Stylish and Versatile Blogger Award- Set up

I was one of the people awarded the Stylish and Versatile Blogger by Myne Whitman, the much celebrated fiction writer. This especially comes as a surprise to me as I would only consider myself for the award of the 'Most unknown blogger in blogsville'. I never knew I was stylish and versatile o, thanks myne for the award, it has really gone a long way in encouraging me. But, this is a set up sha.

Here are the rules of the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 other bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know that they have won.

Seven things about myself
1. I love my company, I like to be alone most times but people don't know this because I talk a lot in public
2. I am a very complicated person, if I were a course, no one will ever pass me
3. I have a very interesting mind, it is as of my mind has a mind of its own and I still don't understand how it works.
4. I have a phobia for travelling by road in Nigeria. When I was serving, I am the only one that used to stay awake all through the 12 hour Journey from Lagos to Benue because I was scared.
5. I am the most prudent person I have ever come across, I can save money out of 'nothing' and give you a fortune years later.
6. I have a very small stature, without makeup, I could pass for a 13 year old girl.

7. Because of my love for writing and snce I don't yet have plans to write any book, I became the Editor and Publisher of the only Neighbourhood Newsletter in Nigeria known as Gbagada Eye (Big achievement, lol)

Wow, the ordeal is over, it was not so bad after all.

Sisi Yemmie


Le Dynamique Professeur


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a-way with words


  1. Thanks for this honour!
    I have just finished answering the questions so I'll post now.
    Thanks again

  2. thanks for the award..i appreciate
    and will set about doing mine too!

  3. You're welcome dear and I love yours. So a neighbourhood has a newsletter in naija? And you're the editor, you go girl...

  4. Ha! you can pass for a 13yr old without make-up?...m-e-h-n! you are lucky o!

    LOL @ if you were a course, nobody would pass it!

    Don't blame you about the phobia for traveling on 9ja roads o! The fear can turn an unbeliever to a prayer warrior instantly sef when on the road!

    It's a pleasure knowing more about you sister *hand shake*

  5. Congratulations and thanks so much, Lola :)

  6. @ Naijamum: You are welcome, I've read your post already. Nice knowing you more.

    @ Betrayed: You are also welcome, I keeping my fingers crossed for your post.

    @ Myne: Yes o, Gbagada has a newsletter called Gbagada Eye and I am the editor. We are looking for voluteer contributors. Are you interested?

  7. @ Ibhade: Yeah, I know I am lucky, Na God. Naija roads... One advice, if you don't have any serious business travelling, stary off the interstate roads.

    @ Jaycee: Thanks and you are welcome.

  8. Congrats Lola. By the way, try to overcome that fear you highlighted in #4. If you don't overcome it, it'd come on you. How do you do that, ask God to replace it with faith in your heart that He will always see you through every journey. I have one belief and it's that I cannot die now until I fulfill God's plans and purpose for my life. You too can do the same.

    God bless your heart. Once again, thanks for the award. Following you now :)

    - LDP

  9. @ LDP: Thanks for the encouragement, I am sure gonna take your advice into serious consideration.

  10. aww thanks for the award.

    trying to remember if I have been on your blog before? hmmmm

    will be back :)

  11. @ aloted: You are welcome. Well, I don't think you've been here b4 o. At least, u've neva commentes sha. I will be expecting you back ;)

  12. ....loving your 7 things, no shaking, l sometimes get scared of travelling in Naija

  13. @Yankeenaijababe: Thanks for dropping by. Off to check you out

  14. Thanks girl!
    I'm so honored darling! Congrats too!

  15. Congrats and thanks dear. More grease to your elbow.

  16. LOL....@ I am a very complicated person, if I were a course, no one will ever pass me.
    That's how I feel about men in general, complicated and many are failing in that
    As for your blog, iLike. x

  17. @ 2cute4u: Thanks and you are welcome.

    @ Maid of Heart: Thanks

    @ Gospel Girl: Woow, thanks. I feel honoured


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