Gone... Gone... Gone!!!

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You have your dreams, you will impact the world in a great way. Generations yet unborn will hear about you long after you are gone. He has his dreams, he will impact the world in a great way. Generations yet unborn will hear about him long after he is gone.

Your paths cross, the attraction is there, you tell each other about your dreams and aspirations. Ooooh, this must be a match made in heaven, you are actually going to help birth each others dreams. You decide to take the next step and you become one with him.

You find out that everything is going against you and your aspirations. You both decide to enter the labour market and work. ‘Just for a while’, you tell yourself. ‘I will raise capital and go and achieve my dreams’. You go out there, you get lost in the rat race, you cannot think anymore because of the deadlines and time constraint. You loose the ability to see. Dreams... Gone! Vision... Gone!

You realize it but it’s too late. You find out that you and your spouse are just like every other person out there. There is really nothing special about you people. You also find out that everyone in the labour market had dreams, just like you. In fact, some had the exact dreams you had but they all fell for the same trick you fell for. How disappointing to find out that you and your spouse are not that different after all. Your great ambition to impact the world is gone.

Now you are almost close to retirement. Nobody knows you, nobody has heard about you. Even your dream does not know your name. You have your spouse, you have your children, you have your success, the one that the rat race got you, but what of your youthful dream? It is gone, gone, gone… Never to return to you again.



  1. Hmmm, i surely agreeth not.

    Many are they that recognise (acknowledge & admire) us, even while yet we live. Albeit, we may never know or even meet them. Yet still, it behooves us all to individual keep (& live) our dreams for they never are vain.

  2. @rethots: to be honest, I don't understand your comment. Niways, this post is talking about a deviation in career path (sort of), I mean delaying something we plan to do for the 'future' only to find out later that we never did it, you get.

  3. AuntyLola, I acknowledge that you're a female and this piece was written from a female's perspective and I also acknowledge that I might be wrong but to me this seems to be a direct attack on getting married before pursuing your dreams as a female. And the spouse (man) who is apparently supposed to help in fulfilling the dream is portrayed as actually being the devil that will kill the dream and condemn the lady to the rat race of obscurity (and child bearing) which she would find regrettable once she's advanced in years and finally realized the bait & switch. The moral of the story is obvious & I'ld prefer not painting it out myself...but I don't think this is fair my dear!
    It is only natural for humans to seek who to pin the blame on when they've erred and made a mees of themselves by their own actions, reactions or inactions.
    People (male or female) generally lose sight of their visions (or dreams) due to quite a lot of factors which I'ld classify as NOISE & INTERFERNCE. It is also noteworthy to mention that some people have tall(unrealistic) dreams and reality finally knocks them like a fist. Some have noble dreams but according to Newtons 1st law in simple english: "A body remains permanently in it's current state for as long as no action is taken to change the state".
    You can't expect to achieve your dreams by letting circumstances control you, you have to control the circumstances!
    ...And if you don't pls don't blame it on your (male) spouse because I can guarantee that if you can't achieve your dream with/because of your spouse, you still wouldn't be able to even if you stayed single.
    Many married men & women have been able to do this (e.g. Curie), the only li itation anyone ever "really" has is him/her self.

  4. It is a choice to pursue your dreams. It is choice to remember your dreams knowing that even as your course is charted by God's word. His invisible hand is bringing you into destiny as you make choices that lead you towards His divine plan for you.

    A lot of baloney,it may seem that tells you that "God leads..."

  5. @ Anonymous: I had to read my post to be sure that we are referring to the same post. You have gotten the whole thing wrong. Let me break it down. This post is talking about one (male or female) having dreams before they get a job and after they get the job, they do not pursue their initial dream because they either got caught in the busyness of life or got too comfortable. It has nothing to do with man or woman o.

    @ Tisha: True, many of us chart the course of our dreams without considering if its God's will and it might not work out in the end. Some of us dream without pursuing the dream.

  6. If you say so...the part from "People (male or female) generally..." still holds true whatsoever.

  7. @tilola, you are so real, thanks so much for this write-up. I read it late last night and was thinking about it as I lay on my bed, praying "Lord, don't let this happen to me" when the warming thought occured to me that conversely there are many people who don't set out in life to be anything but ordinary people, they have no big 'dreams', they just want to make their daily bread and move on, but along the way, there's a spark...something happens that changes all of that and turns their life to a most significant one. I don't want to sound too 'spiritual' here, but I think that turning point occurs when they surrender all to the Lord Jesus.

    A good example is Peter in the bible. I'm not sure if he ever had any big dreams to change the world, maybe he did, we don't know. But we meet him first in the bible as a fisherman struggling to make a daily living. He's toiled all night without catching any fish and he's washing his net, probably wondering what report he would give to his wife and hungry children when he comes home empty-handed. Then Jesus meets him and asks to use his boat for a preaching session. He releases the boat and afterwards earns a miracle of a great catch of fish. Then Jesus calls him to leave his fishing business and become a fisher of men. Who would have known that the same Peter would preach a message that would get 3,000 people saved in a day, and have such an annointing that his shadow would heal the sick (Acts 5:15)? Peter would never have imagined that today, over 2000 years after his lifetime, his story would still be an inspiration to people all over the globe. Now, if that's not a transformation, I don't know what is!

    So, what am I trying to say? It doesn't matter if it seems your dream has been stolen/lost in the labour market, rat race, pursuit of a daily bread, whatever! or if you never even had a big dream in the first place. Things can change and that change could start today!


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