bodied. There is no reason why they should be begging, it is their trade because I noticed that their children are beggars also. They are passing it to future generations.

Enough about beggars. Do you know that it is mostly the Asians that are making money here? I mean the Indians, Chinese and Lebanese. They own and control the industries here, they are the major exporters, they employ few of the northerners who are ‘ready to work’ but the top management are all expatriates. Men, we Nigerians need to wake up o, especially these northerners

Also, I found out that fish is expensive here because of the fact that it is a dry region. Eateries like Mr. Biggs don’t even sell fish at all. Eeya, I'll miss my fish

For the first time in my life, I experienced a new kind of weather. The one where the sun will be shining and you will be feeling cold at the same time. This is how it works, even though the sun is shining, the wind blowing is different. The harmattan wind will still be blowing and it is more harsh in the north. So every where is sunny but you still feel the cold wind.

Aaahh, this post is already too long. There is no time for the real thing I wanted to tell you. I will tell you in the next post. Stay tuned...


  1. Re: the beggars - I was quite shocked when I first saw this.

    However, I got to understand that the north is quite a feudal place with a 'class system'. This means that the poor feel that the rich can 'take care of them' and the rich feel pious when they oblige.

    You should drive past a mosque on Friday and you'll be shocked by the number of beggars hanging around the gates - waiting for 'big men' to come out.

    re: the cold - I have to say I prefer cold to heat!


  2. @ Blessing: thanks for you concers, I appreciate it.

    @ Naijamum: Shocked is an understatement. However, will we continue to fold our arms and see how some people will continualy be oppressed and told that they are poor because it is their 'desitiny' and there is nothing they can do about it? A really warped orientation, I must say

  3. No flies?... constant dust?...glad to know your bible is still intact...begging is a 'business' a thriving business there o! Agree with 9jamum.

  4. no offense to the Northerners but most of the beggars even in Lagos are Northerners so i can imagine how it would be over there

  5. Naija mum hit it spot on as per d begging

    You'd get used to the weather after a while I believe :), hang in there

    I missed fish too wen I was there, was always glad wen i could get some :)

    As for the asians, I doubt if that's only in the north o...probably just more prominent

  6. lol @ you holding unto the only familiar item you own in an unknown territory.

    It is comforting to know that God never changes. No matter the location, he remains the same.

  7. @ Ibhade: Yes oo, serious business. Did you finally get the link?

    @ Doll: Are you sure you can imagine or you want to see for yourself?

    @jhazmyn: Yes, naijamim did. The fish you get to see here are sometimes so small and not nice at all

    @koinonia: Yeah, God never changes, He is the unchanging changer.

  8. lol...ure funny!
    As long as u have ur sunglasses and sweater, u're weather proof.

    Re: the Asians running tings...Naija ppl seriously need a rude awakening. How can?


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