School of Hard Knocks

When I was in my second year in school, my results dropped real bad. I had always thought I was very brilliant and could tackle any obstacle that came my way. When this unfortunate incident happened, it was so painful but I felt it was just part of life and that I would rise back the next semester.
Guess what, it was worse the next semester and then the next and then the next. My grades just kept dropping. Let me derail here and tell you that I was not an unserious student, I read my books, prayed and fasted before exams, I did not party, I thought my colleagues and they passed and everyone knew I was one of the top students (a position I later lost). By now, my CGPA was on a 2-2, to cut the long story short, I gave up trying to improve my grades when I got to my fourth year. By now, with some missing results in and out of my department, the hope of rising was just too minimal. I concluded it was over, I was not going to go for my convocation and so on.
When I got back from my industrial training to start my fifth and final year, I found out that my CGPA had had improved slightly but it was still too low and my SGPA was actually a 2-1, I did not have much hope again because I had just a year left and then in just 3 weeks, my CGPA was something else, suddenly all missing results were rectified. Though it was still a 2-2, my hopes rose and I was really energized.
The next 2 semesters were something else, CGPAs were just dropping and sinking, left, and centre, but mine was skyrocketing. I started working toward As only, Bs were no more my friends and I knew that Cs were fatal enemies. So I had to cover all grounds, understand all things, do all assignments, get inside information, etc. I laid down my pride and acted like I did not know anything. I stopped fasting before exams and I ate enough to gather strength to read more. My result: 1st SGPA (4.08), 2nd SGPA(4.83). I don’t think I need to tell you what grade I finished with, you can guess and guess what, I attended my convocation.
It then hit me, I was too proud of myself, skills and ability when I got to school and I had to be humbled because it is not by power or might (Zech 4:6). In my fifth year, the only thing that sustained me was mercy and grace because I was not doing any special thing I had not done before and I was so tired. Series of tests and assignments, and all the social engagements that come along with being in your final year, all that changed was my mentality. At last my position was restored, I graduated being one of the top students.
University days ended a long time ago and my CGPA does not really matter anymore. I was hardly fulfilled academically through out my days in the university, but I learnt a lot from that experience in school. . It was a lesson that took me six solid years to learn. Never again will I go out setting to achieve solely by my ability, skill or power.


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