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I have to complain and rant about this o, I will talk even if no one else will. Somebody please tell me, why do Airlines now go out of their way to use ‘not so good looking’ girls as Air Hostesses? I happened to be at the local airport for a while and all through my stay there, I did not come across one smashingly beautiful Air Hostess like we used to have before. It is either they are too short or too fat or one other unusual characteristic. When I say short, I don’t mean my own kind of 5’ 5 short, I mean really shooorrrt!

Recently, I saw one that had the ‘lion claw’ kind of tribal marks, you know the kind that Ibadan and Ogbomoso people used to have in those days, I was really dumbfounded. The really short one I talked about in the aforementioned paragraph wore a very short and tight skirt which was bad because she had thin legs which were a bit bow shaped. I thought to myself, if the airline wanted her to look good, they shouldn’t have allowed her wear that skirt, which is what made me to start suspecting something. To cap it all up, they will colour their face with paint, calling it makeup. This now spoils the already bad package and makes them look like masquerades.

After considering all the Air Hostesses I had been seeing, I was tempted to wonder whether the airlines were not doing it on purpose. Is it because they want to reduce the rate at which male flyers patronize Air Hostesses for affairs? Or maybe they don’t want the men to get serious with them and give them better jobs, which will result in high staff turnover? Or maybe the smashingly beautiful air hostesses are just too ‘high maintenance’ for them and they will not be able to pay them what will keep up their dazzling beauty. I have thought of this very well but I still cannot fathom the reason but what I know is this, I spent about two months at the local airport and the air hostesses I sore were an eyesore, not an eyesight!

Image courtsey of Time out Dubai


  1. The initially part of your essay sounded a bit harsh...the short and plumb babe has just as much right to be an air hostess as the tall and leggy babe, if she can get the job done. However, I agree with the make-up and tsuff part of it, perhaps because those are things that can be remedied. I see make-up at times and cringe...masquarade is and is horrific! Maybe it is a propaganda by the airlines. One of the things they can do is have a beautician talk to these people in the final process if their recruitments. You know, give them make -up tips, advice on befitting outfits (I stand to be corrected buh I think arlines give ladies the skirt or pants option). If these or some other positive measures are taken, perhaps, our eyes will be gleeful for travel times.

  2. HoneyDame: I did not mean to sound harsh oo, I was just frustrated. Is it just about being able to do the job well, doesnt the elegance also matter?

    I also have a small stature, but I don't think I qualify to be an air hostess cos I think it should be reserved for the people that have the 'modelly' physique, I might be wrong though.

    Niways, thanks for commenting and giving your insight on the make up issue

  3. Lol.. I actually found your post funny..
    First time here though..
    Nice place you got here..

  4. It is alright. Actually, air hostess business is not for the ugly, plainly said. and that is why i emphasized on the beauty advisor part of it. Chei, for heaven's sake, i do not want to see no Alec Wek replicas on the plane...(cringing). Some people have the ol-modellic-she-bang with god-awful-bad legs to go with it, I do not think they should be turned back, but they should be advised to wear pants, and save our eyes the agony. Maybe they should recruit in this order
    1) Tall and Pweeeety
    2) Short and Pweeeety
    3) Tall
    .....Anyway, I hope I am not constituting to being a nuisance here... just wanted you to know that i did get the joke in the post sha...:)

  5. 2cute4u: Thanks for checking me out, I really appreciate your comment.

    HoneyDame: please, feel free to yarn. you are not constituting a nuisance

  6. The job description is air "hostess" not air "hotests". If the short, plump and "wowo" lady can do the job, fine!!! Let the models go and see Guy Murray Bruce for a job if they don't fit the job description.
    As for the masquerade issue (really annoying I agree), even the so called fine girl no pimples, smooth-skined, straight legged, figure eight "lekpas" are guilty of it too and I don't see why you are victimising the "wowos" who have enough problems to worry about everytime they look in the mirror.
    Haba, AuntyLola, did Martin Luther die in vain? Why do you judge by the quality of their looks and not the content (quality) of their work/character?

  7. @ Anonymous: eehh eeeh, I am not victimising anybody oooo. I just want to have a beautiful sight anytime I raise my head in the plane and I think this is one of the issues.
    I am also not judging anyone, not by the quality of their looks or any other factor. In business, there is something called 'Global Best Practices'. If Nigerian Airlines want to be 'world class', then they have to take everything seriously, including their Air Hostesses.

  8. Atl, nice one.

    Abeg what do you mean by 'lion claw' tribal marks. There are pple from there, i am very sure you know one ;). dont you think they might take offence? just a thought.

    since moving back i have noticed the huge difference in the "quality" of air hostesses in Nigeria. they are part of airlines' strategy to make sure "you" buy that ticket again. no one wants a grumpy, no so beautiful girl waiting on them. Hostesses have to be beautiful (not smashingly), have a good figure and extremely friendly (not flirtatious).. On a BA or Virgin flight, the guys are so friendly and groomed that you'd think they were gay (well maybe some are)..

    personally, i think the airlines are being cheap and the ones hired may not be properly trained on customer service cos they dont smile..


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