I am...

I am he
I am made in his image, a true reflection
I am unique just as his word tells me
I am filled with his spirit
I am washed of the blood of the lamb
I am not only a christian but
I am born again
I am sold out for christ, totally

I am man,
I am not a perfect being but I strive for it
I am not immune to a fall but I get up stronger
I am industrious
I am a cultivator
I am a visionary
I am the provider
I am the head, not the tail
I am a lover, not a hater
I am a friend, not an enemy
I am father, not a figure head
I am a husband, not "the father of the kids"
I am a brother that cares
I am a leader, not a follower
I am the Olori ebi

I am sharp
I am cool
I am the boss
I am swagger itself
I am the best
I am the "koko"
I am invaluable

I am patriotic
I am black and proud
I am African
I am Nigerian
I am rich in culture and resources

I am all these cos he blessed me
I am OkunrinMetaPlusOne!

'Dare Oladeji


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