Right under your nose

Many times, we desire something, seek for it or pray fervently for it only to find out later (sometimes, rather too late) that what we were looking for had been right in front of us all along.
There is this interesting story in the book of Acts 12. some apostles gathered to pray, without ceasing, for the release of peter, whom king Herod had planned to feed to the lions during the games that would take place the next day. Well God heard their prayers and sent an angel to release peter. Peter was then released and when Rhoda told the ‘prayer warriors’ that peter was at the door, they called her ‘in sane’. Can you believe that? What, as u may ask, had they been prayin for all along? Their prayers got answered but they couldn’t believe their prayers got answered. Why, then, were they praying in the first place?
I am of the opinion that they had faith and they believed their prayers would work but they just didn’t expect it to work that way and that fast. Sometimes, we pray for money, we then get business ideas and opportunities and we say our prayers were not answered. Sometimes, we pray for wonderful husbands, we get some shabby looking guy that we can polish and add value to and we say God is wicked.
Well, sorry, God’s methods are not our methods so we should stop expecting Him to do things the way we envisage, just like our ‘prayer warriors’ in acts, what matters most is that what we want done gets done.
I prayed for something last year may, I wanted it by September and I got what I wanted by September. The unfortunate thing was that I didn’t know that I had already gotten it because it did not come the way I expected. Due to shallow mindedness on my part, I almost lost this wonderful gift, but thanks to right-thinking friends, I was able to retrace my steps.
Is there something you are really seeking or waiting for? Check around you, it might just be there, disguised in another form, right under your nose.

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