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I got to the saloon, my hair loosed, uncombed and standing up straight. I greeted my hairdresser, he took a look at me and my hair and a frown crossed he face. To say that he was pissed would be an understatement. I did not need anyone to tell me that he was tired of my natural (virgin) hair. He always ‘begged’ me to relax it but I disagreed.

All the hair stylists were praying to God not to be assigned the task of weaving my hair. Number 1, it is too full, Number 2, it is unrelaxed. They say that it takes about three times the time you would take to weave a relaxed hair to weave a virgin hair because of its elastic texture.

Ever since I started keeping natural have, I have hardly received words of encouragement from people, especially haridressers, but truthfully, I have never been tempted to go back on my decision. It all started when I decided to cut off my dreadlocks (that my irresponsible hair) of two years. I just could not imagine myself going back to the whole relaxing thing. And since then, I haven’t had rest from hair stylists.

I just want to know, why are we so eager to fix the hair that the Asians and Brazilians cut off and can't wait to crucify those that have chosen to go the African way? Why are we so eager to pour relaxer on our kids’ hair, such that they do not really know what a true African hair looks like? If we would really take time to consider, we will realize that the Black African hair is really unique. When unrelaxed, it has lovely spring like curls that no other race can boast of. Many white people wished they could weave their hair, some even weave it and tie the ends so it won’t loose.

What about in physique, they want to be so curvy like Africans that they do breast and butt enlargement, some of them even wear padded pants. Yet we so badly want to be like them that we starve ourselves just to become that desired 'lepa' that the new age society has termed beautiful. What an irony? They try so hard to look like us and we try so hard to look like them

For the next few years at least, I have chosen to go the natural way. So please, From henceforth, let no man trouble me for I bear in my body the marks of a true African.


  1. what an awesome post...and your hair is beautiful..stay strong, things are changing.

  2. Hi Chizzy D, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, my hair is very beautiful but this is not the picture, I got this from the internet. Mine is almost as long as this but not as 'obedient'

  3. Where is the like button?
    About time someone told our sisters to learn to appreciate themselves & stop blindly following the "oyibo" model. I'm sure if they knew some side effects of relaxers they won't feel relaxed relaxing their hairs.

  4. Blessings....

    Keep it natural the chemical in relaxer will not only eat your hair it will eat the hair on your scalp and damage your scalp.

    They are hairdressers that is what they are there for and if they tripping then it time to find a new salon and stylist that would appreciate the opportunity to keep their skills in tact when dealing with natural hair.

    Girl keep that baby pure, I saw it, its gorgeous and looks rich and strong. When we relax our hair we are taking it from its strongest stage and putting it into its weakest stage. Don't accept anyone trying to convince your to europianize your hair. Fantastic for those that choose to, also fantastic for those that choose not too. Love it, flaunt it, be proud of it. There is so much versatility in natural hair that the possibilities are endless. One only get limited once its been permanently straightened.

    Love it girl, from a natural hair sister, more power to yah!

    Mine is oh natural and its mid back, I don't go to hairstylists, I do it myself, from twists, to buns, to temporary straight, blow dry to kinky fro, cornrows, braids, big plaits,single plaits, to hair ties and hair wraps.\

    Work the gift that God crowned you with.


  5. @ Rhapsody: Thanks so much. Though, the hair in the pic is not mine.
    Are you Nigerian? Cos My hair is not so long, yet it is not so short too. I am having problems being creative with hairstyles cos the popular Afro now looks so wild on my hair due to the length. The main thing is that I have issues with hair styling and the natural hair blogs are not really helpful cos most of them are Americans and their texture is different. Please, can you help?

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